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A terrifying psychological horror game inspired by the developer's battle with mental illness. Explore nightmares! Branching narrative!
A terrifying psychological horror game inspired by the developer's battle with mental illness. Explore nightmares! Branching narrative!
3,608 backers pledged $106,722 to help bring this project to life.

Campaign recap!

Posted by Matt Gilgenbach (Creator)
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Thank you so much for an amazing kickstarter campaign! Firstly, if you missed the final celebration with Joe Grabowski and me, it has been saved on

Here is a new video where I talk about how grateful I am: (I got a good night sleep, so I am much more coherent than last night)

I’m really on cloud 9 – not just because I succeeded but because there are so many amazing people out there (like yourself) that WANT me to succeed. I am truly in awe of what wonderful people you are.

The fact that you are SO wonderful is putting more pressure on me to make the game truly outstanding. It’s probably because of my obsessive-compulsive disorder. One would have thought that my mind would give me some time to enjoy this victory, but on Saturday (before we even made our goal), I woke up in the middle of the night my mind was racing with worries about how I can create a game worthy of the amazing backers we have. The same thing happened to me last night too...

Don't fret! The kickstarter campaign's success is a GREAT thing for me, and I would have been very depressed otherwise. :) I will get through this anxiety soon and make a great game for you everyone! It’s tough at the beginning of the project when you look forward and see how much work you have to do, but once things start falling into place, you don’t worry about it as much. (Technically we've been working on this project since December, but now the serious production begins!)

Currently, our main focuses are on:

  • Bringing the game to Ouya, Mac, and Linux. I suspect these shouldn’t be hard, but getting the game to run smoothly on Ouya might take some work because my shaders are horribly unoptimized. This work will help run the game on lower end PCs as well, so it needs to be done regardless.
  • Starting the prototypes for enemy encounters. This is something that will need a lot of experimentation and iteration, so I want to make sure we start working at it ASAP. Once I get something cool together for this, I’ll probably share it with you guys for feedback.
  • Working on the art for new places and characters.  Besides the few cut rooms Joe likes to mention every chance he gets,what you see in the demo and trailer is pretty much all we have. There are other locations than the mansion, and the giant baby isn't the only monster. :)

You have done so much for me, but I’d like to ask for your help some more. Can you show support for our game on Greenlight? We’d really like to get on Steam! We are currently #39, but we probably need to go higher to make it in the next batch. While you are there, may I recommend helping out Hot Tin Roof on Greenlight as well? Their kickstarter was a success, but I want a Steam key for the game! :)

I’d also like to take time to call attention to some particular people who really helped me through the kickstarter campaign. I am very grateful to Thomas and Gabriel, but we all know that story! (If not, there is a wonderful joystiq article about it)

There are several unsung heroes I wanted to mention specifically:

Cindy Au, kickstarter expert extraordinaire, has really helped me with valuable advice and boosted my confidence through some difficult times.

Kellee Santiago, is the developer's best friend at Ouya (and one of the best minds in game development as far as I'm concerned). She sold me on the FTGF, which is giving us extra funding that will allow us to deliver a terrific game. Everyone at Ouya I’ve talked to is extremely passionate, and I look forward to working with them.

LobsterSundew is a kickstarter expert and has provided a lot of valuable advice on running a kickstarter campaign (including a ton on reddit). He is awesome!

Jason Moquin is our new community manager who runs the Neverending Nightmares twitter and facebook joined the project a few days ago, but really put the pedal to the metal with getting the word out. I still run my personal twitter and the combined 24 Caret/Infinitap facebook page. He seems much better at all that social networking stuff than I. I thought this day would never come, but I really feel like a dinosaur with all these tumblrs, vines, and whatnot... 

I'd also like to thank the press for really getting behind the project! Justin McElroy did an amazing write up announcing the project, and the polygon gang has continued to support the game. Kevin VanOrd invited me on the gamespot podcast during the kickstarter campaign (multiple times!) and wrote an amazing review of the demo. The Joystiq gang has continued to post about our kickstarter, which has been really great. As I outlined previously, it's tough to get press as an indie (especially for kickstarters), so the support has been extremely welcome.

