gTar: The First Guitar That Anybody Can Play

by Incident

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    1. Dondy Razon on

      Why is it $60 shipping even for Canada? It seems a bit steep seeing that we're just next door! :) Please find another shipping partner to Canada. Surely it shouldn't cost as much as sending it everywhere else!

    2. Incident Creator on

      Hey Dondy,

      Canadian shipping is actually on $10 - sorry about the confusion! $60 is for shipping internationally outside of Canada.

      -Josh + Team Incident

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      We did the 2 guitar $799 pledge. Can we have it so one is shipped domestically and one is shipped internationally (UK) b/c the second one is a present to someone?

    4. Incident Creator on

      Hey Chris,

      That should be fine. We'll be sending out a survey after the campaign ends to get your shipping information and other comments - would you mind just shooting us a message then with the second address?

      Josh + Team Incident

    5. Missing avatar

      Adrian G on

      Does it include tracking / insurance? Thanks

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      OK when you send out that survey...will send the 2 addresses.
      Thanks and All the best during this next phase.

    7. Incident Creator on

      Hey Adrian,

      We just sent you a direct message. Insurance isn't covered, but if you're interested in adding it, we can look into that.

      -Josh + Team Incident

    8. Missing avatar

      Moorey on

      Hey Josh,
      Am I reading it right it's $60 flat per guitar? What about the Distributor Pack?
      Thanks for the update!

    9. Incident Creator on

      @Moorey - Sent you a message directly about the distributor pack!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jelle on

      Living in Spain and wouldn't want my gTar to arrive damaged. Could you pleae inform me on adding insurance?

    11. Incident Creator on

      Hey Jelle,

      Also sent you a message directly about your question, our shipping will provide insurance for the package but you will also be able to choose a different shipping provider or option upon completion of the campaign!


    12. Missing avatar

      Adrian G on

      Hi Idan, can you tell me how much is insurance to Australia? Thanks

    13. Incident Creator on

      Hey Adrian,

      Apologies for not getting back to you sooner about this. It looks like we're actually going to be able to include insurance in the shipping price. No need to add anything extra!

      -Josh + Team Incident

    14. Missing avatar

      Adrian G on

      Awesome! I'm looking forward to receiving & playing this :)