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Celebrate 500 episodes of Inkstuds with the ultimate roadtrip of panels and interviews by Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham.
Celebrate 500 episodes of Inkstuds with the ultimate roadtrip of panels and interviews by Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham.
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Tour book


Hey folks so the tour book has been slow as we all know. It grew to be a bigger project and then Brandon got sidetracked by Island and 8-house. Looks like it's almost done though. I am pretty much done editing for an interview in the book and brandon is fine tuning the art, but things are happening. 

On a personal front, I had a major family crisis that has taken over my life and slowed inkstuds down substantially. It's not an excuse, just something that I am dealing with. 

Of course many apologies. But i think this will be much much nicer than our original intention. It should be out by end of the summer. 

Tour book!
Tour book!


Keeping on Getting Stuff Done


 Hi everybody. We are still slowly yet surely getting rewards out. Simon is done all of his drawings. Brandon is more then halfway through his stack. I had Simon and Brandon over last weekend and we watched terrible movies while they drew up a storm. The image above is from that session. I know the person that's getting it is very happy and i think Brandon has really been doing a top notch job with these. Once the drawings are done, we will be working on the book, which is still going to take a little time, balancing with the new Island anthology and 8house happening. 

If you want to continue to support the inkstuds, i have set up a humble patreon. 

2014 interviews


Still lots more interviews to post, but here is where we are at for 2014!

Thanks to guests Tom Spurgeon, Ed Piskor and Joe Keatinge, Gary Panter, Nick Bertozzi, Bill Kartalopolous, Ron Wimberly, Simon Hanselmann and Jacq Cohen, Mariko Tamaki, Katie Skelly, Mimi Pond, Eleanor Davis and Emily Carroll, Farel Dalrymple, Patrick Kyle and Michael Deforge, Stephen Collins, Jillian Tamaki, Prophet boyz, Lin Visel, Sean Christensen, Bob Schreck, John Martz, Roman Muradov, Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Wendy and JH Williams III, Ed Brubaker, Rob Liefeld, Pendelton Ward and Tom Herpich, Georgia Webber, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Jaime Hernandez, Frederik Peeters, Steve Wolfhard, Ladronn, Lamar Abrams, Rebecca Sugar, Lane Milburn, Jesse Moynihan, John Pham, Ron Rege jr, Jordan Crane, Junko Mizuno, Laura and Michael Allred, Alec Longstreth, Tom Hart, Juanjo Guarnido, Jess Fink, Craig Thompson, LeSean Thomas, Jay Potts, Spike Trotman, Darryl Ayo, Whit Taylor, Qiana Whitted, Jimmie Robinson, David Brothers, Jay Lynch, Dakota McFadzean and lastly, Nick Bantock. I am also sitting on interviews with Oliver East, Scott Mcloud, Joe Decie, Lando and live panels with Emily Carroll, Becky Cloonan and Boulet; Emma Rios, Dave Taylor and Scott Snyder; Jamie Mckelvie, Alison Sampson and Darryl Cunningham.

Thanks to everyone!

No Brandon in the UK


Unfortunately, Brandon will not be able to go to our scheduled UK trip. It's a situation that is totally out of both our hands. We are both really bummed about this, as Brandon has been an obviously essential and integral part of these trips, but we are bound by the limits of Canadian bureaucracy.

I will still be going to document as best i can. We are already planning out a skype schedule over the winter holidays. The live shows for Thought Bubble are still a go and i have a good amount of interviews scheduled with other folks the following week. 

Folks have been asking about the tour book and how that was coming along. Our original intention for that was to be a small 24 page thing that we could put together easily with little stress. Brandon was super active with his sketchbook and it has morphed considerably. It will be a big book that is kind of a follow up to Walrus, around the same size and print quality.  

While this isn't the same exclusive package as before, it's a much more worthwhile book, you know, being an actual book. Brandon will be signing all copies as an apology for the lengthy delays. Sketch level supporters will still be getting a sketch. Now, if you would rather have something in your hands sooner, we can offer the 24 page sketchbook that the CBLDF prepared for his appearance at SPX. This was a pretty limited thing, so once they are gone they are gone. If you would prefer that over the final book, we can have that out to you way before Christmas. This book is very much along the lines of our original tour book intentions, but we want to do better or the great supporters. Please let me know if you are interested in the CBLDF book instead, as soon as possible as quantities are very limited. 

Once again, as you may hear from other Kickstarters, many apologies. I'd like to think we have been as transparent as possible on this project and want to have as nice a final product as possible. I feel like the mass of interviews we already have, has been a pretty amazing accomplishment that we could not of done without our supporters.  

Our original target was to go to LA, New York and the United Kingdom. So far, we were able to stretch the LA trip to include stops in San Francisco, Eugene and Central California. We made a side trip in the summer to get some interviews done in Portland. We went to NYC as planned, but started at SPX to get a couple of other unique interviews that we could not of gotten anywhere else.  

This project has been an exciting eye-opener, showing comics in a different light. understanding the intricacies of particular communities on a deeper level. Biggest lesson learned - Jordan Crane has the best cat.

UK Prep in Action


Things are moving along on the old inkstuds roadtrip project. I have good news and bad news. 

The good news, we have a bunch of interviews. 

From Portland - 

Sean Christensen

Lin Visel

and the Prophet Roundtable

and from our East Coast leg - 

Jillian Tamaki

and our live show at SPX with Deforge, Kyle and Hanselmann

East Coast interviews will continue to roll out each week until i go to the UK and then will continue again after I get back. 

Now for the bad news. Brandon may not be able to go to the UK. He is currently waiting for his permanent residency card, which he requires to re-enter Canada. His application went in a long time ago, and the Canadian government has been incredibly slow at processing. At this point, we are biting our nails, waiting with anticipation. I really hope that it comes, as Brandon is a very important part of this trip. If he is unable to make to the UK, we have plans to do a bunch of skype interviews over the winter with an array of UK creators. It's not the same as being in the same room, but should still be good. I will still do a bunch of interviews, but there are many that we have planned that i want to be both me and Brandon talking to them. 

We had plans to do live shows at Thought Bubble. The first was with Emma Rios, Dave Taylor and Scott Snyder and the next day, we would be talking Emily Carroll, Becky Cloonan and  Boulet. That's a stellar block of folks. I will still be there doing those panels regardless of whether or not he is able to make it. I am looking forward to TB. It sounds like a great show. 

Brandon is slowly going through and finishing his drawings and Simon has a couple left to do, we hope to have all the drawings out by the new year. After that, it's the tour book, which will have a much high production value than folks were probably originally expecting. The wait will be worth it!