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The new & improved edition of this classic game on German politics for 3 – 5 players.
The new & improved edition of this classic game on German politics for 3 – 5 players.
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Die Macher: Limited Edition



In Die Macher, the players fight for political power in Germany. As party rulers, they organize the election campaigns of one of five German parties (CDU/CSU, FDP, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, SPD, Die Linke) in several federal state elections.

Die Macher was released for the first time in 1986 and quickly gained a legendary reputation. This new edition has been extensively updated by the designer.

The game includes both English and German rules and play aids. 

Die Macher is a game about the democratic process in modern day Germany, as players vie for political power in different regions of the country. Players are in charge of national political parties and must manage limited resources to help their party to victory. The winning party will have the most victory points after all the regional elections.

There are four different ways of scoring victory points. First, each regional election can supply victory points, the number of which depends on the size of the region and how well your party does there. Second, media influence in the region can grant victory points. Third, the national party membership will supply a fair number of victory points. Lastly, parties score victory points based on how closely the party platform matches the national opinions at the end of the game.

Watch the HEAVY CARDBOARD video on Die Macher: Limited Edition: 

Watch Alex and Peat from the HUNTER & CRON team and their German language video on Die Macher: Limited Edition:

  •  Die Macher: Limited Edition is a special release, and it is not likely to go into distribution for sale by Retailers. This Kickstarter project and a limited number of games at Essen & BGG CON (if we make it in time) will be the only way to get the game in 2019.  In 2020, Indie Game Studios & Spielworxx will only be selling the game via conventions, our websites, the BGG website and via direct sales on Amazon - it will not be entering normal distribution channels. Any remaining copies may be released to distribution in 2021 or later.  If you want to guarantee getting this game, back this Kickstarter project. 

Die Macher is a truly unique game!

This new edition is a modern update of Die Macher for both longtime fans and brand new players. All improvements have been designed by the original author, Karl-Heinz Schmiel, and developed by the Spielworxx team.

Die Macher: Limited Edition is a varied and exciting game that advances 3 to 5 players through four German federal state elections. For players who want to dive even deeper into the election campaigns, there is an expanded game which covers seven elections that is included as well.

If you are not familiar with Die Macher, please check out the BGG page. For more information, we encourage you to read our rulebook here.

The Die Macher: Limited Edition game features all new art by the brilliant Harald Lieske.

  •  Die Macher was designed by the talented Karl-Heinz Schmiel. This game has undergone extensive testing and development to ensure the best possible experience. We are confident that this game will be in your collection for years to come. 
  •  Die Macher was released for the first time in 1986, and was the first game ever entered into the BoardGameGeek database: 
  •  Die Macher quickly gained a legendary reputation and is regarded as the Grandfather of the “heavy eurogame” genre. 
  •  Die Macher: Limited Edition has been extensively updated and streamlined by the designer. The game includes both English and German rules and play aids.
  •  NOTE: Die Macher: Limited Edition will not go through normal distribution channels unit 2021 at earliest, and maybe not at all. If you want this game now, you need to back this Kickstarter project. 
  •  All of the art assets are complete and ready for immediate upload after the project funds.  

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