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An action-packed skirmish game and range of steampunk miniatures. Join the revolution and battle across an alternate Victorian London!
An action-packed skirmish game and range of steampunk miniatures. Join the revolution and battle across an alternate Victorian London!
An action-packed skirmish game and range of steampunk miniatures. Join the revolution and battle across an alternate Victorian London!
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Start of September update


Hello everyone,

We will be putting these details out across our social media this week but wanted to put it all together in a newsletter for you here with some extra details.

Various hold-ups have been un held-up and we'll have the beta rules organised and ready for you to download later this month. Sorry that there's been some waiting, we understand any frustration but there has been all sorts to re-engineer to get the game up and running again.

Infamy: Brawl's demo game will be made available exclusively to Kickstarter backers later in September too. This arena combat game, between six Big Smoke characters, will introduce you to all the basics of this additional game that is lined up.

James Cain's new Badger sculpt is online to pre-order in both gaming scale and 54mm scale. Only 50 of each of these special edition First Fifty versions will ever be available and the high-quality resin model will come in a box with a numbered art card. Head to the store now if you'd like to pre-order:

Finally, there's a new Infamy: Collectibles model set to launch on Kickstarter soon. Once again, this one's sculpted by James Cain, and is purely aimed at the painters out there. We have no plans to do any rules to tie this model into the Big Smoke... maybe that was obvious from looking at it but we just thought we'd clarify in case!

That's all for now.


Game stuff is coming!


Hi Big Smoke backers,

We're a little behind with updates so apologies for that! We've not stopped developing the games but we are finalising contractual elements at the same time and this has held the process back a bit. 

As soon as the last legalities are locked we will have things on the way to you! But, we didn't want to stay silent, so here's a quick run-through of where we are at.

At UK Games Expo we showed off Infamy: Brawl (you can see a little overview from the folks at Beasts of War/On Tabletop in the video below) and the game is in great shape. Demos went really well with lots of folks getting very into the time tracker mechanic and its versatility. 

We'll put up a print and play version of the exact demo that we ran at UKGE, for our Big Smoke backers, to play soon. This will give you a great idea of how the game works at its core and let you get busy using some of our models!

The designers have also been working on the skirmish game proper - Infamy: The Big Smoke - and we will drop the 'beta' version of the rules and first two gangs to you soon. We know you've been promised 'soon' before, but this is a re-worked game and coming together properly. The only reason we can't give a fixed date in this update is it's contingent on other things being sorted out beyond the design process itself. The guys have systems and mechanics working, we just need to get everything tied up for delivery to you fine folks.

We will be back with a meatier update in a fortnight. Until then, thanks so much for your patience.

Team Infamy

Please stand by!


Hello Big Smoke backers,

It's a fortnight since the last update, we're keeping them regular, but today falls at a less than ideal spot as far as timing goes. It's a bit too soon before UK Games Expo (which we are in the final preparation stages for) and the Big Smoke's Baker Street Irregulars and Monstrous Menagerie gangs are literally being played with and tested as this update is being written!

So, in this interim, we've decided to show you a little sampler of things that are coming to the Infamy: Brawl demo game. We will have the full set ready to play at UK Games Expo. It will also go online after the show, for Big Smoke Kickstarter backers to download and play too.

Above are Sergeant Crookes' Core Card, three of his Action Cards, along with a token to represent him on the activation tracker. Crookes is one of 6 characters who will feature in the Infamy: Brawl demo game.

You can't have a board game without a game board and the Brawl one is pretty exciting. Infamy artist Silviu has captured the chaos of London's streets really well in this top down view.

Also, we're getting extra art through for some of the Big Smoke's less represented characters right now. Here's a look at Mr Dodgson, the twisted leader of the Little Parliament.

If you're at UK Games Expo on the weekend of 1st to the 3rd June you can find Infamy on stand 2-C12. If not we'll have stuff to show you all in an update after the show.

Team Infamy

The Big Smoke, Collectibles and Brawl - our 2018 plans


Hello Big Smoke Backers, it's time for our fortnightly update.

Infamy has changed a lot this year. The external (and visible to our fans) impact is still catching up with adjustments the team has made internally. We are working to get you everything you've been waiting for and more by the end of the year. But you may be unsure of what our goals are, let alone how we plan to reach them. We felt it was important to fully clarify this.

The short version - we will use what we already have (amazing models and background for our steampunk London) and add the gameplay. 

But there are extra elements happening that may unduly seem to be drawing focus from this goal. To ensure clarity here is our summary of the three main parts of Infamy going ahead.

Infamy: Collectibles

The least related to this Kickstarter. Our range of larger scale models are aimed at painters and collectors and will go on general release in the second half of 2018. 

This range takes no focus from Infamy's gaming development. Although we sometimes use the characters and background from our steampunk London in its models they are not associated with gaming at all. This range is produced separately to Infamy's gaming miniatures and allows sculptors like the awesome James Cain to thrive in the perfect scale for his work. 

