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Transform your digital iPhone images into real instant photographs that you can touch, caress and share with friends.
2,509 backers pledged $559,232 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Schedule Update

Posted by The Impossible Project (Creator)

Dear Impossible Backers,

As promised an update on progress since we started shipping 2 weeks ago.

ShippingIn the last two weeks we worked hard on fulfilling Kickstarter orders. With some exceptions we managed to assemble and pack most of them (ca 90%).

Status per geographic location:

  • ASIA (plus Australia and NZ) – 80% shipped
  • EUROPE – all shipped by the end of this week
  • USA – all engraved shipped, 90% of Silver Edition shipped

What does “shipped” mean?
Shipped means that they have left our warehouse in Braunschweig/Germany and are on route to our distribution centers in Austria, USA, Japan, Hongkong. So all European and most Asian backers will have received their tracking link and/or shipment by Tuesday 20th August.

Note to USA backers
Instant Labs for US backers will arrive States-side this week and will be processed by customs on Monday. They should be released to our distribution center by no later than Wednesday. The center will add films, as required, to each order and then issue each of you a tracking link. The majority (if not all) orders will be fulfilled in the same week. Customs always poses a certain risk for delay, but we don't expect any issues with this shipment.

Please await the tracking link in your inbox. This email will be sent from Impossible Service Please add this to your address book, so that our email does not end up in your spam folder.

When are ALL Kickstarters fulfilled?
As mentioned approximately 90% of all devices will have left Germany by the end of this week. We expect to have all further devices for the remaining orders shipped by the end of next week.

We hope you like your package and, even more, the photos you will produce!

Do please post your results using the scanner and gallery in the The Impossible Project app. Give us feedback on how you are doing, as well as ideas to help us enhance the app'. The next iOS app update is already scheduled, incorporating feedback from early users.

Future Kickstarter updates will cover:

# Final shipping update (when all is delivered)
# The “golden visit” (gold backers visiting the factory)
# Instant Lab Creativity (incredible initial creations of our backers)
# Instant Lab Team – meet the team that made it happen

Thank you again for backing the Instant Lab !

Your Impossible Camera Team

P.S. A Note On Missing Addresses: still several backers have not provided their shipping information. Please do so, we cannot ship your device otherwise !
Please send an email to from the same email account that you used for backing the project and provide your shipping address. We will contact you / confirm then.


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    1. Missing avatar

      QueenBee on

      How can I check the status of my order? I still get nothing in Hong Kong, is it lost? =(

    2. Missing avatar

      Eva Flaskas on


      Its great to hear that you have started to ship all orders out. Just wondering when do you expect Australian orders will be shipped? It seems like we are always forgotten/last on list down here in Australia :(

      Looking forward to receiving my instant lab

    3. Missing avatar

      samantha on

      I really appreciate what Impossible Project does, continue producing the polaroid films, and inventing such amazing thing for transferring digital photos onto instant film; but this project has been delayed for ages! and my patience is reaching to a limit. we are supposed to expecting the labs at the beginning of this year. this is a serious delay :(

    4. Magnus Skarvøy on

      I just wondered – why were my black & white film replaced with color? I specifically paid for black & white and got color, my invoice says that I got a "replacement". Why is this?

    5. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @samantha: not all Instant Labs to asian backers have left our fulfillment warehouse yet. the last shipments are going out within the next days. you will receive an email with the tracking details as soon as your shipment leaves the warehouse.

    6. Eva Leung on


      I just received my package. THANK YOU~

    7. Missing avatar

      samantha on

      I haven't received anything or updates AT ALL! and it's already 28th. is it because I changed my shipping address and someone mess it up? can you get back to me ASAP please?

    8. William Sim on

      is there any tracking email? i have not receive any yet... my email is

    9. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @Panagiotis: we got back to you via email. Please contact us with any customers service queries directly at

    10. anpena on

      I have not receive my item yet, when is expected the shipping? Seeing you said 90% was shipped so I guess I'm on the 10% remaining

    11. Missing avatar

      Fei on

      This is an serious delay and when can we get the tracking#???

    12. Missing avatar

      panteix on

      hi , its the 23 and i didn't receive any news nor tracking nb
      is it ok?

    13. Missing avatar

      Cogitosum on

      I didn't receive tracking information nor package. Did something go wrong?

    14. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @Roman: please align your iPod 4 to rest on the lower rim of the cradle (beneath the embossed Impossible logo). this will make sure that the screen is positioned correctly.

    15. Roman Brosowski on

      I got my Instant lab today. Its a very cool tool :) Thanks a lot, you did a great job.

      Can you provide some tips, how to place a iPod touch 4th gen on the craddle. It's a little difficult because it's moving around very easily.

    16. The Impossible Project Creator on

      a note to US and Asia based backers: Instant Labs are arriving at our US and Asian warehouses today. your films will get added and your shipments will leave our fulfillment warehouses within the next days.

    17. Kenny Tan on


      I have not received the tracking notification as well. Is there a problem with my shipping address?

    18. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @Nicole: we asked only those backers to contact us again, who didn't complete the checkout process yet. your order information is already in our system, and your order is being processed right now.

    19. Chew Wai Yee on

      Why I not receive consignment note number for the tracking purpose?

    20. Missing avatar

      Panagiotis Karageorgakis on

      Yesterday I received my instant lab, I was so excited! But it's so sad that it doesn't work. It won't eject the photo at all, or it will jam it between the rollers with another one. I've wasted the two films included already, plus some shots from another one I bought. I contacted support, I hope they will help.

      Is anyone else having similar issues?

    21. Nicole Manarino on

      Why do we have to email you with our shipping address from the same email address that we used create our Kickstarter accounts with? I've updated my email on Kickstarter and also provided you with my shipping details. Is this going to be an issue?

    22. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @Sha Ali:
      Instant Labs for US backers will arrive States-side this week and will be processed by customs on Monday. They should be released to our distribution center by no later than Wednesday. The center will add films, as required, to each order and then issue each of you a tracking link.

    23. Sha Ali on

      I am still waiting for my reward. Can you please let me know when to expect?

    24. The Impossible Project Creator on

      the 35 USD do include VAT that is applicable within the EU, whereas it isn't for the rest of the world.

    25. Ibadallah Bajumi on

      And somehow I'm still $15 short.. How do i settle it? :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Jan Dittscheid on

      Just to make sure I get this right: shipping from Braunschweig to Berlin cost me 35$ whereas shipping to the rest of the world costs 20$. Where does this make any sense? Please clarify.

    27. Chris Lim on

      Great to hear, how about the ALL black ones? :-)