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Transform your digital iPhone images into real instant photographs that you can touch, caress and share with friends.
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A Bridge Between Analog and Digital - Impossible x nxtbgthng

Posted by The Impossible Project (Creator)

Dear Impossible Backers,

As we continue to refine the Instant Lab, we want to share some news about the other part of what makes the Instant Lab work – the iOS app.

At the beginning of Impossible's first-ever venture into the world of app design, we quickly realized two things. Firstly, we couldn't do this alone. Secondly, we didn't want our first app to be about just the Instant Lab. We wanted to create The Impossible Project app – a mobile point of access into the world of Impossible and a bridge between analog and digital.

We partnered with nxtbgthng (, a Berlin-based team of iOS developers that instantly believed we could create something great together. After a very eventful three months, we're happy to announce that we've achieved the first iteration of an app we're all proud of. Here they are, in full analog glory:

Now, about the app's first functions:

1. Instant Lab

Let's be clear, without this you can't use your Instant Lab

Select your image, crop it, and choose your film type; now you're ready to make an exposure!

You lie your iPhone or iPod Touch on the cradle(screen down!). The internal gyro sensor then senses this and starts the exposure process automatically. After a brief delay, the flash on top of your device will turn on, asking you to open the shutter slide, letting the lens see directly up to your phone's screen. A reversed version of your image – there's no mirror here as on a Polaroid camera! – is flashed on the screen. The iPhone's flash blinks, then turns off to let you know when the process is done. Just close the shutter slide, eject the photo and watch digital turn to analog right before your eyes!

To help you better understand the challenges we've faced in ensuring this process works well with all recent iPhones, here is the same image exposed on three different generations of iPhones - the 4, 4S and 5.

We've been working together with CRIC( in Barcelona to create linearization and color profiles for our films, and minimize this effect as much as possible. We still have some way to go, but the good news is that we can push updates of these to the app as soon as they are ready!

2. Scanner

As mentioned in our last update, the scanner is something we built to make our user's lives easier when it comes to digitizing, saving and sharing their instant photographs. It's a helping hand to those of us who hate hooking up to a manual scanner when all we really want is to send a friend a quick scan of our awesome instant photo while of course, keeping the original too.

3. Gallery

The Impossible User Gallery is something that continues to give us inspiration. No matter what challenges we face at Impossible – and trust us there are many! – the Gallery shows us that what we do matters. It is filled daily with new, exciting analog photography from users around the world. For the community who keep the gallery alive and exciting, we connected it right into the app. You can now browse, comment and even upload photos straight from your phone (using the scanner or uploading straight from your camera roll)

4. Shop

The shop is simple. It lets you order film quickly and easily, right from your phone. If you trust us we'll even store all your details so you don't have to type them in again. :)


We've always tried to be as open with our project as possible and we don't intend to stop now. Following this philosophy we decided to keep the app open and free. You don't need to register to use any of the tools or browse anywhere inside the app - unless you want to create an account and become even more deeply involved in our Impossible adventure.

Thank you for all your patience, we cannot wait to share the Instant Lab and Impossible Project app with you soon.


The Impossible Project team


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    1. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @Ryan The mirroring happens in the background to make sure the image you see on your phone is the same as the one that develops on your instant photo!

    2. Missing avatar

      Scott Hoopes on

      There's a typo in the link to your iOS developer. It's not working, I think you're missing a "g" in there.

    3. Ryan Scafuro on

      Are you providing an option to easily flip the image horizontally in the app to compensate for the mirroring of the image during exposure? That would be a very smart idea.