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An action-packed skirmish game and range of steampunk miniatures. Join the revolution and battle across an alternate Victorian London!
An action-packed skirmish game and range of steampunk miniatures. Join the revolution and battle across an alternate Victorian London!
An action-packed skirmish game and range of steampunk miniatures. Join the revolution and battle across an alternate Victorian London!
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Big Smoke rules stuff almost here


Hey everyone,

I've been progressing the profiles over the last couple of weeks and they are close to being ready to go online. Layout has taken a long time - I'm unfortunately having to do it all myself (getting an external to do it would just be too expensive for where Infamy's at right now) and I am not trained in this, so I've been making a whole lot of tweaks to get it as right as it can be.

I'm sorry for the wait - things are moving faster right now than they have been prevously though and I think what's coming will do the job quite well. It'll be easier to modify now the main layout work is done too. So, as the game is played and balance issues come to light they can be reflected in the cards.

Above is the full layout for The Baker Street Irregulars, showing all of the gang's members, their trackers, their abilities and other special rules. 

Due to the way the game works, many of the cards can be flipped during the turn, to modify the options available to the character. It gives the game a lot of extra flavour - adding more narrative and 'cinematic' elements to gameplay as well as broadening the tactical options.

Here's a look at how it works in game, to give a basic idea of the flow, focusing on an action card for The Professor.

1). The Baker Street Irregulars player has chosen to activate The Professor and use his Bomblet Launcher action. This action costs 2AP (Action Points) to perform. The Professor starts each turn with 4AP total, so will use half of them to make this action.

2). The player checks the available SV (Strategy Value - a total made from 2 or more playing cards) for his gang members this turn and sees that it is 18 (Royalty cards = 10). This means the Inflection Point of 18 shown in the centre of the card has been equalled, so the right hand attack will be performed.

3). The attack's profile is then used to make the attack. It shows that the attack is Ranged (AR - The number of attacks that can be made (melee attacks are AM instead)). 

It has no modfiers for Skill (S - the ability to hit), Damage (D - how many wounds it can cause) or Range (R - The distance the attack can travel). However, there are possible modifiers for the number of attacks (AR) and for the Power (P - how difficult it is to block). 

The symbols shown relate to the suits in a pack of cards. A look at the SV shows that one of the cards is showing a club - an Intelligence card. This means that the Power has a positive modifier. If the SV also contained a diamond - the Skill symbol, the AR total would change to 2.

4). Noting the attack can also now ignore Line of Sight (LoS) the players resolve the attack by checking range, rolling dice, distributing any relevant wounds, and marking the AP used on The Professor's Core Card.

5). With the action over the bottom right of the card has a flip Inflection Point. If the SV was 22 or more it would already have been turned. But, we can see that it must also be flipped over because the action was performed.

1). Suddenly the options are different. Because the Bomblet Launcher is a complex ranged weapon it has a specific Reload action that can be performed after it fires...

2). ...Before the card can be flipped back over!

3). Should the previous action have been successful The Professor gets the bonus that it costs 0AP to perform the Reload instead of the usual 1AP. 

The card is flipped back to its front after the Reload and The Professor's AP will either slip down to 1 remaining or stay at 2 if the previous attack hit. Eagle eyed viewers will work out The Professor with 2HP could now take another shot, should he wish.

4). However, instead of fully reloading, perhaps The Professor may want to take a different course of action and perform a Boom! This action is shown in red because it can be performed at any time, even in an opponent's activation or the activation of another of your gang members. However, the option to perform it is only there when the Bomblet Launcher has been fired (the thematic idea is that the reload chamber is open but instead of sending a bomb into the weapon it ditches a pile of them at the feet of the clanking Professor).

You'll notice that the AP cost here is different. Instead of taking away AP from the current activation it instead comes from the AP that will be available to The Professor next turn.

This whole range of factors opens up a ton of tactical questions the controlling player must ask themselves and more that the opposing player must also consider.