Again, I want to thank EVERYONE - all 3,608 backers - not just the people I outlined. There are really too many to list here, but you’ll all be in the credits because you helped make this possible!

So what happens next for backers? We will try to get the forum set up shortly. Once we do, I’d like to try and move the general discussion of the game there instead of on the kickstarter comment page. Without subjects, it can be hard to keep track of everything - at least for me the internet neanderthal. (Oh how I miss CompuServe! hahah) 

Unless someone has a compelling reason to keep updates on kickstarter, I will also probably be moving updates to the blog. At least one person has complained that the update e-mails are too frequent. I plan on updating a few times a week until the project is done, so that may be a lot of unwanted email. A blog with RSS seems better than spamming people’s inboxes.

I will send out a survey probably in a week or so about add-ons and all that. I still need to figure out exactly how all the distribution will work.

We most likely won’t fulfill the physical rewards until the end of the project. Besides needing the art to make things like the art book and physical game, this will work better from a budgeting perspective. Most of the payments from Ouya for the FTGF come close to ship or after. (We are counting on these to pay for development)

If you have any questions, please let me know. I’m sure I am forgetting a ton of things. I am a bit frazzled and overwhelmed at the moment because I honestly didn’t make plans for what was next should we succeed, so it’s going to take me a little to get everything together. I’m really sorry about that!

Thank you all again very sincerely from the bottom of my heart!

-Matt Gilgenbach

PS. If you are looking for more kickstarters to back: I mentioned it before, but The Long Dark looks super cool.

I really want the next gen versions of Mighty No. 9, and they need our help to reach that stretch goal. Also, they were kind enough to tweet about our project. It was a real thrill! 

Taxi Journey seems really neat, but they are in the terrible middle period where funding dries up and it seems hopeless. Let’s help make their dreams come true as well. 

I just found out about Knite and the Ghost Lights the other day, and it looks really cool. I am a sucker for stop motion. Check it out if you are interested

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    1. Jason Fourier on

      Congratulations! Now try not to obsess about making a great game and to fall into the same trap as with Retrograde. :)

      I agree with Steven: A Kickstarter update everyday is overkill, but a monthly digest Kickstarter update would be nice. I prefer those "push" style of updates over RSS or manually visiting Web sites.

    2. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      New update out on my blog: It is not super amazing, so I figured I wouldn't spam the people who don't like my updates here. Maybe I'll do updates on kickstarter with the highlights from the week or something. (If you want the RSS feed, it's here: )

      The Ace of Spades - It could be A) laziness or B) logistics of giving out 66,000 keys. haha Who knows. They do have $3.8 million dollars, so I think they could have managed something.

    3. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    4. Heisenberg on

      Ps side loading is insanely easy on ouya so I don't think the apk will be a bad last resort.

    5. Heisenberg on

      @Matt I know this is not even your problem but I just mean that if Comcept has to pay for a ps4 key but can give out a humble bundle version free, why not give both? Obviously they can't give out ps4, xbone, vita etc... but if they have any free options, why not include those as well instead of making folks choose one. Perhaps I'm missing a detail, but this has nothing to do with NN so I'll stop whining.

    6. a.joseph.lee on

      Oh, and I think worrying about how us backers get our updates should have the least priority. I say do what's easiest for you and spend your precious time and brain waves on making the freaking amazing game we're all stoked to play. Anyone who's gonna complain about that should probably give it a second thought.

      May (fill in with higher power or deity or intelligence or random evolution) bless you with an ever abundant continuance of game developing ingenuity. You AND your team. Rock on brothers

    7. a.joseph.lee on

      RSS will be great!

    8. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      I wasn't thinking of putting the updates in the forum - but rather on our blog website

      RSS is short for "really simple syndication" and is a great way to get websites to push content to you rather than having to check websites. I switched to it years ago, and now I rarely browse website! It's amazing.

