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Transform your digital iPhone images into real instant photographs that you can touch, caress and share with friends.
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Update on shipping, all devices produced

Posted by The Impossible Project (Creator)

Dear Backers, 

The processing of shipments is in full swing. 

We are happy to report that (as announced last time) we have finished producing ALL Kickstarter Instant Labs. All have now been sent to our fulfillment center. We will post a confirmation update as soon as ALL Kickstarter devices have been packed with film and shipped to their final destinations. Our valued Kickstarter Backers have their Instant Labs in their hands many weeks before they will be shipped to any other sales channels.

Please update your iOS app to the latest version 1.3. It includes a few gallery bug fixes and introduces pre-sets for PX70 color film. 

We continue to work hard to improve the device's performance, especially through the app'. We know that the exposure functionality can be further improved to get even better results. We are also experimenting with some other cool ideas. 

Talking of cool ideas, here's a photo collage that an Instant Lab user from England sent us with the following quote: "I've had my Instant Lab for a week now and would just like to say how very impressed I am with it! Alongside regular iPhone shots, I've created masks for doubles and a cover for photogram type shots. It really opens up your creative in new ways. A fantastic machine." 

We are thrilled by such comments. Thank you! 

Please expect the next update regarding shipping statuses during the coming week. 

Your Impossible Team

P.S. We have tried, through stringent quality controls, to release only perfect devices but to achieve a FFR (Field Failure Rate) of 0% during a first production run is almost impossible. Please accept our apologies if you had the bad luck to receive a defective device and contact us immediately at . We will do everything we can to remedy the problem quickly and efficiently.

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    1. mark daniel miller on

      Hi there guys -

      I was just going back through Kickstarter projects that I've backed, and noticed that I never received the unit from y'all. Do you know if mine should have shipped yet?

      Thank you!
      - mark

    2. David Rassat on

      Hi the Impossible and it works great.
      Please checkout my project - Attiture - when you get a chance. Thanks!

    3. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @cynthia: after checking our records, i understand that you did process your checkout yesterday and that your order was finally placed. we are processing your order right now and your shipment will go out later today.

    4. Missing avatar

      cynthia lively on

      I never got mine :-((

    5. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @Yosuke: you will have to complete our kickstarter checkout process. the email with your personalized checkout link has just been resent to you. please also check your spam folder for this email, as this mail and reminders have been sent four times since April of this year.

    6. Missing avatar

      Yosuke Hashimoto on

      I am waiting it for a long time but I also never got mine.
      Pledge $189 or more

    7. Missing avatar

      andrea frank on

      I never got mine either...Pledge $299 or more
      You selected
      442 backers Limited (558 left of 1000)

      Special ALL BLACK Kickstarter Exclusive Edition! 1000 numbered units, engraved with your Kickstarter username. Includes 2 Impossible film vouchers. Shipping US: Free / Shipping Europe: Add $35 (incl VAT) / Shipping Rest of World: Add $20 (no tax or import duties incl)

      Estimated delivery: Feb 2013

    8. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @Alex: did you complete the checkout process? we sent several reminder emails with the link for the checkout (plse see update #17)

    9. Alex Haldi on

      I have still not received my product. Wondered if there was a way to track my order?

    10. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @Sean: your shipment was sent out in early August. please contact our customer service at

    11. Sean Sinclair on

      I still have not heard anything about my product being sent out.
      Just wondering when I'll see an email?

    12. Ned Schultz on

      Thanks all, my package arrived today!

    13. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @Ned and Matt: your shipments are being sent out today. you will receive your emails with tracking data later today.

    14. William Sim on

      Thanks impossible project i finally received mine unit, and it is working well!

    15. Matt Knisely on

      Things have been very quiet and I have yet to hear anything on this. No tracking/shipping information. Can you confirm when I could see this my unit? Just concerned.

    16. Ned Schultz on

      I have not yet received a shipping/tracking email. Can you confirm that I am on the list? Thanks!

    17. Dave Brewer on

      build quality / packaging is amazing - i'm having exposure and contrast issues and wonder if there are any resources online for suggestions on how to improve my results?

    18. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @Denise: you will receive your tracking email later today

    19. Missing avatar

      Denise Storer on

      I haven't receive tracking email yet... Any idea when it'll be shipped?

    20. Calvin on

      Didn't receive any tracking email? Am I missing something?

    21. Kim Redrabit on

      I'm still can't get my at Malaysia. and seems like i dont even get a tracking email? is there soemthing went wrong? im backing for the 299 or more black edition....

    22. Missing avatar

      QueenBee on

      Me too, still can't get my one in Hong Kong. However, there is place selling Instant Lab in Hong Kong now, I am really disappointed.

    23. Han Chengwei on

      Still waiting for my package to be sent out... Even though I was told that my unit would be sent out last week, and then I was told it will be sent out this week. Well. There's one day to go...

      Im very anxious because I will fly away next week..

      Could you please check for me.. I have sent emails to service@the-impossible-project and now there's no response so far any more..

    24. William Sim on

      hellow, im from Malaysia too.... and seems like i dont even get a tracking email? is there soemthing went wrong? im backing for the 299 or more black edition....

    25. ONG YU ZHI on

      Thanks for the speedy reply! Thanks a lot! Greate JOB!

    26. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @ong yu zhi: Fuji Instanx Wide film works only in Fuji hardware. Polaroid 600 cameras as well as the Instant Lab will not work with Fuji Instax or Fuji Instax Wide film. the Instant Lab works with current Impossible PX films as well as old stock of original Polaroid 600 or Polaroid SX-70 film.

    27. ONG YU ZHI on

      Received it in MALAYSIA!!! Grateful to have this awesome device, but can I use Fuji film wide film for it instead of PX680 or others. As what I found online, Fujifilm wide can use by Polaroid 600 too

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris Yew on

      Still Waiting.....

    29. Missing avatar

      Pierre Aumont on

      This is great guy, I am playing with the settings and it gives very interesting results.

    30. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @Maha: please contact our USA customer service desk at

    31. Maha Ahmad on

      My instant Lab arrived but unfortunately it's not working at all even after charging it :(
      Please help

    32. John F Kelley on

      My came earlier this week and it works perfectly, very nicely done and fun to use! Thanks for a great project, exactly what I expected.

    33. Rita Perko Norton on

      Love my camera - I have been experiencing issues with the coloring. While my photos are in full bright color the Polaroid print is fairly muted and dark. Any suggestions.

    34. ONG YU ZHI on

      Can't wait to use it!!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      herbclouds on

      My instant lab arrived, and I'm so very excited to use it! To say I've been hoarding awesome photos would be... well true!