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A terrifying psychological horror game inspired by the developer's battle with mental illness. Explore nightmares! Branching narrative!
A terrifying psychological horror game inspired by the developer's battle with mental illness. Explore nightmares! Branching narrative!
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PAX Recap

Posted by Matt Gilgenbach (Creator)

Wow, what a difference a night of sleep makes! Perhaps sending an update last night was a bad idea, but I was really excited about PAX and wanted to share my experience with you. Now that I am not totally exhausted, I can post a more complete and coherent update.

Expos in general are pretty terrible for horror games. So much of a horror game is about setting the mood and atmosphere, and bright lights and blaring music really take away from your ability to descent into horrific worlds. To mitigate this, we decided to build “isolation booths”. We constructed them from PVC pipe and cloth. The cloth wasn’t as opaque as I would have liked, but I still think it helped set the mood for the demo.

I also met a lot of great people at PAX. There are so many talented game developers there and wonderful gamers. As well, Kickstarter had a party, so I got to meet the amazing Cindy Au and give her a hug! Without Cindy’s help, I’m not sure we would be on kickstarter right now. I spent about a month getting everything ready for our kickstarter. At that point, I fell into the cognitive distortion of “all or nothing thinking”. I felt like, “the project is going to be a failure, so why bother?” It seems silly because I reached the point where I could have gone live, but I was just plain afraid to. Fortunately, Cindy gave me the confidence I need to go for it!

Tim Schafer stopped by the booth, and we talked a bit. Having your game development idol interested in my humble project is like a dream come true! Being the Tim Schafer fanboy that I am, I forced him to take a picture with me. He was a good sport and complied: 

PAX has a really great audience, so we got a number of interesting visitors. GladOS and a testing candidate stopped by, and I got my picture with them:

While that may not seem like the most impressive cosplay, GladOS’s full costume was mindblowing:

I walked by them after one of my panels and saw what I assumed to be a giant prop. However, when I got closer, I realized that there was actually a person contorted and suspended in the frame. Wow! That takes some real dedication. She said she can remain suspended comfortably for like 45 minutes. I doubt I could make it to 5.

I also was mistaken for Batman, and captured by Gotham’s worst:

I asked them how the felt as Ben Affleck as Batman, and they are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. If these die hard Batman fans are, maybe we should too! Although perhaps they are rooting for a Batman to fail, so they can take over Gotham. :-P

Finally, here’s a picture with me and Tiny Tina:

As a Borderlands fan, I was really impressed by the number of Borderlands cosplayers. Unfortunately, I was pretty busy manning the booth, so I wasn’t able to get my picture with all of them. There’s always next year!

While I definitely had a lot of fun, the switch from 3 days to 4 for PAX was particularly grueling. I felt like I could barely stand on the fourth day. However, it was probably for the best because we got to get the game out in front of more people! I am flying back home later today, so I should be able to resume my regular update schedule and look into some of the demo issues soon.

As always, thanks again for your support!

-Matt Gilgenbach


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    1. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      deanit - thank you for your support!

      gordon_blue - Yeah, I think PAX was definitely worth it. We had hundreds of people play the game and quite a bit of game press as well.

    2. Missing avatar

      deanit on

      Hi Matt,

      I saw the booth at PAX, and simply couldn't resist pledging. The Gorey-esque art is fantastic looking, and your story was compelling. I hope the kickstarter succeeds, I'm really looking forward to seeing more. Best of luck!!

    3. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on


      I have contacted PewDiePie, and I *think* he's going to do a Let's Play. I haven't heard of markiplierGAME, but I may try to reach out to him.

      I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed my rant at PAX East. I really appreciate your efforts to promote indie games. Being indie is tough, and we need all the help we can get. :)


    4. Jacob Clark on

      Dear Matt,
      I just want to say I am so glad there was so much great response out there for the game. Though our job isn't over I am working until you reach the golden ticket of 99,000 dollars on Kickstarter and I hope everyone else who donated feels the same way.

      I just wanted to say that PAX East was one of the inspirations in getting involved with indie games. I can't program, draw, or make music but there is so much work to be done to get the word out on great games. I was actually deeply inspired by you to start Gaming in Public which I did hearing your rant with other great indies like Alex from Owlchemy Labs who is a good friend of the group. I know it probably hits home with the speech you gave at PAX East came true and Retro Grade didn't become a commercial success. It inspired me to get off my ass and to help promote as many great indie developers as I can because no matter how worthless you might think you are we are one community and every little bit counts.

      I wish I could do both PAX events but sadly I go all out for PAX East. I know you only have 26 days to go and $77,000 but if we all pull together we can make this happen.

      Sincerely, Jacob

    5. Moeez Siddiqui on

      Glad to hear you had a lot of fun! One day hope to go to PAX and meet Schafer.

      btw have you contacted some horror game youtubers like markiplierGAME and pewdiepie for promotion?

    6. Matt Gilgenbach 2-time creator on

      I thought she might be a gymnast or something, but she denied it. She was amazing!

    7. Torment- The Enduring Exile on

      I thought the Portal Cosplay was a robot as well until her arms went waving about. Wow.