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A terrifying psychological horror game inspired by the developer's battle with mental illness. Explore nightmares! Branching narrative!
3,608 backers pledged $106,722 to help bring this project to life.

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We are done! :)


I just got back from the post office because I was sending out the postcards and bookmark add-ons. That means we have officially fulfilled all the backer rewards. WE ARE DONE! Whoo hoo! We had to resend a few packages, but I think with a few exceptions, everyone should have their rewards by now.

If you are missing digital rewards, use the Humble Key Resender to get the codes/links. If you haven’t received a package, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do. There were quite a few international letters for the postcards and bookmarks, so I’m not sure when those will arrive, but hopefully soon.

Fulfilling all the kickstarter rewards is a great weight lifted off of my shoulders. While we were on time with the game, the physical rewards and special backer portraits, paintings, etc took way longer than I expected. I’m actually quite embarrassed that it took us until now to get everything out! However, compared to other successful kickstarters, I think we did okay. It is tough to deliver everything by the date you pick near the start of the project!

Now that I’m done, I can focus all my efforts on the next game, which is shaping up to be pretty exciting. The name has been a bit of a sticking point though. If you’d like to join the discussion, we have a thread on the backers only forum. (If you haven't set up an account yet, use your kickstarter email, and it should automatically grant you access. Otherwise, let me know) It also includes juicy details about the setting and antagonist of the game, so if you are impatient, check it out and leave a comment!

I’d like to thank everyone again for your help making my dream of making Neverending Nightmares come true! Developing the game was an amazing experience, and I really couldn’t have done it without your help. We are going to be turning to kickstarter again for our next project, so if it isn’t too much to ask, I hope I can count on your support next time. Thank you so so so so much!

Your friend,

Matt Gilgenbach

PS. Have you seen the latest Humble Weekly Bundle? There is a great selection of monochromatic games including Neverending Nightmares for $10 up. It ends tomorrow morning, so check it out soon. :)

PPS. Is anyone else excited about a new Toejam and Earl? I know I am! Kickstarter is awesome at giving creators a chance to revisit types of games that aren't being made now.

Happy Friday the 13th!


Does anyone suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia? (That means fear of Friday the 13th!) I don’t, but I am hoping no misfortune befalls me today anyway. :) I am planning to have a Friday the 13th movie marathon with my wife, so suffering through "Jason Goes To Hell" is probably the worst thing that will happen to me. :)

To celebrate this horrific day, I posted a special developer dairy talking about the roles Friday the 13th, superstition, and folklore may serve in modern societies. This hints at some of the things I've been thinking about for the next game, so if you have been waiting for me to drop clues about the next project, here’s the first! (Granted, it is only a tiny clue)

We are almost done with rewards. The end is in sight! Adam shipped out the backer paintings, and pretty much every domestic package SHOULD have been received. If you live in the US or Canada and didn’t receive your backer rewards (with the exception of the postcards, bookmarks, and pins - I'm still working on those), please contact me at I’m still need some addresses for the other add-ons, so if I emailed you about that, let me know. If you ordered a bookmark or postcard and haven’t heard from me, feel free to reach out, and I’ll check my records.

Anyway, thank you all for your support! I hope you all have a very lucky Friday the 13th! 

Your friend,

Matt Gilgenbach

Did you get your physical rewards yet?


Hello everyone! I just wanted to do another update about the status of all of our rewards. I think everyone in the US should have gotten their $100+ tier physical rewards. If you haven’t received them by now, please let me know. We haven’t mailed out Adam’s paintings yet, but we do have a great picture of them with the artist: 

We also are waiting on some addresses for the postcards, bookmarks, and pins, so if you haven’t responded to my email about that, it’d be super if you could do that soon.

The international packages went out with USPS, and the tracking for that really sucks, so I don’t have any ETAs for when they’ll be received. If you want a tracking number, email me at and I’ll pass along the info I have.

The end is finally in sight for the Neverending Nightmares kickstarter, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. Neverending Nightmares is a very special game to me as well as many others who struggle with mental illness, so I really can’t thank you enough for making it possible!

We are in full production on the next project, and I’m super excited about it. I want to keep it under wraps at the moment, but I am very excited about sharing it with you. I’m hesitant to say anything before I know it’s awesome though. Before I reveal any details, it’s a lot easy to make sweeping changes. :)

I hope you all are pleased with your experience backing Neverending Nightmares! Thank you so much for your support!

Your friend,

Matt Gilgenbach

Backer rewards are in the mail! (Mostly)


It's taken longer than I would like, but we are nearing the end of our kickstarter fulfillment. All of the physical reward tiers are in the mail with the exception of the custom backer paintings. Please note that your rewards will come in two packages. We had to mail the posters separately since they are in tubes. To some addresses, we shipped the two packages with different senders, so you may not receive them on the same day. If you live in the US, you should get them very soon - many will arrive tomorrow. If you don't get them in the next week or so, please contact me at, and I'll try to sort it out. The international orders have been mailed as well, but I'm not sure how long that will take since USPS doesn't give estimates. :-/

If you are an international order and would like a tracking number, please email me at, and I'll pass them along, so you can know when to expect them.

