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Transform your digital iPhone images into real instant photographs that you can touch, caress and share with friends.
Transform your digital iPhone images into real instant photographs that you can touch, caress and share with friends.
2,509 backers pledged $559,232 to help bring this project to life.

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Announcing the new Instant Lab Universal: the original Instant Lab, evolved.


Dear Kickstarter Backers,

Over two years ago, you personally pledged towards a device that could instantly turn a digital image into a real photo you could hold. This was a small revolution in the world of photography. It meant less trips to a photo lab and no more storing pixels on a computer to then print out the thing later. Instead, you could have a real, tangible photo you could watch develop in the palm of your hand and share – really share, from one hand to another – with those you wanted.

That device was the Impossible Instant Lab, and it was a worldwide success.

We’re still grateful for the faith you placed in us, helping us reach over USD 500,000 and becoming one of the original success stories on Kickstarter. Now, after more than two years, we’re pleased to finally announce its successor.

The new Instant Lab Universal

The new Instant Lab Universal for iOS/Android smartphones and tablets is the 'new' Instant Lab. Released: Thursday, February 19.

The Instant Lab Universal is still the only way to turn digital images into the classic square-framed instant photos made famous by Polaroid™. But now, you can use it with Apple’s latest devices, including the iPad and iPhone 6, as well as the most popular Android smartphones and tablets.

Upgrade your Instant Lab

If you have an Instant Lab, you can easily and quickly upgrade to an Instant Lab Universal at home. Just purchase the Universal Cradle Upgrade Kit and replace the old cradle with the new Universal Cradle with the instructions and tools included.

For the first 8 weeks, available for just EUR 29 / USD 36 / GBP 21.50
Normal price: EUR 39 / USD 49 / GBP 29.50.

The new cradle uses three 'touch location' points. With the new, updated Impossible Project App for iOS and Android, the device then scales the image on the screen according to the points so you can take a photo of your device’s screen. After that, the process is exactly same as the original Instant Lab.

The Upgrade Kit is available from Thursday, February 19.

The Updated Impossible Project App

The Instant Lab Universal only works with the updated Impossible Project App, available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Remember to update your version.

Thank you once again for being one of our early adopters and a valued member of the international Impossible community.

Your Impossible Team

Update on shipping, all devices produced


Dear Backers, 

The processing of shipments is in full swing. 

We are happy to report that (as announced last time) we have finished producing ALL Kickstarter Instant Labs. All have now been sent to our fulfillment center. We will post a confirmation update as soon as ALL Kickstarter devices have been packed with film and shipped to their final destinations. Our valued Kickstarter Backers have their Instant Labs in their hands many weeks before they will be shipped to any other sales channels.

Please update your iOS app to the latest version 1.3. It includes a few gallery bug fixes and introduces pre-sets for PX70 color film. 

We continue to work hard to improve the device's performance, especially through the app'. We know that the exposure functionality can be further improved to get even better results. We are also experimenting with some other cool ideas. 

Talking of cool ideas, here's a photo collage that an Instant Lab user from England sent us with the following quote: "I've had my Instant Lab for a week now and would just like to say how very impressed I am with it! Alongside regular iPhone shots, I've created masks for doubles and a cover for photogram type shots. It really opens up your creative in new ways. A fantastic machine." 

We are thrilled by such comments. Thank you! 

Please expect the next update regarding shipping statuses during the coming week. 

Your Impossible Team

P.S. We have tried, through stringent quality controls, to release only perfect devices but to achieve a FFR (Field Failure Rate) of 0% during a first production run is almost impossible. Please accept our apologies if you had the bad luck to receive a defective device and contact us immediately at . We will do everything we can to remedy the problem quickly and efficiently.

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Shipping Schedule Update

Dear Impossible Backers,

As promised an update on progress since we started shipping 2 weeks ago.

ShippingIn the last two weeks we worked hard on fulfilling Kickstarter orders. With some exceptions we managed to assemble and pack most of them (ca 90%).

Status per geographic location:

  • ASIA (plus Australia and NZ) – 80% shipped
  • EUROPE – all shipped by the end of this week
  • USA – all engraved shipped, 90% of Silver Edition shipped

What does “shipped” mean?
Shipped means that they have left our warehouse in Braunschweig/Germany and are on route to our distribution centers in Austria, USA, Japan, Hongkong. So all European and most Asian backers will have received their tracking link and/or shipment by Tuesday 20th August.

