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The gTar is a fully digital guitar that enables anybody to play music quickly and easily with the help of LEDs and a docked iPhone
The gTar is a fully digital guitar that enables anybody to play music quickly and easily with the help of LEDs and a docked iPhone
The gTar is a fully digital guitar that enables anybody to play music quickly and easily with the help of LEDs and a docked iPhone
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    1. Andre Paquin on

      How do I reset my login and password?

    2. Missing avatar

      maurizio bonini on

      2015, backed and never received anything.

    3. Claudio Demasi on

      Hello Incident, Any idea where I stand in line for this Gtar..Have not received any updates on shipping or delay info..thank you

    4. Missing avatar

      Grant on

      Guys, can you please provide some kind of realistic estimate as to when the Lightning dock will be available?

    5. Claudio Demasi on

      Hi guys,
      Can you provide me an update where I stand in 'line' of having the Gtar shipped?

    6. Missing avatar

      sanjay raj on

      Where can i sell my gTar, i bought it for my son but he lost interest after a couple of days. Its practically new.

    7. Yukihisa on

      When does my gTar arrive? Please let us know if there is a tracking number.

    8. Missing avatar

      megamanxjac on

      also not getting what the pick attached to the gtar is for, but i still use it anyway.

    9. Missing avatar

      megamanxjac on

      1-3: Thanks
      4: i mean the lighting adaptor. i have a short cable but it still dangles rather than sits within the gtar.

    10. Incident Creator on

      @megamanxjac - Thanks for the kind words! Here are the answers to your questions:
      1. We're working on tutorials now! Make sure you're on our email list so you're notified as soon as new videos are up on our website.
      2. Unlike a traditional electric guitar where you can mute notes by muting the string, to do so on the gTar, you need to fret down in order to make contact with the fretboard and kill the note. Over the longer term though, we're building a new solution for the bridge sensors that would enable this and a lot more. If you look under the black plastic hatch on the back of your gTar, there's a clear module that currently contains an analog solution for these sensors. We're working on a new DSP module now that will enable us to support things like bending, muting, etc. We can't say when exactly that will be available, but we're working on it actively.
      3. We're working on it for sure. There's some more detailed info in our FAQ on our website, but the short explanation is that Android OS doesn't yet support low-latency audio for an app like ours to work properly. That said, we're working on web apps so you could use your gTar on the desktop in the short term while we roll out Android compatibility.
      4. What specifically do you mean by an 8pin connector? In our experience with using iPods with the gTar, we prefer to use shorter cables. We plan to make docks for different devices, but right now the next one up is the iPhone 5 specific dock. As we get the resources to do so, we'll have docks for all gTar compatible devices.

    11. Missing avatar

      megamanxjac on

      hey got my gtar and loving it.but i have a couple suggestions.
      1. maybe a fingering or basic guitar tutorial for absolute beginners.
      2. muting
      3. ANDROIDS!!!!!!! i had to buy the most hated apple!!!(off ebay)
      4, a dock that supports that 8pin connector. i have my ipod touch dangling from the sucka.

      but anyway keep up the good work guys!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      John Bergman on

      no worries on the replacement, just wanted to give you guys a heads up to check QA and your ding touch up. It happens, but I think you could match the paint much better. I'll try and send a pic to you as soon as I can.

    13. Incident Creator on

      @John - That's not good! Can you please shoot us an e-mail, preferably with a few photos? If you still have your box/packaging, we can return it for a replacement unit. We never want you to experience that so we'll do whatever we can to fix the problem.

    14. Incident Creator on

      @Janardan - There's light at the end of the tunnel as far as the right support from Google and the phone manufacturers, but Android's latency problem hasn't been resolved on a phone that also has support for MIDI host mode. It's hard to say when it will be possible but we're watching it closely.

      If you want to read more about the audio issue with Android, this article is pretty good at explaining the problem:

    15. Missing avatar

      John Bergman on

      Got my black gtar. Can't wait to play it. It's got a bunch of dings in the black finish that have a terrible touch up pain job. Might want to check out your QA - looks a bit tacky as the touch up paint is a different shade color.

    16. Janardan Nathan on

      I'm still waiting on the Android version of gear. Any updates if you will be producing a gtar that had out of the box support for Android smartphones?

    17. Incident Creator on

      @Joshua - We saw your message and will get back to you about your order shortly.