5). There are various outcomes that can come from performing Boom! In this case it could cause 2DMG (damage) to all models in the Professor's Zone and because the SV shows an Intelligence card it would potentially stun them too. This could be extremely useful, perhaps later in the turn if The Professor is charged. However, it will not be able to make use of this ability if it reloads to fire again. The card is not flipped another time if a Reload has already been performed this turn.

Hopefully that all makes sense. It's worth noting that The Professor also has a Melee Attack it can consider using its AP on too - Buzz! Buzz! Kill! Kill! - so there's even more for you to think about.

Most characters do have an ideal flow to their actions, where they can do the most damage to a single target by acting in one way, or to multiple targets by doing something else. However, due to the varying Inflection Points on each gang member's action cards, you won't be able to perform that ideal flow for every character every turn!

You'll get to try it yourself soon - I'm adding final polish right now. I can't lie - this phase of finishing things up has been a really difficult one. I understand it's been frustrating to you awesome backers too. That's actually made it even more difficult, the pressure of your expectation.

However, I've made more progress the last few months than I have the year or so before that. And, things are coming soon, no matter how happy or unhappy I may be about them - it's time to let go.

I'll be back with another update and links to profiles soon.


Infamy's new Kickstarter - Infamy: Collectibles

Infamy have launched a Kickstarter, for our new range, Infamy: Collectibles! Infamy: Collectibles are a range of larger scale models, including full figures and busts, cast in high-quality resin and designed by some of the best artists around.


Early Bird pledges are available now, saving you £4 on a Combo pledge or £5 on a Collector pledge. But, they are only available until 8pm BST tonight - Tuesday 31st November (9pm CET, 4pm EDT, 1pm PDT).


There's a whole lot more to see over on the campaign's page with lots of updates ahead once the goal target is reached.

Big Smoke updates

Have no fear, this campaign has not taken away from the development time needed for Infamy: The Big Smoke. Profiles for the The Baker Street Irregulars and The Monstrous Menagerie will go online, along with the updated rules document, on Friday 10th November.

After this there will be regular future updates, and the plan is to have the testing rules and profiles for all eight starter gangs online by the end of 2017, with printed rules to come in 2018.

Princess Outis cards


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post. is online


Hey everyone,

I'm gonna make this update a fairly brief one. I said that there would be a site online today and it's up - the new home for all things Big Smoke is now

There are still various things I need to add to the site and I've done my best to evidence when they will come. I'm focused on game development in a way I've not been before, helped by the fact that I have no real need to focus on other aspects of the business for the first time in a great many years - they're ticking along just fine thanks to joining up with the Element Games guys. 

In fact, the only job in my to-do list that's not related to game design or informing the community about what's going on in the Big Smoke is that I have the Tara Kurkova Kickstarter to fulfil first thing next week. 

Once that's done I'll spend each day primarily focused on getting the gangs sorted and ready for you to do battle with.

You can see my statement of intent on the site - it is my mission, from now on, to be a better curator and voice for Infamy, keeping you informed, and making sure the game moves forward.

You can see the site events - this is my schedule, the goals that I'll be trying to hit to keep that development progressing.

And you can see a lengthy Developer Talk that I've scribbled - this is intended to be the last time I discuss the troubles there have been in development, so I've done my best to give you a little insight into why things stalled. From now on the posts will all be about forward momentum.

That forward momentum has actually been there for a few months now, and it's building, I just have so much catch-up to do that I'm not as on top of things as I want to be for all of you! As things continue to get done you'll hopefully see the progress and the change that's happened in me... And we can all get back to being excited about Infamy: The Big Smoke again, damn it! :)

I will probably throw an update or two more here, but the aim is to move to social media and the new site's blog to distribute information. So, I'll see you there. 


Infamy: The Big Smoke - February report


Hey all,

I am busy getting on with the most important work things and making sure life stuff is also correct at the moment. Clearly I wasn't in this zone until recently (for too long) as evidenced by my radio silence. 

I won't get into deep detail about it right now. I know I owe you guys some explanation, but more than that, you'd like to see results - taking ages to think of the best way to word what's been happening isn't going to afford me more energy and time to get to those results! 

