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A new web series from the Co-Creator of THE SLOPE.

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F TO 7TH is a satirical web series about Ingrid and her descent into lesbian middle age. Stuck somewhere between FTM and PSP, she struggles to find herself in a world where sexuality and gender have left her old-fashioned lesbianism behind.

We love THE REAL L-WORD as much as the next person, but what happens when you hit the point of middle-age (or worse, almost middle-age) and you realize that your culture, and the community you felt part of, has started to shift? Over the past two decades, the LGBTQ community has evolved rapidly. Undoubtedly, some are struggling to catch up.

You could make a reality show about this, but that would probably be boring, and feature too much potpourri and candles. We believe that comedy, coupled with the participation of the local community, is an effective and entertaining way to tackle interesting, provocative subject matter, and make it relatable.

The eight-episode first season is slated to include story lines about a misogynistic lesbian softball player, Park Slope Food Coop members and dental dams. The new show is a spin-off to the popular web series THE SLOPE.

F TO 7TH has received a good deal of support from established comedic talents, with Michael Showalter (WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER), Gaby Hoffmann and Ann Carr (LOUIE), and Ashlie Atkinson (MY BEST DAY) slated to appear in the series. The Rosebuds, a Merge Records indie rock band, will be providing original music.

With your help, F TO 7TH, will launch online on January 7, 2013.


The support from professional actors and The Rosebuds has been encouraging and exciting, but shows that deal with lesbian, intersex and trans issues are still a rarity. In order to make this show with the freedom to be as funny and offensive as we want to, we need your help to make this happen.

We are looking to raise $14,000 for the production of the series. The eight-episode first-season will shoot for 5 days this November in Park Slope. That means paying location owners, cast & crew, renting equipment, providing food and transportation, production design and insurance. We will also hire an editor because Ingrid doesn’t like to stare at her own face that much.

We've received great support from great Park Slope businesses like Gorilla Coffee and Fonda, who have been eager to offer their businesses as locations, and will give the show a greater authenticity. We are committed to building a mutual beneficial relationship with them, and $14,000 is the minimum budget we need in order to give something back. 

For THE SLOPE, we did it down and dirty and it worked. The main difference this time is that we like the idea of paying everyone. Ingrid is 35 years old. She's over her days of asking for free favors. We feel that we have a responsibility to our peers to offer paid work even if it’s not much. And the local Park Slope community has been so generous in the past, so we'd like to give back a little.


Gorilla Coffee 

A 100% independently owned and operated coffee shop and micro-roastery in Brooklyn, NY, donate $25 or more, and get a delicious free cup of coffee.

The Rosebuds

An indie rock duo based in Greenpoint originally based in Raleigh, NC. "   Losing love and finding love are equally potent muses, and The Rosebuds are adept at turning both into seriously catchy songs" (The Onion A.V. Club). Donate $25 or more, and a get a free download from their next album!


A terrific Mexican restaurant in Park Slope, Chef Roberto Santibañez is a fan of THE SLOPE and has generously agreed to allow Fonda as a location in an upcoming episode in F TO 7TH. Pledge $500 or more and have a date with Ingrid at "one of the best restaurants in Park Slope"! 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

F TO 7TH is more ambitious than THE SLOPE. We’re shooting fast and hard - 5 days, 1 ½ episodes per day. We have company moves with a small crew, so that presents fun but also a challenge. This show will have guest appearances from professional, busy actors, so we’ve got to stay on schedule.

With a tight knit and experienced crew, we should be able to meet these challenges. Director Ingrid Jungermann has deliberately designed each episode to be in one location, essentially with two lead actors. This will allow us to make the most of our time, and to create an intimate, relaxed feel. Also, she’s done this before with THE SLOPE and has worked with the crew members several times before, so they know how to work together to make things happen.

Producer Jason Klorfein previously produced RICHARD'S WEDDING (2012, Onur Tukel), a 120-page feature shot in 3 locations over the course of 7-days. The film received awards at the Sarasota Film Festival and SideWalk Moving Pictures Festival, and was released theatrically by Factory 25.


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