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A terrifying psychological horror game inspired by the developer's battle with mental illness. Explore nightmares! Branching narrative!
A terrifying psychological horror game inspired by the developer's battle with mental illness. Explore nightmares! Branching narrative!
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Gorey Story Time!

Posted by Matt Gilgenbach (Creator)

Wow! We’ve received over a quarter of our funding! That is great. It is really humbling to see such amazing support for the game. Thank you all so much! We are getting close to 30%. Apparently, once you reach 30%, your chances of receiving full funding greatly increases. Anything you can do to continue to spread the word would be much appreciated! :-)

When you are on kickstarter, you can opt to get e-mails notifying you of backers. It’s been interesting to see people move from the early bird tier to higher priced tiers. I think it’s really amazing to see people up their pledge! It shows that people really believe in what we are trying to do. It means so much to me!

I have something special I’d like to share with you – Edward Gorey story time! In this video, I read through “The Dwindling Party”, a gorgeously illustrated and amazingly intricate popup book that my sister and I had as children. This was my first taste of Edward Gorey’s amazing art and child-friendly presentation of terribly disturbing content. 

The confusion I felt as a child between liking the art and being upset by the content really stuck with me. With Neverending Nightmares, I want to tap into that feeling. I think the juxtaposition of the storybook artwork with the terrifying content really gives the game a unique feel. With the game and its art style, I’m trying to channel your inner child in order to lower your defenses and make you feel more vulnerable. Judging from the responses of people who play the demo, I think it may be working! 

I *believe* I was able to sort out the issue that some people were having running the game on machines with older video cards. If you were having that issue, uninstall the previous build, and then install this one. Unfortunately, our installer doesn’t support upgrading at the moment. Let me know if it works of if there are still issues.

Also note that while this build will probably run on older video cards, it most likely won’t run well. In general, the game is horribly unoptimized. We will definitely work towards improving your experience on lower end video cards. Unlike Retro/Grade, we want to focus on the core experience first and foremost and worry about optimization later.

This build also has the colored door knobs, which I think helps illustrate that you can interact with them and the black and white things like drawers are not interactive. It also has a fix for the sewing room issue a few of you pointed out. Showing the build to you and getting your feedback really helped me make it better! :)

The PAX coverage continues to come in. Meg Turney from SourceFedNerd posted the Best of the Best – Indie-cent Gaming. Neverending Nightmares was her first pick in this video:

I was interviewed on IndieGameMag. Also, GameTrailers talked about the game in their PAX coverage. (Skip to 7:06 for the good stuff!)

GiantBomb did a dump truck interview with me as well. It was funny because it started out as just a conversation, and I didn’t really know when Patrick started recording, so I am not in "interview mode". In the dump truck, I speak really fast and saying “you know” a lot. D'oh! For actual interviews, I try to speak slower and more deliberately and sound more intelligent. :)

I also received the PAX 2013 Drool award, which is super cool:

Their coverage of the game isn't up yet, but they contacted me to let me know that we received it. That's awesome!

If there is any other press coverage that you’ve seen, please pass it along!

Thanks again for all your support. Together, we can make this game happen.

-Matt Gilgenbach


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    1. Moeez Siddiqui on

      Even to this day, if I make a greeting card for someone, I make sure for it to have a pop-out. Such fun books as a kid.

    2. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      James - thank you for the link!

      Anick - I'm glad you enjoyed it! Pretty much all of his stories that aren't collected in an Amphigorey volume seem pretty hard to find. I was really happy I found a copy of "The Dwindling Party" on amazon because if my parents even had our copy from close to 30 years ago, I seem to recall that we tried playing with the popups and broke them all pretty quickly. :)

      Travis - We have been very fortunate to get good coverage by SourceFedNerd. :)

    3. travis agee on

      SourceFedNerd was the reason why I even knew about this project, good luck guys, I already gave what I can.

    4. Anick Lavictoire on

      Loved Edward Gorey story time!! Thank you. I'd never heard/read/seen that one before. .. :)