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A terrifying psychological horror game inspired by the developer's battle with mental illness. Explore nightmares! Branching narrative!
A terrifying psychological horror game inspired by the developer's battle with mental illness. Explore nightmares! Branching narrative!
3,608 backers pledged $106,722 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Corrodias on

      Well, i've done what i can to spread the word. After this point, i can only hope.

    2. Eric V on

      Looking forward to playing this when it reaches completion. :)

    3. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      Hunter - Thanks for the advice! I'll have to look into this thunderclap thing. It is tough for me to stay on top of all these social networking thingies. I feel old! Too bad we didn't budget for a community manager. haha

      Michael - I'm really glad to hear that you are excited about Skyler's involvement. I love being able to work with one of my very favorite musicians. I loved his music on Retro/Grade, but his stuff for Neverending Nightmares has blown me away! I can't wait to hear what he comes up with next.

    4. Michael C. Neel on

      I just recently played Retro/Grade and seeing Skyler is on board for this project I had to up my pledge to get a copy of the sound track. I have no idea if you can change the perceptions of mental illness via horror video games, but I love the idea. Hopefully this will hit it's mark by Sunday!

    5. Hunter blankenship on

      Hey Matt one great way that you could have people spread word is through Thunderclap. It we simultaneously send out word on anyones twitter or Facebook or tumblr. But I just thought it would be a good way for word of the game to get out you could try and get as many backers as possible to support it. I really hope the game gets funded.

    6. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      Vinny - I'm so glad to hear you like what we are trying to accomplish!

      Strana - I would love to, but because Retro/Grade had different people on the development team, I can't fairly offer keys to the game.

      Flashdim - We are still hopeful for our kickstarter success. A lot of funding can happen at the end, so I think we may get the boost we need to get past our budget. It is going to be close though!

    7. flashdim on


      Seeing you on on the Giantbomb morning show reminded me how much I enjoyed the gameplay preview, and seeing how low the project was funded so far made me incredibly sad so I finally pitched in.

      I really hope that even if the Kickstarter falls through you can find a way to keep going. I'd hate to see you and your team get kicked while you're down after what happened with Retro/Grade.

    8. StranaMente on

      Hi Matt, speaking of add-ons or other incentives, I have seen other companies offer steam keys of their previous games (Defense Grid, Awesomenauts and others), maybe you can offer Retro/Grade steam keys for pledges over a certain amount, or as an add-on for a reduced price, what do you think?

    9. Missing avatar

      Vincent Dehili on

      Hello Matt,

      I'm a counseling psychology grad student and just wanted to say that I really appreciate the effort you're making to bring awareness to mental illness. I think few games challenge the ideas of what mental illness is and with the continued discussion of mass killers having history of mental illness and being 'avid gamers' I feel that there is a lot of misinformation going around. This project seems like a positive step forward, and I wish you the best.


    10. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      Over the Moon - Thanks! I appreciate you increasing your pledge!

      Voodooray - That's great news! I'm really happy to hear it.

      Frances - I get a lot of requests for that, but unfortunately the art books are expensive to produce, which is why they are only included in the higher level reward tiers. If I offer them now at lower prices, it wouldn't be fair to those who generously donated quite a bit of money because they really wanted the art book. If I could go back and do the campaign differently, perhaps I would have offered the art book as an add-on to begin with, but I'm kind of stuck at this point. :( Sorry about that!

    11. Moeez Siddiqui on

      Really hope it makes it, first 2D horror game that has legit scared me :D

    12. Frances

      Since you're asking, I would love the physical artbook as an add on!

    13. voodooray on

      FYI, you got a quick shout-out on the recent GFW Reunion podcast during a discussion about the varied indie games that get created, which was published on Sunday:

      Maybe this helped contribute a few backers. Really hope this makes it, good luck!

    14. Over The Moon on

      Fantastic news! Things should hopefully pick up as you get closer to the end. I just increased my pledge. I'd love to see this get made, Matt!