      Isn't doing less frequent updates on kickstarter and more frequent updates on a blog a fair compromise?

      We do have a mailing list, but I was planning on keeping it low traffic. I guess I could have a high traffic one as well? I'm not sure this is a situation where I can keep everyone happy. :-/

      The reason Mighty No. 9 is giving the keys only one per platform is because on most consoles, you have to pay for the keys. I can give out as many Steam/humble bundle keys as I'd like, so I might as well. I am still talking with Ouya about how all of that is going to work, but at the very worst, I can distribute APKs. Not the best experience for Ouya users, and I believe they are interested in doing a key system.

    9. Steven Grimm on

      Putting day-to-day updates on your own forum is a good idea, but please post major updates to Kickstarter as well. I back a ton of KS projects and it's much more convenient to not have to constantly go check different web sites for each and every one of them. Most projects I'm backing seem to have settled on sending out updates 1-2 times a month on top of their activity on their own message boards and such.

    10. Celia Clennett on

      I personally love reading your updates everyday. Learning about the game developing progress is fun~! :D I'll be sure to bookmark your blog to check on updates.

    11. Dustin Anglin on

      Couldn't be more happy to see this project pull through! Congrats and best of luck as you move forward!

      I will be eagerly awaiting future updates and builds. :)

    12. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Dont leave your backers in the dark, don't pull a Double Fine Adventure.
      (wow deja vu, I said this exact same thing yesterday when Satellite reign made an announcement on ditching the much more handy and intuitive KS method of delivering us Updates)

      It takes literally 2 seconds for the people who for some reason don't want to recieve updates in their inboxes to delete the message, I'm expected to make a forum account and frequently check on a daily basis my 90+ backed projects? How is this easier than just checking the 'ol inbox on my email which I do every morning anyway and seeing all the updates and news in one spot?

    13. Heisenberg on

      @lartomar2002 I don't think I've ever met in my life an Ouya gamer who doesn't game on PC. Your existence makes me happy, and I hope more of you exist in the future.

      *Ouya Supporter*

    14. lartomar2002 on

      I am not a pc gamer but I do love my Ouya. I would pledge to some of the other games you mentioned but none of them show they plan to port to Ouya. Pleasecontinue to update here. I am like Eddie, RSS means nothing to me.

    15. Heisenberg on

      By the way, throughout all the good news, I'm not sure if I've ever even congratulated you Matt. Congrats. This is my first KS and I'm very proud to be a backer on this project.

      Also, I understand you are trying to pay it forward, but I'm broke after this KS, so don't be offended if I take nothing you say about other projects seriously at all :).

    16. Heisenberg on

      Two comments

      1.) I agree that you should move beyond KS for updates, but could you give us an option to receive your updates as a mailing list? I know you said a dude complained about all the e-mails, but honestly I'm so busy at work a lot of the times that it's really nice to check my e-mail during my breaks and get an update. I know you mentioned something about RSS feeds, but I don't know how the internet works, so these words mean nothing to me.

      2.) The thing about Mighty No. 9 that bothers me is that the backers only get to choose one version of the game they receive. I just want to say that you're a total bad ass for giving backers PC, Ouya, Linux, and Mac. I enjoy my Ouya a lot, but I also like to have the option to play on my PC when my wife watches boring reality shows on tv. (I should actually be more careful now, I think she backed and can probably read this stuff now.)

    17. Sector94 on

      Oh boy, posted my previous message before reading the comments, sorry. glad to see I'm not the only one though.

    18. Sector94 on

      I just hope you are gonna slow down with the updates now that the game is funfed. You have been sending way too much lately, I don't even read them anymore.

    19. Gabriel Pereira Pinto on

      I would like to thank you too Matt, without you this community would never exist, and obviously THIS GAME, you make and awesome work until now, and don't worry you wont disappoint us, we know that you are capable of making an AWESOME game.

