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An action-packed skirmish game and range of steampunk miniatures. Join the revolution and battle across an alternate Victorian London!
An action-packed skirmish game and range of steampunk miniatures. Join the revolution and battle across an alternate Victorian London!
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Bigger background and the Suppressor is coming!

Posted by Infamy Miniatures (Creator)

Yay! Another stretch goal has been surpassed. I was just about to sort out my evening meal, but, if there's any good reason to go hungry for a bit longer, this is it. I've been excited about this reveal for a while now!

Before I get all giddy about what's to come, I'd best talk about what you fine backers just unlocked:

The free PDF Background book is going to get more pages. Hurrah! What does this mean for you? 

Pretty as a picture

I've already fired an email to my awesome artist, Silviu Sadosci, with descriptions for two new colour illustrations. These will be big, complex pieces - like the existing images of Tesla sitting on a ruined Nelson's Column, or Uncle John bursting forth from London Zoo with his animal circus.

What will they be of? Well, fans of some of the models I released before this campaign began will probably be happy. That's all I'll say for now, but, I think it will be cool to make backers a part of the development process for the art, so once I get an update from Silviu (which shouldn't take too long as he is spookily fast) I'll share his preliminary sketches with you in a backer exclusive update!


There will also be more words, which is rather fortunate! Dave Allen, who has written loads of brilliant background and stories for Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke has clearly been watching the upcoming stretch goals. 

He pre-emptively sent me a 3,000+ word short story that we have never discussed! I'm guessing he will want some pennies for it. Cheers for that Dave! ;) I am actually very happy though, it is one of the most enjoyable reads yet and brings in various characters for the first time. Perhaps I'll get some art done to accompany the new story too.

So... yeah... I got a bit carried away with this one! From the first time I mentioned the Suppressor to some friends behind the scenes, there's been nothing but excitement for it. Somehow, all that enthusiasm led to... well... I guess I'll just show you some pictures of this beast!

It's pretty large! In fact, if you were to come to Nottingham and head to a place just down the road from Infamy Miniatures. Goes by the name of... what is it? James Workshop? Something like that! Well, they've got these things in their range called... Fearnought? I think that's it. They make some resin ones. They are rather full of contempt. Is this subtle enough for everyone?

Well, the Suppressor is pretty much the same size height. So quite a hefty kit. Quite a lot of parts too actually. I'll show them if the stretch goal gets broken. :)

"Aren't you a little tall for a skirmish game?"

Yeah, it is big isn't it? But, have no fear, I've worked out some funky ways for it to fit into games of Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke in both competitive and story driven games. I'll say more if it gets unlocked rather than go into too much detail here!

Hopefully you like the look of it. I'm getting 3D prints made in the next few weeks, so you should get to see a physical model before the campaign is done. I will then have to try and restrain myself from painting the 3D print! ;)

Because it's so big, the Suppressor won't even fit the X-large miniature section. He is an add-on only model (though I'm considering adding a Massacre+ type pledge) and with an estimated retail price of £45 I'm going to take that down to £40 for the Kickstarter.

Alrighty, time for me to go and get some food I think! I'd love to hear what you make of the Suppressor.


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    1. Infamy Miniatures 5-time creator on

      @ Matthew Churchill - £150 or more. If you spend exactly £150 you will get the cheaper models (eg, Massacre for £130 and 2 regular models for £10 each = £150)

    2. Matthew Churchill on

      @James - pedantic question, but are the cheaper minis for people who pledge £150 or more, or more than £150? Ie. would I get cheaper minis with a £150 pledge exactly?

    3. Christopher Nelson on

      Now that is one fantastic model... now some peelers please ;)!

    4. Ben Clapperton on

      Holy Guacamole! That is some jumbo-sized mechanical wizardry an no mistake.