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Celebrate 500 episodes of Inkstuds with the ultimate roadtrip of panels and interviews by Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham.
Celebrate 500 episodes of Inkstuds with the ultimate roadtrip of panels and interviews by Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Martin 6 days ago

      So the exclusive book is now going to be available everywhere.

    2. moriati on May 1

      Hi all - i got an email from Robin a while ago to say that the sketchbook was still in the works - you can in fact see it on Amazon. Published by Image in October, the ISBN is 1534308539

    3. Kris Young on April 25

      Like others have said, an update would be great. I know it's just the two of you, and I keep up with Brandon's stuff, so I know he's busy on comics, but some little message to the effect of it's still being work on, and a rough idea of release? Tx

    4. Missing avatar

      Richard Fuss
      on April 9

      Can we get an update? It's been over a year since the last update.

    5. Michael Greene on February 26

      Hello friends! Wondering if there is any update on the book. Thank you!

    6. Missing avatar

      Martin on November 29

      I am, for all the good it does!

    7. moriati on November 18, 2017

      Good hello to all - anyone else still checking in here?

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeff Weis on March 24, 2017

      Thank you Robin and Brandon! Kickstarter fulfillments blowin' up my Summer this year!

    9. Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham Creator on March 24, 2017

      Oh crap, i didnt see all these comments. I just posted an update. Sketchbook will be out this summer. it's a big book. Brandon's been posting images on his twitter. I have also had a personal family emergency that has kept me from bugging brandon intensively.

    10. Missing avatar

      Elad on February 5, 2017

      So... another Kickstarter Rip off? I'm really getting tired of those.

    11. moriati on November 12, 2016

      Hey Robin, hey everyone.

      Chasing another update on the sketchbook.



    12. Missing avatar

      Jeff Weis on June 16, 2016

      Someday there will be an update on the tourbook, maybe?

    13. Glenn Lea on April 6, 2016

      Just another comment about the sketchbook ETA.

    14. Denny 'dennmann' Riccelli on February 20, 2016

      Did the Sketchbook from the road ever get published? I had included an extra $20 in my pledge to get a copy of it.

    15. moriati on February 11, 2016

      Hi Robin & Brandon (or anyone else), any news on the sketchbook? Even simply whether it's still happening or has gone the way of the dodo would be appreciated?



    16. Missing avatar

      Richard Fuss
      on December 4, 2015

      I asked about the status and Robin said that they are hoping for a spring release as Brandon is still drawing.

    17. moriati on November 21, 2015

      Hi, it's been 6 months or so since the last update. Please can you let us know where, if anywhere, the book is at?


    18. Jimmy Forsyth on September 16, 2015

      Any chance of an update guys?

    19. Jonathan Bilski on July 31, 2015

      My god guys. it's been a year. I was just writing to Amplitude about them holding back the their game. What's the hold up? I feel like Brandon just putting up torrents to his work because people couldn't buy them anymore. I know you're busy with your own mag and looking at fine lady butts. But sometimes you need to stop looking at lady butts and draw them.

      As a long time fan of your work Brandon it's more than a little annoying

    20. moriati on April 17, 2015

      Hi - still hoping for an update and where things are at with the sketchbook?



    21. moriati on March 20, 2015

      Hi - could we get an update?


    22. Jonathan Bilski on May 1, 2014

      I did a write-up on the LA portion of the tour here.

      Check out the Ziggy comic done by all the artists!

    23. Shane Boyar on March 26, 2014

      Congrats guys! Can't wait!

    24. Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham Creator on March 26, 2014

      @Trevor and Kathryn - we should be able to do that, we'll let you know about the sizing charts once we've nailed down the printshop

    25. Trevor Henderson and Kathryn Bright on March 25, 2014

      Hey, I am super excited for your project! I accidentally backed this project in my boyfriends kickstarted account instead of mine (oops) so here is my question. I backed at the level to get the super rad Inkstuds Tour t-shirt. Will I be able to get this on a ladies t-shirt? Just curious, thanks!

    26. Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham Creator on March 20, 2014

      @Jonathan It will most likely be that backers get first dibs and then the rest of the public. still waiting to hear about exact numbers for space.

      @roy it's most likely whatever Brandon feels like doing. i can pass on suggestions, but we can't make guarantees!

    27. roy cowing on March 20, 2014

      How do the sketch rewards work? Do we make a request or is it whatever Brandon is feeling like that day. Either is cool. But ... Sexica in a Mech-ica is what I was thinking of :) BWAhahahaaa....

    28. Jonathan Bilski on March 20, 2014

      I have to ask the same question: Are there going to be tickets to the live shows? Or how does attendance work? I hope you give backers first dibs, I'm a big fan of Adventure Time and want to attend to see Pen Ward in person again. He's so weird in person.

    29. David Fairbanks on March 17, 2014

      So help me, it looks like I'll be the only person with that hoodie. I'm okay with this.

    30. Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham Creator on March 13, 2014

      @Gretrascis I am still trying to figure that out!

    31. Gretrascis on March 12, 2014

      Are there going to be tickets to the live shows? Or how does attendance work?

    32. Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham Creator on March 4, 2014

      @Phillip We would love to go to Texas! I dont know if it's possible to do it on this campaign. but maybe on a future project. We are pretty blown away by the support so far. New York was a for sure next stop. If we make $7500, we will suggest somewhere that has a good amount of great creators.

    33. Missing avatar

      Phillip Prochaska on March 3, 2014

      Really happy to see there are possible other stops for you guys as stretch goals. Any chance that there might be a Texas stretch? Or maybe a future kickstarter sequel or something? I don't have problems scrounging up money for more Brandon art if it helps.

      Even a list of the stretch goals you're thinking of would be pretty cool.

    34. Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham Creator on February 25, 2014


      Go ahead and pledge more ("manage my pledge" button where the donate button was) and message us privately about what extra rewards you'd like. Thanks!

    35. Robert on February 25, 2014

      We should message you about add ons or will you post amounts in the information page? I've pledge for a deluxe drawing but I'll need the tour book and maybe more!

    36. John Wriston on February 24, 2014

      The sound on the main video is completely messed up when I attempt to watch on my iPhone.

      Happy to back the project regardless! Best wishes!

    37. Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham Creator on February 24, 2014

      @Greg Matiasevich:

      Yes! Message us with the extra rewards you'd like and you can adjust your pledge amount using the "manage my pledge" button (where the Donate button was). And thank you for your support!

    38. Greg Matiasevich on February 24, 2014

      How do you guys handle add-ons? Is there a survey after the KS finishes where I can buy extra stuff, or do I need to contact you before that?

    39. Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham Creator on February 24, 2014

      The sketchbook from the road is the tour book. i should of cleaned that up in editing. Sorry!

    40. Missing avatar

      Tibor Palinkas on February 24, 2014

      Hi guys,
      What's the difference between the Sketchbook from the road! and the Tour book?

    41. Pat Grant on February 20, 2014

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.