$6,397 pledged of $10,000 goal
$6,397 pledged of $10,000 goal



This project has been cancelled, but a similar project is available:

Monster Stock Art & Minis

It includes over twice as many miniatures in a laminated cardstock format at a lower pledge level.

Despite the cancellation, a genuine THANK YOU for the support behind this one and I hope the new project interests you.

What are Monster Stand-Ins?

Monster Stand-Ins are a set of plastic card (same thickness as most credit cards) miniatures of creatures for role-playing games or war games or board games. Use them when you don't have enough miniatures or don't have the right miniature. The front of each will have a full-color picture of a creature and the back will have a matching silhouette.

Here is a picture of several Monster Stand-Ins in use:


The skeleton miniature is included to give you an idea of the size.  Depending on the project's response we may include some plastic stands, but using a piece of foamboard with a slit in the middle is an economical option.

A-La-Carte Pricing

Anyone who orders 1 physical set may order more of any other card's worth of creatures.  (So it isn't quite completely a-la-carte, but it is close.)  In other words, if you order 1 set, but need an orc army, you'll be able to ask for extra orcs for (tentatively) $.50/4 orcs.  For that price you can get 8 small creatures, 4 mediums, 2 larges or one huge.  You can't pick any combination of creatures as they are grouped together, but they are generally logically grouped.  (4 skeletons are together, 2 owlbears are together, etc.) See the list below


I'm very proud of the artwork for this project. Below is a sample of the art that has already been commissioned for this project. (Not to scale--some will be larger or smaller in comparison with the others.  See below for sizing information.)

They will be printed on the same kind of plastic used for credit cards, which make them much more durable than home-printed minis or even cardboard minis. Because they are plastic, you can freely write on them with a dry erase maker. They will also have shield and health icons on the back to optionally note the creature's armor class and hit points (or hits taken if the GM doesn't want to tell the players the starting hit points.)  Writing the hits taken, special conditions, or even "Kobold #12" makes tracking which creature is which and which has been hit much easier.

Each set of Monster Stand-Ins will come with 12 plastic card stands.  You can get 20 more by adding $3 to your pledge.  (We'll ask what the extra pledge amount is for when we do the survey after pledging completes.)  Most of the stands will be black, but there's a chance we could include some other colors if many people want a variety of colors.

What Problems Do Monster Stand-Ins Solve?

Shortage of Miniatures

  • Even if you have many miniatures, you may not have a specific creature.
  • Even if you have the right creature, do you have 10 of them?

Cost of Miniatures

  • Metal miniatures cost $5 each (at best) and take time to paint.  Some people love to paint them, some do not.  Some people have time to paint them, some do not.
  • Random packs of plastic miniatures still cost over $10 for a random pack of just 4 or 6 miniatures. Monster Stand-Ins will give you over 150 creatures for just $30.


  • Easier to transport than two tackle boxes of regular minis.


There is also an option to get a PDF of the creatures allowing you to print more as needed.  We're exploring a version of the creatures for use with virtual table-top software.  (What scale does everyone prefer?)  These will be included with the PDF.

Each pre-printed plastic set of miniatures will include the matching PDF for free.


Another option is an adjustable organizer box.  With over 150 creatures in one set, you may find it easier if all your medium sized undead are in one compartment, all dragons are in another section, etc.  So we've found an adjustable organizer box that is perfect for this task.  It has between 6 and 20 compartments, depending on which dividers you insert. The box is about 7" by 11" and can even be stored upright on a bookshelf with your other gaming material.  To get it, pledge an extra $10 beyond what you need for your reward.  (After pledging is complete we'll confirm your order through the Kickstarter survey process.)

See the images below for what the box looks like:


Be One of Our Creatures!

As a Kickstarter project, we want to have an unusual/unique backer reward.  So why not be one of our creatures?!  For $160, we'll base a creature's face on your likeness.  You'll also get a set of Monster Stand-Ins included, the PDF, and a high resolution file of your creature for personal printing.  (Further, if we meet the stretch goals to do a second and even third set, you'll get those included free.)

Non US/Canada Shipping

Orders from outside the US & Canada are welcome (even though I spent 4 hours last Friday filling out customs forms).  :)  Add $3 + $3 per physical item to your pledge.  So if you're just getting one set, add $6.  If you want two sets and the organizer, please add $12. 

Who started this project?

The coordinator of this project is Joe Wetzel. I've just finished fulfilling the orders for the DungeonMorph Dice project and I also am the creator of Hexographer and Dungeonographer (mapping software) as well as the Coat of Arms Design Studio (heraldry software.) There are a number of great artists who have signed on to do the monster artwork.  Here is each artist and which monster in the sample above he or she created: 

Each artist has done one creature already and each is expected to do at least four more.  (Schedules may get in the way, but that's the plan.)  Some artists will do more, depending on circumstances.

We will be using some public domain/stock art, but the more successful the project the more new art we can commission.

Which monsters will be in the set?

There will be just about 200 creatures (including a few blanks for general use) in the first set. Keep in mind that all "Medium" size creatures (roughly human sized) will be 1" x 1.75" on the plastic cards, which makes them roughly equal to the size of a typical gaming miniature. Small creatures (and even smaller creatures) will be .75" x 1".  Large creatures are 1.5" x 2" and Huge creatures are 2" x 3".

(The numbers at the beginning of each line are just an arbitrary number for that card's worth of minis.  If you want to order extra of any card, when pledging is complete we'll ask how many extra of any given card you'd like.  If you're interested in this a-la-carte ordering, just add $.50 for every extra card you plan to order.)

