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A terrifying psychological horror game inspired by the developer's battle with mental illness. Explore nightmares! Branching narrative!
A terrifying psychological horror game inspired by the developer's battle with mental illness. Explore nightmares! Branching narrative!
3,608 backers pledged $106,722 to help bring this project to life.
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      Alex Webb on

      Hi Matt,

      Congratulations. I'm really happy for you...based on your video relating your personal struggles, I was actually worried how you were going to be personally affected if you didn't make it. Now keep on keepin' on!

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      David Madsen on

      This was the first Kickstarter projekt I've ever backed, so glad to see it got funded. Can't wait to see the final product :D

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      Cory Treadway on

      Congratulations. I can't wait to play your game. I loved the demo. The art is amazing. I am so happy to see this game funded.

    4. LearnDistrict Inc. on

      CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I'm SO happy for you and your team, Matt!!! <3

    5. sirhotbod on

      Aw I'm so happy for you guys.

    6. Missing avatar

      BiggNife on

      Upped my pledge to $25. I'm really glad you made the goal because it's incredibly clear how passionate you are about this project, and as someone who also has struggled with OCD, I really respect and appreciate what you're trying to do. Congrats!

    7. Jack Lynch on

      I got so excited that I increased my pledge

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      Airon Neil on

      Hey, this is great! I knew that we could do it, congratulations Matt!

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      Jay Rinn on

      After hearing what you're pouring into this game, Matt, I absolutely had to make a contribution. That kind of courage and honesty deserves to be rewarded. I can only hope it helps in some small way.

    10. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for your support. I really appreciate it! I couldn't have done it without you!!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Zachary D Kessler on

      Thank you everyone, and congratulations Matt :)

    12. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Just popping in to say that I knew you could do it. Congratz!

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      bigt32 on

      This is awesome Matt Gilgenbach get a chance to make this game we get a chance to play this game we all win

    14. pic2022 on

      I just upped my pledge to the $35 tier one, I want to play this game as soon as possible! the demo is awesome and I seriously want more to play right now! haha.

    15. David Ross Watson on

      Matt,I'd just like to echo the sentiment that the energy that carried this community through to the end came from you. You really are an inspiration. Well done, I hope you get some well-earned rest after the livestream! ;)

    16. pic2022 on

      Matt, that's awesome! I'm glad with the money over the goal you guys are going to put more into the game. Glad we were able to help making this dream, well nightmare, a reality.

    17. André Campos on

      You have no idea how happy this makes me! Congratulations, Matt! =D

    18. Dwight Scull on

      Congrats and a real nail biter. Can't wait for the alpha and glad I upped my pledge last week.

    19. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      Thank you so much for all your support and congratulations. I’m really on cloud 9 right now!

      Anthony – We are going to make the game better. Specifically, the budget for audio was a bit tight, so I’m hoping to offset that.

    20. Missing avatar

      Alex Quartermain on

      Congratulations, Matt! I'm so glad I decided to up my backing to the next tier so I can play the beta! So happy for you, you seem genuinely overwhelmed. Can't wait to play the full game even if i don't sleep for a month afterwards xD

    21. Eileen Heath on

      3 hours left - how high can it go?

    22. Eileen Heath on

      I am so glad I upped my donation.

    23. Boff Chenderson on

      Congrats, Matt! Can't wait to play the final game.

    24. Alice Li on

      After playing the demo, I was scared so shitless I kind of wondered if I could survive the full game even if it were fully realized.. but I'm so happy I backed it and I can't wait to play more! I have loved Edward Gorey's art for a long time and the art style is beautifully integrated with the 3D mechanics. GREAT JOB AND CONGRATS!

    25. Mark Vuong on

      Very happy for you... and cannot wait for the final product!

    26. Scott on

      And a tip of the cap to you, Mr. Gilgenbach.

    27. Shai-Hulud on

      Congrats! And that was some of the best finishing line drama i've ever seen with the accidental pledge for 9500$ and the way people helped that guy back out of that hole :D

    28. Jessi on

      Yes! Yes yes yes! :)

    29. Matthew "C4RB1N3" Toledo on

      Congratulations! I cant wait to play the finished version! I never lost hope in this project, and I know it will surpass everyone expectations.

    30. Rain-Dancer on

      congrats, really happy for you and that your project made it :) I'm sorry I had to drop my pledge earlier in the project, but personal circumstances forced me too, I would put it back up again if I could. I loved the demo and really look forward to playing the final game. :)

    31. pic2022 on

      Congratulations Matt!! I'm extremely excited we got this backed. When I backed it on Friday I thought to myself there is no way this will get it's funding, but I'll do my part and give money, and here, two days later you passed that goal and it keeps on going. I can't wait for this to come out. My only question is, with the money that you collected past the goal, are you going to do anything special with it?

    32. Kyle Mulholland on

      Congratulations, glad that you got there in the end.

    33. Missing avatar

      Vincent Dehili on

      Congratulations! Well deserved project to be funded. Best of luck in the future!

    34. Roxane Tourigny on

      Awesome! At the beginning, I was worried that this project would have been dragged along with the FTG scandal but, fortunately, that wasn't the case. In fact, it served as an example of a legitimate project.

      A horror game inspired by one's struggle with mental illnesses will be made because all of us wanted to.

      Matt, you bared your soul in this project and this is what's touching us all.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kevin Maneff on

      Honestly, I was watching with bated breath, but I never thought we'd really do it. It took 29 days to get to 64%, could we really get the last 37% in 4 days? Sure enough we did! I'm only a teensy backer, but I was really happy to be apart of this. Your passion is really contagious.
      Congratulations! You better sleep well tonight!

    36. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone. I'm so happy we were able to pull it off! I couldn't have done it without your amazing support! It means SO much to me. If the funding keeps coming in, it will go to making the game better. I had stretch goals planned out, but I think it'd be silly to launch them now. I am just happy the game will be made. :)

    37. Hans Olav B. on

      Very good, I anticipated this.

    38. Missing avatar

      Mark Hirschman

      Congragulations Matt - a hard run and fought battle but ultimately successful and with over 3400 backers urging you on. I agree with Eddie and you and your wife (oh and the rest of the development team :) ) desrve a good dinner out with a great bottle (or 2) of wine to celebrate your achievement. Probably better AFTER yor live stream cast though. Can't wait to participate in your nightmare!

    39. Missing avatar

      John Kochly on

      I don't think I've ever been happier to see a kickstarter that I backed reach its goal :)

    40. Oliv on

      Congratulations, Matt! I'm so glad your project made the goal! Can't wait to play the game!!!! :D

    41. Nick Evans on

      Matt, cannot begin to say how proud I am of you during this whole campaign. You had a vision of doing something great and never lost faith even when it looked bleak. Congrats on the success and I look forward to playing the finished product.

    42. Eric V on

      So happy we made it and that the poor guy with the accidental uber pledge didn't have to suffer. This is truly amazing. From what I've seen in this kickstarter alone (though in other places too.) The fans of the indie game community are really great people. How fast everybody jumped up to help that guy out of the bind is truly incredible. I'm so excited to play this full game, even if it is (especially if it is) totally terrifying.

    43. Heisenberg on

      All money past 99K goes to the team to blow on anything they want for suffering for a month, including taking their partners out on a series of fancy dinners. :P

    44. Missing avatar

      deanit on

      Congratulations, Matt!

    45. Ethan Weisgarber on

      So happy. Congrats to Matt and the team. Cannot wait to get my hands on this game.