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A terrifying psychological horror game inspired by the developer's battle with mental illness. Explore nightmares! Branching narrative!
A terrifying psychological horror game inspired by the developer's battle with mental illness. Explore nightmares! Branching narrative!
3,608 backers pledged $106,722 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. a.joseph.lee on

      Awesome, freakin awesome. But I really want the t shirt.

    2. Eric V on

      Congratulations! I'm very happy and excited for this! I've been biting my nails all month along with you, trust me. A goal met, well earned. You've been busting your ass, sir.

    3. Mark L

      Congratulations. I admit that there were times in the middle of the campaign when I had my doubts, but I'm glad the project ended successfully, as it deserved. Thank you to all the other backers that helped make this happen.

    4. Anjie Tzou on

      It’s amazing! Congratulations!

    5. Cleber Thiago Freitas on

      We did it!! Congratulations man!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jacques L on

      You did it, we did it !!
      Congrats !!

    7. StranaMente on

      Wait, what? Did just someone dropped $10.000 or kickstarter caught back some unresolved backers?
      Anyway, yay!

    8. Edward Ackerman on


    9. Jessi on

      This is going to happen. (:

    10. Heisenberg on

      @Matt, is "Hang in there Baby" a SImpson's reference?

    11. Rika Kelley on

      Less than 7k to go!!! ^_^

    12. scar1971 on

      I want this game so much, i keep my fingers crossed...

    13. Matt Murphy on

      Bumped my pledge up to the $25 tier after playing the demo for it, hope it gets funded! :D

    14. Missing avatar

      Gregory Hill on

      Hey Matt, My girlfriend and I have been behind you ever since we spoke to you at PAX Seattle. You explained your concept to us and we've being willing you success from then. Best of luck on the final day!

    15. William Goff on

      Holy crap this is a real nail biter! Hold onto your buts!

    16. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      Serena - Thanks! I really hope so.

      Eric V - I hope you will as well. :)

    17. Eric V on

      Whoa! Hopefully I will very soon find myself 25 dollars poorer. :D

    18. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Just jumping in here really quick to tell you that you WILL reach the goal. The final hours are usually the most insane and you're so close that you'll see plenty of people upping their pledge or jumping in at the last minute. Stay positive and you'll cross the finish line. ;)

    19. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      Paul - That's awesome!

    20. Paul Thacker on

      I just checked Kicktraq and you're #3 on the top 10 list behind Might No. 9 and Shantae. :)

    21. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      Jacob - That is amazing! I really appreciate it! That is crazy nice.

      Flashdim - We aren't out of the woods yet, but I think we can do this! We are sooooo close!

    22. flashdim on

      So glad to see this working out. Group back slaps/high fives/akward hugs!

    23. Jacob Clark on

      Matt I know we can do this! Callen my friend who is running another Kickstarter for Super Dwarf Madness has literally stopped promotion on his to do what he can to help you reach goal in the next 24 hours. We do this because we believe if anyone deserves to make an amazing games it's you!

    24. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      FateAppointed – I am on cloud 9 now! The number keeps going up! I think this is going to really happen! :-D

      Francis – Thanks! I really appreciate it.

      Andrew – Thanks! I can’t wait to make it. :)

      Oliv – Thanks for your vote of confidence. If we get our funding, then the pressure is on for the team to deliver a game deserving of all this amazing support. :)

      Jonathan – Thanks! We are so close.

      Chris – Hahah, that’s a good idea.

      Bigt32 – Thanks! I’m so honored to have so many people who believe in me!

    25. Missing avatar

      bigt32 on

      I upped my pledge because i believe in what you are trying to do.

    26. Missing avatar

      bigt32 on

      I upped my pledge because i believe what you are trying to do.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris Hayes on

      Matt, I feel it only appropriate that if you meet your goal, the iconic classic, "Whoomp there it is." be played in all its glory on your comp.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Harden on

      Ok, I upped my pledge and I've got my fingers crossed! We can do it!

    29. Oliv on

      I know we can make it! I look forward to seeing the final product; I know it'll be amazing. :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Andrew Jewer on

      Just upped my pledge. The new rewards are awesome! Really looking forward to playing this game :D

    31. Roxane Tourigny on

      @Fate. Hiya! It's good to see you around.

    32. Fate on

      @Roxane: Hi! Good to see you again!

    33. Francis Tourigny on

      I upped my pledged. Why? Because you deserve it.

    34. Fate on

      That's It Matt!!! Stay Optimistic!!!

      Neverending Nightmares Will Get Funded!!!

      Looking Forward To The Exciting Live Stream In The Final Moments!!!