Small Sized Creatures

  • 1: 4 bats, 4 beetles
  • 2: 4 rats, 4 spiders
  • 3: 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 eagles, 2 lizards
  • 4: 8 kobolds
  • 5: 2 pixies, 2 will o wisp, 4 stirges

Medium Sized

  • 6: 4 humans
  • 7: 4 dwarves
  • 8: 4 elves
  • 9: 4 gnomes
  • 10: 4 halflings
  • 11: 4 half-elves
  • 12: 4 half-orcs
  • 13: black bear, brown bear, grizzly bear, polar bear
  • 14: cheetah, jaguar, common dog, riding dog
  • 15: fox, wolf, 2 giant spiders
  • 16: 2 gnolls, 2 troglodytes
  • 17: 4 goblins
  • 18: 4 hobgoblins
  • 19: 4 lizardfolk
  • 20: 4 orcs
  • 21: 4 drow
  • 22: 2 gargoyles, medusa, dryad
  • 23: 2 ghouls, lich, spectre
  • 24: 4 mummies
  • 25: 2 vampires, 2 wights
  • 26: 4 zombies
  • 27: 4 skeletons
  • 28: hellhound, xorn, 2 rakshasa
  • 29: 2 worgs, 2 rust monsters
  • 30: 2 werewolves, werebear, wererat
  • 31: 4 snakes (spitting cobra, viper, constrictor, venomous)
  • 32: 4 young dragons (medium size; black, blue, green, red)

Large Creatures:

  • 33: dire bat, dire bear
  • 34: giant beetle, giant eagle
  • 35: lion, tiger
  • 36: 2 centaur
  • 37: cyclops, griffon
  • 38: 2 minotaur
  • 39: 2 ogres
  • 40: 2 trolls
  • 41: black dragon, blue dragon
  • 42: green dragon, red dragon
  • 43: white dragon, wyvern
  • 44: 2 owlbears
  • 45: pegasus, unicorn
  • 46: air elemental, earth elemental
  • 47: fire elemental, water elemental
  • 48: gelatinous cube, tbd
  • 49: 2 horses

Huge (and larger) Creatures:

  • 50: Frost Giant
  • 51: Hill Giant
  • 52: Storm Giant
  • 53: Hydra
  • 54: Treant 
  • 55: Huge Dragon (red/black)
  • 56: Huge Dragon (green/blue)

Note these lists are tentative and could change slightly. When there are multiple counters in the set for a particular creature in most cases each one will be different.  They may have similar poses, but weapons may be different, armor/clothing may change, scars added, etc.

There may be more than one set?

Yes, if we're lucky enough to meet our initial goal we'll shoot for a second set of another 150 (or so) creatures!  This stretch goal will likely be $20,000.  Some will be repeated (one can never have too many kobolds, orcs, skeletons, etc.) But here is an idea of what would be in the second set: metallic dragons, several genies, different giants, naga, different "dire" creatures, bugbears, duerger, derro, shadows, dryder, golems, and maybe a few demons & devils. And yes, there could be a third set... 

More Incentives?

I'll update the following incentives with the next couple of pledge levels as we get closer, but essentially for every $2,000 beyond $10,000 we'll add one or two new creatures.

For example, if we hit $12000, we will do 2 extra skeletons.  If we make it to $14000 will offer 2 extra orcs.

When will these be ready?

As you can see, we've divided the work among several artists to parallellize the process.  (It also means that if you don't like the work of 1 or 2 artists, you'll still like most of the art.)  And while we do plan to get a jump on creating the artwork, it will likely take a month or two after the pledging is complete to finish the art and to lay it out.  Production will take 2 weeks, but fortunately there are many companies capable of the production.

My prior Kickstarter project (DungeonMorph Dice) took a while to fulfill, but it was mostly due to manufacturing delays caused by pushing the envelope of what's possible manufacturing dice.  While I hope Monster Stand-Ins is an interesting spin on an existing concept, this shouldn't have nearly the same delay.

Feedback wanted!

Right now, we're still in the final planning stages.  Most of the project is set, and making fundamental changes may be difficult if they have a cost or cause me to re-neg on an important premise of the project, but many details are still subject to change. 

Here are some examples of what I would like to hear:

  • You forgot creature x, but creature y is less important.  (If you suggest a creature, suggest one to drop.)
  • What size and file format do virtual table tops prefer for counters?
  • If you've got a good source for good public domain or stock art please note it in case I need more.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


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    Pledge $10 or more About $10

    PDF of one set of Monster Stand-Ins. Print as many of each creature as you need. May include other digital enhancements. (See project description for details.)

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    Pledge $30 or more About $30

    One set of Monster Stand-Ins printed on durable credit-card-like plastic. Includes matching PDF. (If outside the US/Canada see the description for pledging extra to cover shipping.)

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    Pledge $60 or more About $60

    Two sets of Monster Stand-Ins printed on durable credit-card-like plastic. Includes matching PDF. (If outside the US/Canada see the description for pledging extra to cover shipping.)

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    Pledge $90 or more About $90

    Three sets of Monster Stand-Ins printed on durable credit-card-like plastic. Includes matching PDF. (If outside the US/Canada see the description for pledging extra to cover shipping.)

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  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $160 or more About $160

    Your likeness as one of our creatures. Send a picture and one of our zombies, orcs, etc. (any
    humanoid creature that hasn't been painted and not already requested) will look like you! Note: Obviously you're granting us permission to use your likeness, but note this art may be also used in other products later. This pledge level includes a set of Monster Stand-Ins printed on durable credit-card-like plastic & PDF. Plus, we'll send you a high-resolution digital file so you can print a full-page version.

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