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All Walls Must Fall is a Tech-Noir Tactics game in Berlin 2089 where the Cold War never ended.
Closed Alpha (Win/Mac/Linux) May 2017
All Walls Must Fall is a Tech-Noir Tactics game in Berlin 2089 where the Cold War never ended.
All Walls Must Fall is a Tech-Noir Tactics game in Berlin 2089 where the Cold War never ended.
1,402 backers pledged €36,576 to help bring this project to life.

DRONE WARFARE update live! Steam Early Access on August 8th!


Greetings backers! We’ve launched our second update for All Walls Must Fall: DRONE WARFARE! Read more about it below, but first we have something else to announce:

All Walls Must Fall launches on Steam Early Access August 8th!

We think the game’s got to the state where we’re happy bringing it to a wider audience, so we’ll be launching on Steam a little earlier than we originally planned! We’ve spent the last few weeks polishing some of the visuals and making a small but radical change to the campaign structure, and we’re really grateful to all you backers for helping us get this far, and your patience with the Drone Warfare delay!

We’ll be sending out Steam keys to everyone on August 8th. Almut has been busy mastering the soundtrack too, and those of you who’ve backed at the soundtrack level will get a steam key for that also (as well as a link to a zip for those who aren’t Steam users). This will all be done using BackerKit, so if you haven’t filled out your survey yet make sure you do by then, to make sure you get your key OK!

Closed Alpha Update 2: DRONE WARFARE

DRONE WARFARE is now live on itch! As well as everything from the second stretch goal, we’ve got a few bonus features that we’ve included this time! If you backed at the Informal Collaborator level or above and haven’t got your itch key yet, you can find it after completing your BackerKit survey. Resident Visa backers will get access to all this when the Steam version launches in less than 2 weeks!

New music track: Synaesthetic by Ben Prunty! Ben’s awesome, glitchy track is now in game!

New enemy type: Drones! Drones can be found patrolling the public areas of the club and street. They’re a melee-only enemy who can electrocute an enemy at short range. They’re also equipped with a weapon scanner, and will open fire on anyone they detect has a concealed weapon. If you find the control terminal for a drone, you can hack it to make the drone friendly to you. It will then join in combat against your enemies!

New mission: Group Elimination! This mission has you seek out several targets within the club, and eliminate them using either force or persuasion. Careful though - if any get suspicious, they will all bolt for the exits.

New room type: Guard Quarters! This is where the guards hang out, both when on duty and not. As well as many new props, these also include a cluster of drone control terminals.

New mission chain: Underground Railroad! We’ve brought on an external writer, Alexander Swords, to help us out with some of the writing and narrative design for the game, and his first set of content is a set of 3, connected missions.

Updated backrooms! We’ve added a whole new set of props to some of the backrooms!

Permadeath (and permahurt)! We’ve made a small change that drastically impacts how the campaign plays out: Permadeath! Before, losing a mission (by dying and not being able to Undo that death) had no real impact - you could just retry the mission again. Now, losing a mission will mean losing your campaign. Game over. As well as that, your agent’s health persists between missions, so be careful!

UI updates! We’ve updated the UI in a few places: the main in-game HUD, the dialogue screen, and the Shop, which should be a bit more intuitive now (but is still not final!). We’ve also added concept art to the loading screen.

New and improved Dialogues and Narration! We’ve done another pass over some of our writing and added more variety in a few places. This is an ongoing project that we’ll probably improve with every update.

Bug fixes! We’ve tackled some of the major offenders and also improved performance quite a bit. But the game’s still definitely in Alpha so keep reporting those issues!

Next update: Early Access on August 8th!

We plan on doing a small update on August 8th in time for the Steam release, with a bit more polish and any fixes for bugs that arise before then. Then we should get back to our schedule of content updates every 3-6 weeks!

BackerKit surveys and merch orders will get locked down July 31st

A whopping 87% of you have already filled out your surveys! Thanks! We’ll be locking down your surveys July 31st, so if you have any last minute adjustments, now’s the time! We’ve started putting in Backer credits already, and we’ll begin work on the other rewards after the Early Access launch.

We’ll also be locking down the merchandise orders then too! We aim to put in the order and begin shipping in mid-August. So if you fancy a poster or t-shirt, order now!

Thanks again to you all for helping us get here!
Isaac, David, Rafal and Almut,

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      Shawn Heatherly on

      Wow, launching on Steam earlier than expected? That's great. The permahurt mechanic we'll definitely make things more challenging.