    18. Joshua on

      Please provide an update on a shipping date. Rather than proactively updating me, as what would be expected of good customer service, I have been very patient and it is now into the second week of August, past the second revised shipping timeline you provided me.

    19. Incident Creator on

      @Ken's Lil' Sister - THANKS! We're so glad you like the gTar. :)

    20. Ken's Lil' Sister

      Thanks Team Incident, it is beautiful.

    21. Yukihisa on

      Please let us know if there is a tracking number.

    22. Incident Creator on

      @Keith & @Samuel - We're excited your received your gTars! Have tons of fun playing.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jun K on

      My gTar has not arrived yet. X)

    24. Keith W on

      I got my gTar today, thanks guys. Now I just have to find some time to play :-)

    25. Samuel Chieng on

      Got my whit gTar today! Was it worth the wait? YES!
      Thank you guys from Incident!

    26. Joshua on

      Hi guys,

      Can you provide me an update where I stand in 'line' of having the Gtar shipped?


    27. Incident Creator on

      @Toshi - Sending you a personal message right now.

    28. Incident Creator on

      @David - Thanks for the kind words! We know the wait in the short term has been a bit longer than we wanted, but the long term possibilities that your support enables is going to be massive. We can't tell you all how much we appreciate it!

    29. Missing avatar

      David Fraser on

      If not enough people had belived in these guys and backed them there would not have been any retail gTars for anyone to buy, thats the idea, you trust and share in someone's dream.
      I am really glad I did.
      It was a really long wait but worh the wait.

    30. Missing avatar

      toshi on

      Is there any way to know when my gTar will be shipped? I'm in Japan...

    31. Incident Creator on

      @Vonda - Most definitely not. None of our online pre-order customers have received any units yet - they're just that, pre-orders. I think the fact that they are "available" for pre-order makes it sound like they're being shipped immediately, but that isn't the case. We have a strict first-in, first-out policy for fulfillment, so each customer who places an order online gets a spot at the end of the line. You and the rest of our backers are at the front of that line and we're working to eliminate that line altogether. Hope this answers your question.

      Side note: you're 8th in line for the next black unit, so it should go out in the next week!

    32. Ken's Lil' Sister

      So, are you guys sending Gtars to folks who buy them off your website like @Ivan suggests? If so, that is really poor form.

    33. Missing avatar

      David Fraser on

      Hi Guys,
      Took delivery of my gTar today, has been a wait but it's been worth it.
      Thanks for doing such a great job.
      No the fun begins :)
      Thanks again

    34. Incident Creator on

      @Ivan - Sorry to hear that you're disappointed. We certainly understand the frustration with using the Apple 30-pin adapter, but it's only meant to be a temporary solution so that your gTar works functionally before the real solution is available. Had we been able to ship with the Lightning dock on a reasonable schedule, we would have done it, but the difficulty in acquiring the parts made that impossible.

      There is going to be a conversion kit and it will be super easy for you to install. If you look at the current dock, the entire insert is removable without any tools - it just pops out and a replacement can go back in. The Lightning version has been designed and approved by Apple - we're just working on sourcing the parts, so it shouldn't be too much longer before your iPhone 5 can fit seamlessly in your gTar without sticking out. When we have information about when it's shipping and how to acquire it, our backers will be the first to know!

    35. Iván Cavero Belaunde on

      I was disappointed to see the gTar is not compatible with the 4th-gen iPod Touch, my only other device with a 30-pin connector. Is it possible to exchange the gTar for the forthcoming Lightning version? Or will there be a conversion kit? (The "having the phone stick out a bit" is not really a solution IMO) It's a bit disappointing to find out that I would have been better off not backing you guys but just waiting, as the retail gTar costs the same, arrived at just about the same time, and would have been a less risky proposition.

    36. Incident Creator on

      Hey Keith - Thanks for reaching out - that's not crazy at all! Unfortunately, it's not possible yet because we don't have a dedicated iPad app nor a "remote" app display for the iPhone app. That said, you can download the gTar app to your iPad and plug it in on a stand if the visual display is something that's important to you (although to do this comfortably requires plugging into the iPad Camera Adapter with the included USB cable).

      We tend to prefer using the LEDs as the main point of focus for your eyes, but we know everybody like's something different. A dedicated iPad app or similar iPad display component is something we've heard requests for from a few people. Right now it's more a factor of resources, but it's something we'll definitely look into!

