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A Wireless Virtual Reality HMD that's Fashionable & Compact; Features 3D Gesture Input, Position Tracking, & Augmented Reality Overlays
A Wireless Virtual Reality HMD that's Fashionable & Compact; Features 3D Gesture Input, Position Tracking, & Augmented Reality Overlays
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Announcement to our Valued Impression Pi Backers

Posted by Team Impression Pi (Creator)

To our Valued Impression Pi backers,

We launched our Kickstarter project to build something that The Verge described as "everything a VR headset should be." Support from backers like you and industry feedback strengthened our confidence that we were on the right track.

However, as the saying goes, just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

A product like Impression Pi requires not only our core inside-out hand and position tracking, but also a full content pipeline, scalable manufacturing, optimization at the silicon level, and effective post-sales support. None are easy, no matter if you're a tech powerhouse or a scrappy startup. This is especially true for ARVR.

We've had to make an honest assessment of the best path towards building the product we all want. We realized that we'd best serve you and the industry by focusing on our core inside-out tracking technology. By partnering with system vendors, high quality products similar to Impression Pi can become a reality more quickly, at a lower cost. And by focusing on our developer kit and working with content developers, we’ll help the industry create truly exciting and enjoyable ARVR content and offer a much richer content library to you.

Unfortunately, that meant we had to make the painful decision to terminate our Impression Pi product line and implement a new business model as a core technology provider. This tough decision was made in early 2016 and since then we have made great strides in executing on our new product strategy. At the same time, we have still tried our best to fulfill the original intent of our Kickstarter project and to meet the expectations of our valued Kickstarter backers as closely as possible. However, we have recently realized that, due to the limited resources of a startup, it has become very difficult for us to meet our business goals while pursuing the Impression Pi product line. Meanwhile, we also realized that regardless of our good intentions, further delays will only result in greater disappointment for our backers.

To show our deep gratitude for your support, as well as our sincere apology for this change, we will:

  • issue refunds to our backers who are waiting for their rewards, and
  • provide a full refund to those who've already received their rewards but prefer not to keep them. 

Please contact us by March 31, 2017, for the refund or return shipping details and we will arrange that immediately.

However, we hope that our relationship continues. You all took a chance on us and will always have an honored place in our company. Whether you're a developer or an early adopter, your opinions matter to us.

We're confident in the future of not just ARVR, but in the benefits of inside-out tracking. By focusing on our strengths and working with the industry, we believe the ARVR revolution is just around the corner. Thank you for being part of this journey.


The uSens team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Karel Lambrichts on


      i still did not receive my refund!!!

      Could you guys look ASAP into it?


    2. shivani grover on

      This is indeed sad , I have been waiting for my impression Pi from a very long time , it's unfortunate to see that it has been terminated now however could you please refund my money back , and I hope that may be it will be available sometime in the future if not now , thank you !

    3. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Faulkner on

      Darn auto-spell and my vision deficits.
      ground-breaking !!
      continue to be !!

    4. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Faulkner on

      Thank you for the good business practice of offering refunds when the business direction has changed. While disappointed Will not be receiving a friend-breaking ARVR device, I will confine to be a [non-financial] supporter of the USens company. I hope to support you financially though partner products soon.

    5. Team Impression Pi Creator on

      Hi all, please contact us via private message for the request. Since Kickstarter only allows us to issue refunds on an individual basis, we ask your continued patience while we confirm and process your request. Thank you all!

    6. Team Impression Pi Creator on

      @Shawn, by signing up in our uDev or following us on our social media channels, we will keep you updated all the time. Thank you!

    7. Missing avatar

      Marcel on

      Sad to hear... But well, that's life.
      I'm interested in the refund. Do I need to contact you on a specific way? Do you need any more details?

    8. Shawn MacDonell on

      @uSens, I'm sure we're all grateful for your open willingness to allow backers to request refunds for the Impression Pi Kickstarter and would like to thank you for doing this as disappointing as it was.

      In regards to the future of uSens, does uSens have any partnerships with hardware manufacturers to integrate Fingo computer vision into their respective HMDs? Or, if not, will Kickstarter backers be kept up-to-date (if there's no NDA) to Fingo developments and partnerships?

    9. Missing avatar

      effixen on

      very sorry with that news !your decision is late but honest !
      i want a refund but what's the email to contact you directly ?

    10. Team Impression Pi Creator on

      @Marco, we will contact you directly since we have already worked on your sample for a while. We will figure out a way to make it work for you!

    11. Team Impression Pi Creator on

      @Shawn, Thank you for your candid feedback. This was a very hard decision for us but based on the open discussion a couple of weeks ago, it seems to be the one that will satisfy the largest number of our backers. We are grateful for the support that you have shown us and will process your return for refund promptly.

    12. Shawn MacDonell on

      I love how this is exactly what I asked if uSens was abandoning Impression Pi during your open discussion a couple of weeks ago and the uSens representative told me they had not abandoned the Impression Pi project; outright lies to your backers who believed in an Impression Pi hardware/software platform, not a Fingo computer vision module that requires cooperation from OEM HMD manufacturing partners.

      I'd like to request a refund for my Impression Pi Empower Package, I've sent you a message via Kickstarter's messaging system. I still wish uSens good luck in its computer vision endeavours, but as I stated before am disappointed in the direction this company took in abandoning its backers that supported its vision for mobile VR.

    13. Marco Alka on

      So, does that mean this is it? The end? Will you continue working on Impression PI? If not, then a refund would be nice to have, but since I already received a sample, I would really like to see how it evolves!

    14. Missing avatar

      Kyle Marques on

      Well this is the worst news I've had all month, and my dentist just told me I need surgery! Joking aside, I am incredibly disappointed about it, this was, by far, the best kickstarter I have ever backed in terms of communication and trying to keep us informed, and the one I was most anticipating. Life will go on however, and I will have to get my VR elsewhere. Good luck to you guys in the future!

    15. Giuseppe Riva on

      It is a real pity. I like your concept very much... at this point, however, please provide me a refund :-(