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Lovecraftian designs: Yellow Sign of Hastur, Sigil of the Dreamlands, and Mark of the Necronomicon. Includes magnetic spell book box.
Lovecraftian designs: Yellow Sign of Hastur, Sigil of the Dreamlands, and Mark of the Necronomicon. Includes magnetic spell book box.
Lovecraftian designs: Yellow Sign of Hastur, Sigil of the Dreamlands, and Mark of the Necronomicon. Includes magnetic spell book box.
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    1. Rhea Price Collaborator on

      @Chance Buchanan: Yes! I double checked your pledge manager and you are good to go. Thank you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Chance Buchanan on

      I backed using the $44 pledge level and remember picking which dice i want does that mean i already used the pledge manager?

    3. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      For those of you who are interested in more lore than we could fit on the back of the lore cards, we posted a YouTube video to the Journey to the Tree of Sorrows YouTube channel called, "The Mark of the Necronomicon - History and Lore". Check it out and learn from a professor of anthropology at Miskatonic.…

    4. Infinite Black Creator on

      @Matthew Martin - Rhea is correct. CoolStuff Inc. is taking preorders for the items produced last year as part of the original Elder Dice Kickstarter campaign. They are not offering anything produced as part of this campaign at this time.

    5. Rhea Price Collaborator on

      @Keith Casas: Feel free to email us at if you need assistance.

      @Matthew Martin: CoolStuffInc was probably a retailer backer from the original Elder Dice campaign, so if they have stock on their website it is from that. The original Elder Dice sets in this campaign are a whole new printing. Our estimated ship date for the Unspeakable Tomes campaign is December 2018, and retailers are treated just like normal backers in regards to when they get their rewards.

    6. Missing avatar

      Joey on

      @matthew Martin This is the second printing for the first set which is the green/blue/cthulu. First printing for the new sets. Plus there are more goodies in these ones.

    7. Matthew Martin on

      Why are these already in stock on if the backers haven't received their items?

    8. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      @Sean stockton - LoL Yep, that is us! :-)

    9. sean stockton on

      I was watching some YouTube videos yesterday and noticed the original sets of dice on a bookshelf in the background "oh hey, look at that..."

      And then realized it was you guys. lol

    10. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      @Jim B. - We are making the last call for the PledgeManager now.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nathan Walheim on

      first the set of dice in December, then Kingdom hearts 3 in January a month after, the hype is real

    12. Missing avatar

      John207 on

      These dice should be just in time for Planet Apocalypse, and HATE, and...

    13. Jim B.

      When does the pledge manager close?

    14. Missing avatar

      Shayne K. Merry on

      YAY!!!!!! December is so far away.

    15. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      Just a quick update - the production for the second printing of the first Elder Dice sets has started. We are officially underway! :-)

    16. Rhea Price Collaborator on

      @Murray: I sent you an email.

      @Keith Casas: After you choose your initial reward level, you can add on extras in the "Add-Ons" section. Heath created a YouTube video that walks you through the Pledge Manager, you can watch it here:

    17. Missing avatar

      Keith Casas on

      Having trouble with the pledge manager. Have 3 on order would like all 6

    18. Björn Tufvesson

      @Heath Robinson - Ah, okay. No problem, I havn't decided yet and was just surprised to suddenly get a confirmation.

    19. Missing avatar

      Murray on

      So I got a message to say I hadn't finished my pledge on the Pledge manager but it wont let me in to do so. Possible to get a hand?

    20. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      @Björn Tufvesson - It looks like you were in for $1. I was going through the PledgeManager yesterday and checked a few $1 pledges as complete so that the system would not send reminder emails to them. I did not think about that potentially sending a receipt to those people. So, you are taken care of. If you want to upgrade your pledge though, you are still welcome to log back into the PledgeManager and upgrade.

    21. Björn Tufvesson

      I got a confirmation and recipt yesterday, and I havn't even visited the pledge manager yet?

    22. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      @Laura Labello - No problem. I sent those out and I tried to be very targeted to make sure that it was only people in the system who still needed to complete it that got one. I will be happy to look into your pledge individually though to see what your situation is.

    23. Laura Labello

      Hey there, I got an email saying I hadn’t completed the pledge manager but I swear I had done it awhile back. Was that just a reminder email for everyone? I’m more than happy to fill it out again but I don’t have good WiFi at work and it’s not loading. I’m stressing cause I was silently judging those that hadn’t filled it out and now IM ONE OF THEM! So sorry everyone!

    24. Missing avatar

      John207 on

      @Heath Robinson - Good to know. I changed around some stuff late last week and added a few more things.

    25. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      @John207 - Existing backers will be able to change their address and also pick up an extra odd item or two for a while, but we are trying to get everyone through the pledge manager and then close down late pledges in about another week.

    26. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on

      @John207....the closing date of the pledge manager is not related to when we get our dice.... the delivery date will very unlikely be before december 2018 (think xmas presents), the PM closing today, next week or next month won't matter much (actually it kinda does, regarding fine tunning of quantities, but not to the bulk of the process).....

    27. Missing avatar

      John207 on

      I'm being lazy and wanted to ask, when is the pledge manager going to close/lock? I can't wait to get these to play with Planet Apocalypse, and other board games coming my way...

    28. Missing avatar

      Logan Johnson on

      @Heath Robinson Thank you for the clarification. My apologies for being moody. He just sent me a picture with the dice and I jumped to conclusions. My mistake.

    29. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      @Logan Johnson - Rory is correct. The Elder Dice sets available on the Infinite Black website are at the regular retail price. They are offered at a discount here to those who back this campaign. And, like I said, the boxes on the site are not the Unspeakable Tomes Kickstarter reward boxes. They don't have the stretch goals we reached included. Everyone who pledged for original Elder Dice sets here will receive the second printing of the original sets.