    37. Keith W on

      I was thinking I have a iphone and ipad. It would be cool to plug the iphone into the gtar and then be able to remotely connect to the ipad as a remote display or controller. The iphone does all of the real work and the ipad helps you with the music or something as the two are connected over bluetooth or wifi.

      Is that a crazy idea?

    38. Vincent Emmanuel Lee on


      Please update me on my shipment status. Thanks!

    39. Incident Creator on

      @Joshua - Please e-mail us directly with your info and we'll get back to you.

      @James - Yeah we're sending them separately because you ordered two different colors. Second one shouldn't be much longer!

    40. James Kwek

      Hi, I'm supposed to receive 2 gTars , but only got one . You guys shipping them separately ?

    41. Joshua on

      Hey guys - any update on my delivery date?

    42. Incident Creator on

      @David - You can download the gTar app to an iPad already - the graphics aren't native but an iPad mini isn't so huge that the scaling would be too drastic so it's definitely do-able. We'll probably work on a native iPad app at some point but probably not something we'll be able to release in the short term.

      As far as connecting it, there are lots of extension cables out there, but we haven't tested any of them to see if they work 100%. For example, there are off-brand 30-pin to Lightning adapters that are substantially cheaper than the Apple adapters but don't have all the necessary pins working to connect your phone to the gTar. Maybe we can buy a few of the extension cables to test and let you guys know. I know another backer had purchased a dockStubz adapter product and was going to test it out but haven't heard back so far. Has anybody else given this a shot?

    43. Incident Creator on

      @Matt - Awesome! Let us know if you have any other questions.

    44. Matt Haughey

      Thanks for the tips, the 30pin-to-lightning worked well and I finally got to use this. It's fantastic!

    45. Missing avatar

      David Fraser on

      I have an iPad mini.
      And was thinking about having the the iPad mini mounted on a stand then connected to the gTar via an extended cable.
      So the thing I wanted to know is how difficult would it be to have the gTar app as a native ipad app?
      Then use an extension 30pin cable, if such a thing exist, to connect to the gTar!
      Any thoughts?

    46. Incident Creator on

      Matt - We're sorry about the device troubles! The best solution for you would be to use your iPhone 5 with an Apple 30-pin to Lightning adapter. Though the phone may pop out a little bit, it fits securely and works perfectly. We're in the process of producing iPhone 5 specific docks, but can't say exactly when they'll be available. Once they are ready (hopefully in July or August), you'll receive an email notification to let you know all of the details. Hope this helps, but feel free to reach out to us at with any other questions. Have fun playing the gTar!

    47. Matt Haughey

      My gTar showed up and it looks great, but unfortunately I don't have any devices that work with it. I have an iPhone 5 and an iPad mini, but they both use lightning. I have an older iPod Touch with the 30pin adapter but the guitar doesn't recognize it with the app running. Is there any way to make the gTar work for me?

    48. Incident Creator on

      Hi Jennie - Thanks for the feedback - we're really excited you're enjoying it! To answer your question, the gTar doesn't support palm muting yet. It's something we're working on for the future. In the meantime, you can kill notes by muting on the frets - a fret-down message on the gTar will stop sustaining notes. The reason that those notes continue on is that the gTar has infinite sustain by default - this allows you to do a lot of different things that aren't possible on a real guitar, but we're working on adding the option to disable it in the app/firmware settings. Hope this helped, but please let us know if you have any other questions!

    49. Jennie on

      Hi Team Incident, I just got my gTar and am so excited. I tried playing a song and it was an amazing experience. I just had a question--I notice that the note tends to trail on if I don't play another note on that same string, and naturally I tried to mute the sound with my fingers so that it won't mix with the following notes but that doesn't do anything. Is finger muting strings something we'll be able to do in the future?

    50. Incident Creator on

      @Thomas - thanks for all the feedback. Here are the answers to your questions:

      1. The current website design is a brand new one that went up last week and features the new gTar app design. This version of the app has been submitted to the app store and should be out within the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

      2. This was intentional with the first version of the app - with the currently available version, you can't change instruments within Play mode. However, this is a new feature that will be rolled out in the new app, allowing you to change instruments on any song. We're really excited about this one!

      3. Yes - the list will be growing and eventually we'll be launching a store that will expand the offerings even more. Unfortunately the available catalog in certain regions (Europe, for example) is a bit limited right now due to some licensing issues that are being sorted out, so there will be some songs that aren't available in all places.

      4. Eventually yes. We're working on a web app for generating content for the gTar at home. We'll let you all know when it's available.

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