End of 2018 goals: 

  • A diverse range of models on general sale
  • New releases of cool concepts from the world of the Big Smoke and beyond
  • Available in the Infamy online store and other retailers (online and brick and mortar).

Infamy: The Big Smoke

The one you're all waiting for. We have a wealth of models sculpted and background written. Our game designers, Tom and Elco, are working on game mechanics and translating the characteristics of Infamy's combatants into the game.

The first two gangs will be playable by the time we head to UK Games Expo (UKGE) at the start of June. You won't need to be at the show to see these though, we will put things online for every backer to access. In fact, Infamy: The Big Smoke is not the focus of UKGE. 

You, our existing backers, are the focus for all things Big Smoke right now and we think that the majority of you won't be at this UK focused event. So, the game will be distributed to you directly online as and when we finish things. You'll eventually be able to access all of the gangs before we make Infamy: The Big Smoke available to a wider audience. Our focus is on making Infamy: The Big Smoke a fun, challenging and engaging game but, just as importantly, one that you, our early backers, get to play first! 

End of 2018 goals:

  • Digital version of Infamy: The Big Smoke online for backers to access
  • Digital version of Infamy: The Big Smoke online for non-backers to access after backers have received the full rules and gang profiles
  • Printed version of Infamy: The Big Smoke available
  • Re-casting and in some cases re-sculpting models to fill gaps in the range.

Infamy: Brawl

Infamy: Brawl started out as an unnamed arena combat game, made by our now game designers. Tom and Elco created the game to test out some new mechanics they'd come up with. It reached a stage where the game felt like it could go somewhere so they secured a stand at UKGE with the hope of finding a company that might be able to add models to it and get it released. 

We managed to play some games ahead of time, were really impressed, and built up a relationship with them that continues now as they work on Infamy: The Big Smoke. 

Along the way, as we continued to enjoy playing their existing game, Infamy's models worked their way in. The characters changed from fantasy archetypes to named Big Smoke gang members. The ability names were altered to reflect the character of combatants like Sherlock, Henrietta and Trudy May.

Over the last few months we've realised that we have an extra game, one that uses the Big Smoke models, and it is ready to go. It offers a very different experience to what Infamy: The Big Smoke will bring - more of a board game, pick-up-and-play, quick-play, condensed option. But it's still a lot of fun. Also, it allows the characters to mix freely in different combat groups - something that was intended in the very early days of the Big Smoke but was dropped over time for practicality. 

Tom and Elco had already booked a place at UKGE, we decided to use it as an opportunity to get Infamy: Brawl out there. So, that's what will be happening at stand 2-C12 over the weekend of 1st to the 3rd June. 

We won't be making a big splash, this is a new one for us - we have never been to the event and Brawl's a different kind of game - so we are keeping things restrained. If you're attending the show please head over and say hi, chat about Brawl, roll some dice, push some minis around and let us know what you think. You can, of course, ask us about the skirmish game too!

If you're not at UKGE we don't want you to feel left out. We will make a print and play version of Infamy: Brawl's demo game and put it online for all of our Big Smoke backers to dig into.

To be very clear about Infamy: Brawl - It already exists and existed before Tom and Elco started to work on Infamy: The Big Smoke. It's an extra thing that we'd like to get to our backers but it isn't drawing focus from Infamy: The Big Smoke's rule development. Any further plans for Brawl will compliment and boost The Big Smoke, not detract from it!

End of 2018 goals:  

We will get back to you on this one in a couple of weeks!

Thanks for taking a look through our Infamy report! We hope that with tangible things set to start happening in earnest over the coming months these updates will be able to showcase a lot more gaming content as we go ahead!


Team Infamy

Infamy's End of April Report


Hello Big Smoke backers,

The last update of each month will be a roundup of what's happening in The Big Smoke and elsewhere within Infamy. Here's April's report:

Infamy: The Big Smoke

  • Game design - Work is progressing on the rules and the first two gangs that will go online. Our designers are still refining the systems - we'll have more details for you in May.  
  • Miniatures - There's a new sculpt for Badger on the printer to go into production. We are also looking at restocking some of the Big Smoke models that have needed recasting for quite a while.
  • Background - We have new art coming to expand the Big Smoke's background. There are also new stories to add extra flavour to the world. We will expand on the Big Smoke Background Book with this over the coming months and make the updated version available to you backers.

Infamy: Collectibles

Infamy's new range of larger scale, non-gaming models is being cast right now. A limited number of pre-order items from this range will be added to the Infamy website some time in May and we will let our Kickstarter backers know ahead of time.

UK Games Expo

James and our game designers will be at this UK based show in early June. Infamy has a small gaming stand. If you're attending you'll be able to see game details there, but we will post up everything online too. We will give more details closer to the time.

And that's all for now. In May we will get more specific with details in our updates.

Team Infamy