Note to USA backers
Instant Labs for US backers will arrive States-side this week and will be processed by customs on Monday. They should be released to our distribution center by no later than Wednesday. The center will add films, as required, to each order and then issue each of you a tracking link. The majority (if not all) orders will be fulfilled in the same week. Customs always poses a certain risk for delay, but we don't expect any issues with this shipment.

Please await the tracking link in your inbox. This email will be sent from Impossible Service Please add this to your address book, so that our email does not end up in your spam folder.

When are ALL Kickstarters fulfilled?
As mentioned approximately 90% of all devices will have left Germany by the end of this week. We expect to have all further devices for the remaining orders shipped by the end of next week.

We hope you like your package and, even more, the photos you will produce!

Do please post your results using the scanner and gallery in the The Impossible Project app. Give us feedback on how you are doing, as well as ideas to help us enhance the app'. The next iOS app update is already scheduled, incorporating feedback from early users.

Future Kickstarter updates will cover:

# Final shipping update (when all is delivered)
# The “golden visit” (gold backers visiting the factory)
# Instant Lab Creativity (incredible initial creations of our backers)
# Instant Lab Team – meet the team that made it happen

Thank you again for backing the Instant Lab !

Your Impossible Camera Team

P.S. A Note On Missing Addresses: still several backers have not provided their shipping information. Please do so, we cannot ship your device otherwise !
Please send an email to from the same email account that you used for backing the project and provide your shipping address. We will contact you / confirm then.

Full iOS APP available now!

Dear Backers,

The next big news: Apple has just released the final version of our iOS App!
It´s the full feature release with Instant Lab Exposure, Scanner, Gallery and Shop.

Please download it here.

We look forward to your comments and hope you like it as much as we do :-)

Your Impossible Camera Team

Shipping and Mass Production update

29th July – THE BIG DAY - Instant Labs packed in master cartons waiting for the plane !

Dear Impossible Backers, 

First of all, please we are proud to show you these photos:

Shrink-wrapped Instant Lab

4 devices in master carton

Shipping label with individual serial numbers

Master cartons on pallets


Finally Impossible will start shipping Instant Labs this week. We'll be sending out the first batch to the very first backers this afternoon! However, the delivery to ALL our loyal subscribers will take about two weeks. 

Some Notes: 

  • Tracking shipment. Once your Instant Lab ships you will get an email with individual tracking information, so you can track the location and status of your delivery.
  • Please do not email us right now about your individual shipment. We will not be able to provide any information via email about the status of your Instant Lab until it ships. We are working as quickly as possible to deliver units to all our Kickstarter subscribers over the next couple of weeks. 
  • As for the general process, once each Instant Lab passes quality control at the factory in Braunschweig, Germany, it is carefully packed into its box with manuals, power adapter etc. Then it is shipped by air freight from Germany to one of our Impossible fulfillment centers in New York, Vienna, Tokyo and Hong Kong, where your individual film selection/order is added. From there, the package is delivered to you by courier. Once it leaves the fulfillment center, you will receive your email with tracking info. 

Mass Production

As we mentioned during the last announcement, production has started at the factory. It's going to take some time before we reach our maximum capacity, but we're getting there. 

  • As of today, the factory could manufacture roughly 200-300 Instant Labs per day, with the aim to increase it greatly in the next few months. 
  • We are facing an issue with two suppliers that cannot deliver ordered parts to us at the speed and of the quality we require (yes, this is the world of makers, not just software!). This is slowing our output down. We are working with the suppliers to fix the problem, as well as trying to find additional suppliers. 
  • Right now, we're simultaneously manufacturing all Kickstarter editions at the same time: silver, black and gold. 

Production of Engraved Instant Labs 

Enjoy this panorama shot, which shows all custom engraved front plates per alphabetic letter from the Kickstarter Black Edition. 

And more: 

And here our team is matching the right engraved front plate to the corresponding serial number, so we can use the serial barcode to further track the devices when they enter the packaging assembly line. 

And here how the engraving looks like:

We continue to work hard. We have lots of improvements to make, and many Instant Labs to ship out. But we're good at making the Impossible possible. 

Thanks for the support, everyone! Looking forward to hear what you think of Instant Lab once you have used it to process your first box of film! 

On 9th of August we will hand over the Gold edition in our film factory in Enschede to the Gold Backers, we look forward to it ! If you are a Gold Subscriber and wish to attend, please urgently contact our Caidleigh at our Berlin office: 

Next update in 2 weeks with updated shipping schedule.

Your Impossible Camera Team