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Feature-length documentary film which chronicles how a group of New York comedians started a cultural phenomenon.
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Matt & Andrew

1,675 backers pledged $126,220 to help bring this project to life.

Let’s do this! New featurette from the film!

THANK YOU. We can’t say it enough. We’re blown away by the outpouring of support for this project, yet (although it feels strange to say) we’re still a long way from the finish line. We just reached $45,500 and are shooting for 50% by the end of the week, which is $62,000.

Here’s our progress with the red line representing our daily target:

As you can see, around December 25th we started veering away from out daily target which makes total sense. Who wants to be on the internet all day during the Holiday season? Andrew and I both took a few days to spend with our families and we hope that you had an excellent holiday, too. Now that we're all back at our computers, we really need your help to reach our goal.

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In case you’d like to just copy a quick status update, check these out:

Want to know why thousands of people take their pants off?
Going pants-less this weekend? Learn how it all started

Please help support the upcoming feature-length Improv Everywhere film:

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In the mean time, we’re very excited to release a short featurette about the first no pants subway ride ever. You’d think that the star of the video would be someone that isn't wearing their pants but the real star of the video is a girl who just happened to stumble into the scene.

Years later, as we prepared to begin shooting the documentary, we actually were able to setup an interview that is featured in the clip, check it out: