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Fight for the Fate of Fantos in this beautifully illustrated, dark fantasy card game inspired by comics and cartoons from the '80s!
Fight for the Fate of Fantos in this beautifully illustrated, dark fantasy card game inspired by comics and cartoons from the '80s!
Fight for the Fate of Fantos in this beautifully illustrated, dark fantasy card game inspired by comics and cartoons from the '80s!
1,528 backers pledged $63,803 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Joe DiPietro 5 days ago

      Cool thanks

    2. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator 5 days ago

      @Joe DiPietro - Cards are standard poker size (2.5" x 3.5"), and final count is coming soon; we are currently playtesting a couple of extra Trials to include :) As soon as we send to the printer (probably end of August), we'll update with the final count!

    3. Missing avatar

      Joe DiPietro on August 11

      Are there card counts and card sizes listed somewhere? I looked quickly but didn't see any.

    4. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator on August 8

      Hi @Harambe! As per the FAQ and Update 13, we made the financial decision not to use (and pay extra for!) a third party service for "pledge managing." We do have the game and mat available on our website for pre-order, and we'd be happy to credit your current pledge amount towards your pre-order. We'll send you a private message here on Kickstarter to organize it with you!

    5. Harambe on August 8

      Wait... Is there not going to be a pledge manager?

      I had to do a $1 pledge but can afford the full game now.

      Don't have any surveys

    6. Missing avatar

      Dan leacy on August 4


      Thanks! Got the email but missed the but at the end! All sorted now

    7. Mario on August 4

      @Dan leacy - After confirming you should have received an email. In that email there should be a link where you can still edit your details.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dan leacy on August 4

      Hello! I filled it the address thing but realised that the auto address marchwood has deleted the phone number. Do you guys need that and if so, how do we update it?

    9. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator on August 1

      @The Rooster - we have them available on out website; I will send you a message here on Kickstarter to let you know how to add one on!

    10. Missing avatar

      The Rooster on August 1

      Bah ! I meant to add a mat and totally forgot. Is there anyway to reopen my pledge and add one ? Thanks

    11. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator on August 1

      @Tsvetan Buchkov - I'm so sorry you missed our updates about those add-on pledges. Please send us a message here on Kickstarter, and we can definitely work something out for KS backers who missed them!

    12. Missing avatar

      Folkert Schilthuis on July 31

      @Buckov they announced it in borh update #10 and #12. Maybe you can add it during the pledge manager

    13. Tsvetan Buchkov on July 31

      Great. The pledge levels were changed during the campaign and things were added that I can no longer order (art print) or will order at a higher price (mat).

      1. This is not how you do things.
      2. Can I cancel my pledge somehow?

    14. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator on July 26

      If you haven't joined our Facebook group yet, you should; we'll be posting a few of the sketches of the Cosmic Trials card art there:

    15. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator on July 24

      Oh, and @Schoffo - just realized I never replied! Yes, those should fit without an issue, but I can't 100% guarantee it, since I don't know the exact size of each crystal. You could also do 3 denominations with those (if no players are colorblind)!

    16. Kirk Grentzenberg
      on July 22

      Looking forward to that update! :)

    17. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator on July 16

      Just a quick update - we should have updated cards ready to share with you all soon! We've been combing through them this past week to further clarify and standardize the instructions and text on them, and we're looking forward to sharing them!

    18. Missing avatar

      Yoel Aharon on July 9

      @Imp House, I hadn't thought about it that way, but it makes sense. Thanks!

    19. Missing avatar

      Schoffo on July 8

      I just bought this plastic crystals to replace the cardbord tokens:…

      Will there be enough space for them in the box?


    20. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator on July 7

      @Yoel Aharon - as far as the "diplomacy" Trial Cards go, we wanted a visual representation that those will require a vote, so all of those will have the "voting" art on them (there are only 5, so they should be mixed up in the deck when drawing...)

    21. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator on July 7

      @Ian Smith got his order in just in time before the campaign closed last night :)

    22. Missing avatar

      bowie on July 7

      @Ian Smith You are late :)

    23. Ian Smith on July 7

      I can cope with 50 ;)

    24. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator on July 7

      And...the print will be limited to 50 pieces! This will cover all KS backers who pledged for one, as well as the Imp House team members. What a great low number!

    25. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator on July 7

      Hi everyone! Here is the link to pre-orders of the game and mat on our website:

    26. Missing avatar

      bowie on July 7

      @Ian Smith. Yes, there are only 41 bakers who backed art print, BUT some of them are group orders. Imp House should inform backers what was the final amount of art prints

    27. Ian Smith on July 7

      Looks like the unique art print is a limited edition of 41. I'd better get a strong and fancy frame!