    30. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      @Logan Johnson - Backers of this campaign are not on any kind of lower priority. All the Kickstarter rewards will be sent out at the same time.

      We do have a limited number of Elder Dice sets from the original campaign. We have now posted them for sale on the Infinite Black website. If you want to check those out and place an order, you are welcome to. You can find them right here:

      Those are not the reward boxes for this campaign. We are having a whole second printing of the the original Elder Dice sets produced for this Kickstarter. For instance, remember we hit the stretch goal where all the boxes include lore cards? Those are not in the first printing of Elder Dice that are on the site now. Those will be manufactured for this campaign and sent to you for your Kickstarter rewards.

    31. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      @Matteo Montanari - David and I are about to set a closing date for the pledge manager, but it will be pretty soon. If it stays open into June it will likely only be for the first few days. We will let everyone know on that soon.

    32. Missing avatar

      Rory on

      You're also getting them for $44 instead of $69.99 (or $19, instead of $24.99 for one). That's one of the perks of actually backing the project instead of just buying them from their store, but unfortunately, you gotta wait like the rest of us.

    33. Missing avatar

      Logan Johnson on

      @Adam Stuart I backed the original Elder Dice. That's what I picked. I shouldn't have to order it from their site to get it shipped. I backed it here so they should have sent them out to those that picked the originals.

    34. Adam Stuart on

      @Logan Johnson: Your friend must have ordered the original Elder Dice set that is available on their website and not the newer Unspeakable Tomes dice, so I don’t understand your complaint...

    35. Missing avatar

      Shayne K. Merry on

      @Marcelo Thank you for re- and overstating the obvious. I was trying to be funny. Re-read what I wrote ... not what you want to read into what I wrote. I sorry all I meant it as a joke. Some one could use a "kickstarter" for a sense of humor.

    36. Missing avatar

      Logan Johnson on

      Friend got his today and he didn't even back the project. Ordered from their website. So apparently if you backed you get placed further back in priority, sweet.

    37. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on

      @Shayne check the expected delivery in the campaign. states Dec2018. that is without any delays in production, hickups or problems. One of the typical delays IS the completion of the PledgeManager information by all backers... the more time everyone takes to seal their deal the more things get delayed overall (there is usually a hard deadline though).
      Then again, you should have known this already before pledging, as was very clearly stated.

    38. Missing avatar

      Shayne K. Merry on

      Really?? No sooner than December? Not complaining ... just really wanna see these beautiful dice,

    39. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on

      @Matteo, the sooner the PM process is finished, the sooner everyone gets their dice....that means that they may not let it run for more than a couple weeks more. (then again, there is ALWAYS someone who didn't get the mail or has troubles or whatever and doesn't complete it before deadline. usually those cases are handled separately on a case by case basis, at least on other kickstarters).

    40. Missing avatar

      Matteo Montanari on

      Will the PM be open next month?

    41. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on

      @Heath, @David @Rhea I MAY have gone to the customs depot today to pick up a certain HUGE box I may have been sent.........I'll posts some pics on the FB group when I open it.

    42. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      Just as a quick update. You can now mix and match any three polyhedral dice sets on pledge manager for $44.

    43. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      @Adam - Just add the loose boxes you want to your pledge and then contact us. We can issue a credit for the necessary amount in order to bring the pledge to the $44 level. Please do this before you pay.

      I have got to check back with PledgeManager as well on this. They are supposed to have this functionality up and running soon too. But, in the meantime, we are happy to help you out individually.

    44. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      [I though I had posted this last week but apparently not] I saw mention you can *fix* the pledge at the back end to add "Three Sets of Elder Dice" for $44 for cross-set choices, that I want to choose 2 sets Purple Dreamlands and 1 set Blue Astral, so do I select an Original Elder Dice and you change the contents, or do I buy 3 individual dice sets and you fix the price? And is that done before or after I pay?

    45. Rhea Price Collaborator on

      @Jeremy "BEEFSQUATCH!" Guise: Heath and David do not have a 'date' yet for the Pledge Manager to close, there are still some that have not been through it yet. Yes, they will be available to purchase from our site, but it will not be until after all the Kickstarter rewards have shipped.

      @Shayne K. Merry: That is great to hear. Yes, the stretch goals do apply to the add-ons!

    46. Missing avatar

      Shayne K. Merry on

      @Rhea Price @Heath Robinson Thank you both for your help. I think I got it all figured out. Do the stretch goals apply to the add-ons also?

    47. Jeremy "BEEFSQUATCH!" Guise on

      @Heath and David when does Pledgemanager close and will the dice be available to purchase at a later date ffrom your site?

    48. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      @Tristan LL - The pledge manager will still technically be open for a little while longer. Right now only 79% of all the backers have been through it, so we need to get them through it. But, we are still expecting that the shipping date of December 2018 is accurate.

      @Julia Zhu - No problem. You are welcome.

      @Shayne K. Merry - I know that you have been talking to Rhea, but if you think there is a technical problem with the PledgeManager system, you can also submit a support request by clicking on "more help" on one the questions in PledgeManager's FAQ.

      @Joey - As it turns out PledgeManager's system is not sophisticated enough to recognize that just adding two polyhedral dice boxes should be at $34. We are happy to do that for you though. Message us and we'll handle it manually.

    49. Missing avatar

      Joey on

      So I added two sets of grimoires to my total and it is coming up as 38 for the two of them. Shouldn't it come up as 34, as per the campaign? Did I add them wrong?

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