Suffice to say, the life stuff was worth dealing with properly and in doing so I've made it much easier for myself to once again enjoy progressing the work stuff (and do so with balance and less imminent burn-out intensity than before). At the end of 2016 I sorted out the Element Games connection, making sure Infamy's future was no longer a solo effort. Over 2017 I have put serious efforts into removing negative factors that had built in my personal life, getting focused, bringing in routine and goals, basically making sure I'm fresh, ready and supported to be productive in a healthy and effective way. 

And that leaves me with one big hold-over from before - getting this game fixed-up and out there! That is the main priority now. That's my total work focus and will remain so until it's done (there is also the Tara Kickstarter to fulfill, but that is pretty much just a case of people needing to pick, pack and post it out by now (and there are people ready to do that)).

So, I'm doing game design stuff with a new focus - I've been meeting up with designer Tom, refining rules ahead of their launch and I'm traveling to Edinburgh this coming weekend to once again work him. And that launch is getting closer now - once the new site goes up you'll be able to start playing.

And that website, it is pretty much ready to go. It just needs me to finish up a bit of content text, fix the odd design issue, and layout various downloads (which is the time consuming part - I am considering keeping things very basic right now with the rules, but I want the character profiles to look right and be easy to use).

Evidence of progress is an import thing here I know, that's something I've worked out finally! :p 

So, first of all, here's a look at the site and what its sections mean for you guys going ahead:

The home page
The home page

I've kept the design clean and easy to navigate - hopefully it will be very easy to use for all of you and welcoming to anyone who is new to the game.

The game section
The game section

The game section of the site contains a quick overview page describing what Infamy: The Big Smoke is about, and a section that holds the downloads you'll need to play - the rules and the gang profiles. Over time more will be added to this downloads page (downloadable counter sets, more profiles, etc.), following the order of release as listed in the site events calendar (more about this shortly). It will also feature the downloadable cards needed for Kickstarter backers to use Princess Outis in their games of Dark Age and Wrath of Kings.

The gangs section
The gangs section

In the gangs section you'll be able to see an overview of each gang and the gang members within it. This will let you quickly work out if their play style appeals and give you a quick impression of what to focus on when you play. Lots has changed since the early days of the Kickstarter, this page is the place for you to get an up-to-date impression of the characters you may have built up assumptions about.

Your feedback will be vital
Your feedback will be vital

I'll still need gamers to make the rules and gameplay experience better! There's a contact form for you to let me know about that to begin with. A community section will be added too, with forums for you to discuss all of the happenings in the Big Smoke.

Scheduling is vital
Scheduling is vital

This is the part of the site that I feel is the most important - both to me as an aid to motivation and to you as a calendar of what's to come. It maps out future site events for everyone to see, be it a rules patch, a new development diary, an upload of new PDFs, or the release of new miniatures. 

Deadlines have been something that I've struggled with when it comes to the Big Smoke - this is intended to change that. It lets you see what's coming and gives me goals to aim for in smaller, more achievable chunks. There's a pattern to these events too, a schedule for me to work towards (I thrive on routine, I'm just not great at getting them going. I am very routined right now, this should progress that). 

Should a date be missed I'll make sure it's re-scheduled and I'll talk about it in the blog rather than ignore it!

And talking of the blog, this is the section of the site where I can directly post to you about development, let you know the changes that will come to the rules and profiles, post up news... in short, finally take anything game related away from this very limited Kickstarter page!

So when is this all going to arrive?

The site is pretty much ready. It just needs the PDFs laying out and uploading to go into it. That'll happen at the start of March and on Friday 3rd March the site will be live and ready for you to download as much stuff as I've locked off. Once that's done you'll be able to see what's due next in the site events section too.

Until then, I'll bring you at least one more update here to let you know things are still on track. 


One more thing - there are some people who have tried to message me in various ways. I'll get on top of that very soon, it's not forgotten about! As I said earlier in this update - dealing with the game stuff is the most outstanding issue at this point in time. It's been practically incapacitating in the weight it carries! Once the site goes up in March and that weight's gone I can focus on those other things. If your inquiry/issue hasn't been addressed by this update, or I don't get back to you before then, expect a response in early March.

Ok, cheers guys, I'm back to rolling dice and scribbling now,