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Need a city/village but don't have one ready? Grab a few of these dice, roll them, line them up and you've got a random city/village!
Need a city/village but don't have one ready? Grab a few of these dice, roll them, line them up and you've got a random city/village!
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Samples In Hand!

Posted by Inkwell Ideas (Creator)

Hi Folks,

Despite the title, let me get the bad-ish news out of the way:  We need a few more weeks to get the dice and cards ready.  Until a week ago I had hoped to still get them and then be sending them out to you all by this weekend.  But when I was getting the latest status from my main contact (Mateusz) at Q-Workshop last week, he said "I'll let you know more when we meet."  So I held off updating until I got to meet in person, which was today.

Its pretty cool to meet up with someone from another country you've been emailing for 5 years.  However, time was limited (he was flying into Washington DC for some sightseeing and to coordinate some shipping and getting Q-Workshops booth ready for Origins next week.) 

The short version is that they need up to 4 more weeks to finish manufacturing the dice. (And then I'll need a week to inspect them and turn them around to each of you.)  That's not too much of a surprise as we did go back and forth on the ruins designs a bit.  But I hoped we had included enough time in the schedule for something like this.  Anyway, delays like this aren't unexpected. Many of you have gotten the previous dice or Inkwell Ideas' other products so you know we're doing our best to get the rewards to you.  And you know we're not going anywhere.  And working with an established company like Q-Workshop you know that they want to stand by all the products they make.

Here are some of the samples Mateusz gave me:

The cards are mostly done.  I've got 8 dice worth now and I know AJ was putting a good chunk of time into finishing them this weekend, so I expect an email from him with the rest sometime tomorrow. There is a chance there will be a few card designs still to be done, but I don't expect that to take much longer, if more time is needed. The idea is to have them ready (and the PDFs and font) simultaneously with the dice.  We may get the digital items out a week or two earlier, if possible.

Thanks again for your support!  While we haven't delivered yet, it is just around the corner.

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    1. Joshua Rodman on

      Hoping these will be ready in time for Glantri City!

    2. Missing avatar


      Those dice do look fantastic! Well worth all the time that's gone into them.