What's left to do? The custom backer portraits are canvas paintings stretched on a wooden frame that is rather large, so we haven't quite figured out how to ship those yet. In addition, most of the add-ons haven't been mailed out yet. (The exception is if you ordered one of the $100+ tiers, the pins and bookmark add-ons will be included in your packages) I'm still collecting addresses, and then I'll need to get the postcards and sign them. If you had an physical add-on (postcard, bookmark, or set of pins), and didn't get an email from me about your address, please email me at with your address. If you did get my email, please reply as soon as is convenient. :-D

I hope everyone likes their physical goodies! We went over budget on them, but I think it was worth it because they are pretty awesome. Honestly, I'm really excited to get my own copies of all the goodies. Most of them were sent directly to the fulfillment center.

What's next for us? While I'm not sure exactly what the future will hold, we are doubling down on the next kickstarter, and things are starting to coming together. I'm really excited about this game, and I think you will be too. It's going to be a more ambitious kickstarter since we won't have OUYA's generous Free the Games Fund to help offset our costs, so I hope I can keep the wonderful Neverending Nightmares community interested in our next game. It'll definitely feature all the things you liked about Neverending Nightmares but have a lot of new and interesting things as well.

If you've been following my developer diaries, I've been looking really carefully at what people liked and what they didn't with Neverending Nightmares, and that's provided me with a good idea of what to do for the next project. While I certainly couldn't complain if our game would be a smash hit that was universally renowned, that'd make it tough to do a follow up. Maybe in that case, the best thing to do is to completely switch genres. However, I love making horror games, and I like working hard to improve my craft. If I were already the best horror game maker, there'd be no place to go but down. :) 

Anyway, I think the next game's adventure is going to be even more exciting than this one, and I hope you will join me! Thank you so much for your generous support of Neverending Nightmares and continued patience with the reward fulfillment.

Your friend,

Matt Gilgenbach

PS. Have you seen the kickstarter for Project Scissors: NightCry? It looks awesome! Hifumi Kono's Clock Tower may have been the first survival horror game where you couldn't fight back. It also predates Resident Evil by a year. He's joined up to work with Takashi Shimizu, creator of one of my favorite horror films, Ju-on. If that wasn't enough of an all star team, they also have Masahiro Ito, creature designer for the Silent Hill franchise working on it too! If that sounds awesome, be sure to support the project!

Long time no update!


After my relentless update schedule during the production of Neverending Nightmares, can you believe it’s been a month since the last one? I can’t! Now that the game is out, I didn’t want to spam everyone since we are mostly working on secret things without much to share. However, I still have things to say about Neverending Nightmares!

Firstly, I’ve gotten a few messages saying that people never got their keys emailed to them. I actually didn’t email the keys out to anyone and instead was relying on people filling out the Humble key resender to retrieve them. If you don’t know how to get your key, I have instructions in an earlier update

I thought the Humble keys fulfillment would be a little easier on the end user than it ended up being, so this was a mistake on my part. I’ve since learned that I could have exported the orders out, gotten everyone’s keys and mailed them out myself, but since I’d like to think that pretty much everyone has retrieved their key, I haven’t tried this.

The big news of the update is that I am pleased to officially announce that we have all the physical goods made up, and they will mail out soon! I am working with Duvall Print & Post to do the order fulfillment, and they are still working out some details about the best way to ship all of our packages, but they should be in the mail soon. This is a pretty exciting milestone because we will be *almost* done with our reward fulfillment. (All digital goods should be out, so if you had a digital add on that you didn't get, please let me know!)

I say almost because I am planning on waiting until after we get all the regular rewards out before I send out the postcards, bookmarks, and pins. I know it’s lame that I’m waiting even longer to mail those rewards out, but I need to sign the postcards, which is time consuming, and I don’t actually have addresses from the surveys for people who got the add-ons. That was an oversight on my part. I’ll email out requesting the info soon.

Once ALL the rewards are sent out, is that the last you’ll ever hear of me? I hope not! I’m still doing developer videos on youtube. Check them out on my youtube channel. I also am active on our forums. Finally, you can always follow Infinitap on twitter and facebook.

Will there be another kickstarter from Infinitap Games? I suspect so. :) When will it be? That is a tougher question to answer! With Neverending Nightmares, we were really planning the kickstarter from when we began to work on the game in December of 2012. It was 8 months before we actually had something worth showing. It took us a while to wrap up all of the rewards with our current campaign – much longer than anticipated, but we are near the end of preproduction on something new and can hopefully begin creating some real game content soon.

As excited as I am about our future endeavors, I am honestly a bit scared and intimidated getting ready for our next kickstarter. It is so much work and soooooooo stressful! It isn’t going to be super soon or anything, but I am already worried because you really have to plan way ahead of time. Would you mind helping me prepare by filling out this survey? Planning a kickstarter is HARD, and figuring out the best choices for the rewards is a real challenge. While it is difficult to regret anything because we were so fortunate to get the funding to make the game we wanted to make, some rewards ended up being way more expensive than we had planned. (For example, posters are pricey to ship and the art book took a ton of time.)

Thank you so much for all your support, and I hope you’ve enjoyed our kickstarter adventure on Neverending Nightmares as much as I have! Perhaps you’ll consider joining me again for the next one? :)

Your friend,

Matt Gilgenbach