    20. David Ross Watson on

      I had to stop watching the dancing because my smile was breaking my face. :D

    21. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Hi Matt, great vid :)
      Just wanted to add that I concur: please keep updates on kickstarter! I have backed more than 100 projects and having to check them all on their own sites is... welll... let's say that way madness lie ;p

    22. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Don't completely abandon the updates. Some people don't follow forums and other sites. I already have a hard time keeping track of ten forums and three "backer-only" sites in addition to all of the project updates that end up in my inbox.

    23. Clare Jones on

      The problem with saying "People who find them too frequent can unsubscribe), is that it's an all or nothing thing. I have several Kickstarters that I find a bit too spammy, but I don't want to unsub because I'll forget about them and I don't want to be one of those annoying people they have to chase up when it comes to reward fulfilment time.

      I'd strongly recommend doing regular but less frequent (4-6 weeks seems to be a sweet spot, but whatever works for you, and of course longer lulls later on when you're in the depths of practicalities rather than design worth are natural) "Digest" updates that briefly summarise what's been going on for those that are dead set against registering elsewhere, and provides links for those of us who will happily sign up but don't have time to keep up with every single post.

    24. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      Revisor – I can do major updates on kickstarter. That’s a good idea.

      Charles – I am against violence – except when it comes to persuading people to support my games. :-P

      Yoshimi – Thanks for your high praise. I appreciate it!

      Stephen – I would say the odds are extremely low – especially given the huge quantity of money they’ve raised. I would just be sad if they released it 3 months later on next gen and didn’t offer backers keys. :(

      ThomasN – Sure I can do a few updates on kickstarter. That makes sense.

      AMT – I am really excited about the Ouya as well. I think it has the potential to really shake up the industry, which is a great thing!

      Michael – I was thinking about publicly accessible blog posts. It doesn’t require registering… It sounds like big updates should go on kickstarter, and the daily stuff can go to the blog.

      Voodooray – I am going to – maybe with my hang in there kitty pasted on the top. :)

    25. voodooray on

      Congratulations! You should blow up a copy of the kicktraq graph to A1 size, and have it framed =)

      I've personally enjoyed the stream of updates, so you should do as many as you are comfortable with.

      Looking forward to playing this!

    26. Michael Hartmann

      @Matt: You should really keep the updates on Kickstarter or people will complain that they are forced to register elsewhere. If the updates are too frequent for some, they can unsubscribe from updates for this project and look for new updates manually. You can't please everyone, but at least there is an easy fix for people who don't want to get frequent updates.

      Another thing you could do is post big updates here every two to four weeks and keep smaller stuff in the forum.

    27. AMT on

      You're welcome and thank you for supporting the Ouya. It was the primary reason for my decision to help back the project.

    28. ThomasN on

      Thanks to everybody, I'm proud to be a part of the team.
      IMHO, you can't meet everyone's expectations, so in the end, it's meeting yours.
      I'm not a very social person, so please do one (can be short and text only also) update a month about how it's going here.

    29. Stephen Jonke on

      Really happy to have been part of this campaign. Congratulations!

      Now for something maybe you can shed light on, because I've always found it curious with regard to other project, but especially Mighty No. 9 and projects of the same level. What REALLY are the odds that they do not make a PS4/X1 version of Might No. 9. Especially given that it's not due out until April 2015? I mean that just seems ridiculous. Of course they are going to make PS4/X1 versions regardless of what happens in the campaign. Now the Vita is a bigger question mark for sure, but the next gen consoles? Why wouldn't they make a version of the game for those? It just makes no sense to me. So I'm just curious what you think about that. :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Yoshimi on

      Congratulations and THANK YOU! For keeping going with the project and the hard work you put into it. Gamers benefit with having people like you in the industry...

    31. Charles Bryan on

      I already voted on Greenlight and sent a message via Facebook to vote, however I haven't held a gun to their heads yet. :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Revisor on

      Congratulations again!

      Regarding updates, could you please post a monthly update to KS and keep the blog for a more detailed discussion?