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Transform your digital iPhone images into real instant photographs that you can touch, caress and share with friends.
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Posted by The Impossible Project (Creator)

Dear Impossible Backers,

Here we are again with a fresh report from the production floor. We were planning to announce the shipping date with this update, but please bear with us a little more. A few things need to come in place further, as outlined below. We are very close however!

Before going into details we have some final shipping info:

Notice to backers in New York and Massachusetts

If you provided us with a shipping address in NY or MA, which is the location of our US business entities, we charged you for sales tax for your order.

It was now pointed out to us that we had not addressed sales tax conditions adequately in our original kickstarter project description and that you were thus charged for this additional sales tax on your kickstarter pledge in error.

We apologize for this inconvenience and already refunded the sales tax, that we charged for your kickstarter pledge to your Paypal account. If you paid with credit card only the corrected amount will get charged.

Shipping destinations

We are thrilled to have backers all around the world. Here are the countries we are shipping to:

AE-United Arab Emirates, AR-Argentina, AT-Austria, AU-Australia, AW-Aruba, BE-Belgium, BN-Brunei, BR-Brazil, CA-Canada, CH-Switzerland, CL-Chile, CN-China Peoples Rep, CO-Colombia, CZ-Czech Republic, DE-Germany, DK-Denmark, EE-Estonia, ES-Spain, FI-Finland, FR-France, GB-United Kingdom, GR-Greece, HK-Hong Kong, HU-Hungary, ID-Indonesia, IE-Ireland Republic of, IL-Israel, IN-India, IT-Italy, JP-Japan, KH-Cambodia, KR-Korea South-Rep. of, KY-Cayman Islands, LI-Liechtenstein, LU-Luxembourg, LV-Latvia, MC-Monaco, MO-Macao, MX-Mexico, MY-Malaysia, NL-Netherlands, NO-Norway, NZ-New Zealand, PL-Poland, PT-Portugal, RO-Romania, RU-Russian Federation, SE-Sweden, SG-Singapore, TH-Thailand, TR-Turkey, TW-Taiwan, US-United States of America, ZA-South Africa

Last call to finalize your order

We still have not received the delivery addresses from all our pledgers. If you haven't followed your personalized checkout link to finalize your Instant Lab order yet or if you need to make changes to your provided address details, please contact us at within one week. Otherwise your order may not be processed with the initial kickstarter delivery batch (but of course at a later point).

Production Floor Updates:

The tests of the Pilot Series have been finished and most devices came back to us. We made a couple of important learnings and decided to work on certain parts to further improve the quality we deliver to you:

Cradle fitting - The fitting turned out to be a bit loose. We are now changing the mold again to make the iPhone fit snugly.

Light seals - We pinned down a small light leak under the manual shutter under serious light testing (see photo).

Photo: Light Leak Tester

This could be fixed using two additional parts - a small copper plate that bends onto the shutter from the bottom and a black felt strip, that seals it from the top.

Cleaning - when cleaning the rollers, one should use a damp cloth, hold it on the rollers and press the eject button, which turns the rollers until they are clean. Testing showed that it is getting too close to the cable connections of the motor, we decided now to add heat shrink tubes, to avoid issues. Plus a caution label, that one should not stick the finger into the gears and then process the motor :-)

Surface upgrade!

But besides fixing the issues mentioned above we also introduced a massive upgrade to the haptics, the surface feel of the device. We decided to add a two-layer painting and varnishing in dark deep black ! Initially we were planning to use the injection mold parts as they come out of the mold, where we decided on a non-shiny, mat surface. Now when we had the parts in our hands, we weren't too thrilled about the haptics and started to make tests with coatings. No we decided to have all base parts painted with a special durable painting. The devices have a beautiful black surface, very nice to touch and hold.

We think this is really a major improvement. It adds another layer of complexity in production, as we need to shoot the parts, paint them two times and then harden the painting before they can be assembled. But we are sure you will absolutely love this upgrade.

Photo: upper housing part waiting its turn in the painting department

EMV compliance tests passed

Yesterday we officially passed the EMV compliance testing and will get certificates for the following marks:


CE - Europe

IC - Canada

KC - Korea

Photo: Star Wars like chamber used for EMV testing Instant Lab

Most other countries accept one of those marks under their regulations.

Photo: Serial Label of Instant Lab

Circuit Boards - Quality tests

We finished manufacturing all the mainboards for the kickstarter production run. Each individual units gets tested. Attached some photos of your special circuit board. It is a combination of a hard PCB and a soft PCB, since the flex part has to bend through the film cassette opening and twist a couple of times to reach the connectors for the 2nd PCB with the release button.

Photo: Main PCB with one of the manual testing units.

And More Instant Lab Samples:

Please enjoy these fantastic samples that pilot-users have produced with the Instant Lab.

Please expect the next update within 2 weeks.

Thank you,
Your Impossible Team


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    1. Josh Martin on

      just seen that general release is 29th of august surly we dont have to wait that long

    2. Kamille Chin on

      Read this today:

      Any chance of providing us backing with a shipping date/time?

    3. William Sim on

      another 2 weeks...... any update???

    4. Benjamin Munro on

      Awesome update, that upgrade regarding the final finish of the camera does look good, thanks guys :-)

    5. ONG YU ZHI on

      yea... any idea a note2 cradle will be made?

    6. Missing avatar

      ilovepolaroid on

      Cool!!!! Good to see the effort n time put into making it! Love the upgrade. Can't wait for samsung/android phone cradle to be made.

    7. Missing avatar

      ilovepolaroid on

      Cool!!!! Good to see the effort n time put into making it! Love the upgrade. Can't wait for samsung/android phone cradle to be made.

    8. Jessica Reinhardt on

      Thank you for this update! I know everyone at Team Impossible is working very hard to perfect our magic machines. It is really great to see all of the technical aspects of what is going into production. Having seen the prototype in person, it is interesting to read about all of the improvements. I know they will be well worth the wait. Keep up the great work!