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This Micro-Kickstarter lets you keep inacentaurdump open -- over 4000 unedited SL photos, all public and royalty-free to use. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 13, 2011.

This Micro-Kickstarter lets you keep inacentaurdump open -- over 4000 unedited SL photos, all public and royalty-free to use.

About this project

Please help keep public inacentaurdump's Second Life "unedited photos" collection on flickr open! This is a repository of over 4000 unedited 100% royalty free "anyone can use" photography from SL.

Flickr charges $24.95/year for pro accounts. Unfortunately, a pro account will be needed to keep these photos available to the public and available under a CC license that anyone can use, remix, or whatever, for any purpose. This mini-kickstarter will try to raise $25 exact -- kickstarter will take 5% of that and Amazon Payments wll take 5% of that. The photographer known as inacentaurdump will pay the difference.

Some memorable sets include unedited photography from:
SL Shakespeare Company's Hamlet
SL Shakespeare Company's One's A Pawn of Time
SL Shakespeare Company's Twelfth Night mShakespeare's Twelfth Night

Slightly less memorable ones include the unedited SL shots from Inachi's Nyotaimori. Also, completely unedited shots from: SL Shakespeare Company's Shakespeare on Ice. sLiterary's Drawing Day. Primtings Museum. SL fashion photography. Frightfully photorealistic skins on Second Life. Where to find Barack Obama and other RL celebrity faces as a "sculpted talking face" in a jar. inacentaurdump also has an extensive collection of SL Paparazzi stuffage as well as shots from several years' worth of Hair Fair, SL Birthday, and other major inworld events.

Unfortunately, because inacentaurdump's pro status has expired, most of the 4000+ photos do not show. The sets and collections have also been taken offline until the Pro account is enabled again. There's a lot more than what I listed above from memory - I am sorry I can't provide links to everything, and I won't be able to access these photos until Pro has been enabled again. (shakes fist at flickr! grr!) :-(

Above is just a small smattering of 10 randomly selected images taken between 2007 and 2010.

Please help this micro-fundraiser raise the $25 needed to re-enable Pro on inacentaurdump for the next year!


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    Name me a challenge, and I'll take a SL photo of that -- you'll see it in the inacentaurdump!

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