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Transform your digital iPhone images into real instant photographs that you can touch, caress and share with friends.
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New Film / Production Floor News

Posted by The Impossible Project (Creator)

Dear Impossible Backers,

As announced in our last update we have started mass production of the Instant Labs and we are excited to share latest news.

Lets start with a perfect product illustration:

New Film Cassette
Our engineers in Enschede (the former Polaroid factory) have developed a new film cassette and changes to the film production process. This allows us to now produce battery-free film packs! And that’s not even the good news! Battery-free production is not only environmentally friendly, but cost efficient! Allowing us to share the benefits with you our customers. In a word, our Impossible camera battery-free film packs stand the test against Polaroid™ camera.

In order to create our new Impossible battery-free film packs, it was necessary to change the cassette construction. It must be noted our battery-free film packs will not power a standard Polaroid™ camera. Likewise, a standard battery film pack is not required for an Impossible camera, however will function in the machine per usual.

The production of our film cassette has started and will be on the market at the official launch of Instant Lab in September. At the moment Kickstarter backers, will receive our regular film packs just to ensure all devices and film are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Scanner
Our Impossible Project APP development team did a brilliant job. Among other amazing features, our Impossible app includes a built-in “scanner”. Ever taken a GREAT analog photo and just HAD to share it? Ever wanted to make it a PERFECT digital scan in seconds? Well now you can! Before now, your shot typically included your desk, bed, etc. where your photo was placed. Our app scanner allows you to snap a photo immediately detecting its physical borders. By putting a frame around the image, you can then simply drag each corner exactly over the outer dimensions of the photo and click scan. The app will then throw away the leftovers, straighten the image, and PRESTO! Your photo is ready to share or store in your in your phone for later. SUPER COOL! 

Printed Material in the Box

Your Instant Lab box will contain several guides to help you along the way. As an exclusive preview, take a look at the “Quick start Manual”, which you can also download here. Read it to be ready for when your device arrives.

Production Floor

Please enjoy a random selection of impressions from our production floor. We promise things are hot…and not just in the summer sun ☺

Thank you for your support. We cannot wait to deliver your Instant Labs to you!

The Impossible Team



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    1. Missing avatar

      andrea frank on

      i NEVER got my shipment!!!!!!!!!

    2. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @ samantha:
      please contact us with your new delivery details at

    3. Missing avatar

      samantha on

      the shipping address I entered before which was in the UK, however I won't be in the country anymore after July, so is there any chance I can alter my shipping address?

    4. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @david sperring:
      we will ship by the end of this month. all shipments will get sent with courier services so the delivery time will be no longer than a few days/ a week max.

    5. The Impossible Project Creator on

      @afoi and Knot:
      the lauch date, exact specifications (like number of photos) and pricing for the battery less film will still need to be set. we will of course inform all backers about these details as soon as possible. currently we are still refining and improving the new cassette, so it will work flawlessly with the Instant Lab.

    6. Missing avatar

      Katrin Conzelmann-Stingl on

      Es geht los - iPhone meets Polaroid - very exhiting!

    7. Renaud Bompuis on

      Will the mobile app be released soon?
      The fact that it helps scanning pictures is already useful, even without the Instant Lab hardware.

    8. Erynn Patrick on


    9. Knot on

      I hope that the battery-free packs will finally have 10 exposures(?) Do you have any info on it? Cost, exposures, shipping time? Thanks!

    10. afoi on

      @KRIS I feel you . I'm a backer for that instacrap too

    11. Missing avatar

      KRIS on

      Every update from Impossible Lab is always super cool. The new scanner app is just Super Cool.

      This has been the most awesome project I have ever backed.

      I lost $349 on the InstaCube project just announce yesterday, all of the $641,094.00 funded money is gone, it went to pay all of the employees salaries for 9 months and no plans for manufacturing the InstaCube, until they can get an additional 1.2 Million more dollars to start production. Making that project to be in the 2 million. No refunds will be giving since there is money left. Refunds can only be giving once they start production and they can sell off your cubes. So far that project is dead with $641,094.00 gone. I'm out $349

      But the Impossible has just as many staff and still able to produce its project with $559,232.00. Awesome!!! :)

    12. afoi on

      How much will be the battery free pack?

    13. Missing avatar


      Will the instant lab still be shipping this month? And arrive hopefully before September? I ask because this update said the launch is in September.