    28. Missing avatar

      Yoel Aharon on July 7

      I'd love it if you were able to make unique art for the rest of the trial cards, too!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jack Bradbury on July 7

      Congratulations! Very exciting getting this cool looking game on the go. Well done to the team and thanks to all the backers.

    30. Mario on July 7

      Congratulations! Great campaign that ended with almost 64k! I suggest using the overflow for the eventual expansion. ;)

    31. James Duffy
      on July 7

      @Lawrence If you check the comments, they have repeatedly stated that there will be no pledge manager or way to add the may after and you have to either have selected the appropriate pledge tier before completion or you can separately buy it through their website, though that will incur further shipping costs as it is a standalone purchase.

    32. Zanziham on July 7

      A very amazing finish! Congratulations! :D

    33. Saytrsong on July 7

      Congrats! Can't wait to get this awesome game on the table :)

    34. Lawrence Janzen on July 7

      Congratulations! Woohoo! Also, can I add the mat to my base game pledge? Spaced on upgrading my pledge.

    35. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator on July 7

      Cheers to an amazing campaign, everyone! We are so happy to have you all on board. These next few months are going to be so fun, and we can't wait to get the games out to you!

      Tonight, we're going to take a little break, but we'll be back putting in some more playtesting hours on our Savage Planet this weekend!

    36. Serge Darveau on July 7

      Done, so just wait to try this nice game :)

    37. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator on July 6

      I'm going to post this answer as well because it keeps getting asked (Kickstarter doesn't make it easy to find information on campaign pages!):

      The mat is not required to play the game, but it can make the set-up a bit easier to follow. Plus, it can work as a visual reminder of how many cards should be in the Legacy Pool at all times, and the max number of Trials you may have in-play at any point during the game. It also works as a place to pile the extra Shards that act as "The Trove" in the game.

      The mat will not fit in the game box, but it is very easy to roll up and store next to the box. We suggest storing the mats rolled because if they are folded for too long, they form creases, which can be quite annoying!

    38. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator on July 6

      @Jeremy - thanks for the help! The info is also in the FAQ, which I've pasted here:

      We will not be using any third party services to send out surveys and continue taking orders, if that's what this question means.

      We will, however, offer the game and mat for pre-order on our own website until fulfillment begins. The only difference will be in the shipping cost, as we have subsidized those costs for backers who choose to participate in the KS campaign. So, if you wait to pre-order until after the campaign ends that's fine with us, but please be aware that your shipping costs may go up $5-$15 depending on your region.

    39. Jeremy Berg on July 6

      Just went back and read that the mat will be available to pre-order on their web site after the there is an option if you need.

    40. Jeremy Berg on July 6

      @Belisarius there won't be a pledge manager. Best to pledge for what you can now. I'm not sure if they will offer the playmat after the campaign or not and the art piece is only being made for those who pledge for it.

    41. Belisarius
      on July 6

      I've just joined and i'm working out what level to pledge. If i go just the base game, can i up my pledge to game plus mat later in a pledge manager?

    42. Robert M. on July 6

      I sleeve also. I hope I don't have to toss my insert. What a waste of an upgrade, but I understand the need to keep the box size in check in regards to shipping costs.

    43. Imp House, LLC 3-time creator on July 6

      @Tyler Lindsey - Sad to see you go, but we understand! Yes, mats will be on the site as well, but not the print.

    44. Tyler Lindsey on July 6

      Had to drop my pledge today. I see there will be a pre-order, but will we be able to purchase the game mat as well?

    45. Nathan Biangel on July 6

      Honestly, if the insert doesn't fit sleeves I'll just toss out the insert haha. Most my inserts are tossed.

    46. Missing avatar

      Yoel Aharon on July 6

      I think I've twice cancelled my pledge because I have to significantly cut down on all the money I spend on Kickstarter, but this game just keeps pulling me back!

    47. Marie
      on July 6

      I finally went all in after lurking almost the whole campaign. Now I just hope that your game is as great as the art...

    48. Ian Smith on July 6

      Just worth pointing out, in case anyone is wavering. The art print is a unique piece of art that isn't featured in the game. I didn't realise this, and when I did it finally convinced me to up my pledge. Can't wait for the cards, game mat and art print now! :)

    49. CoolWhipKid on July 6

      A nice mat keeps everything organized, confines game sprawl, and just makes the entire experience that much tighter. It isn't required to play but I'm very thankful that this add-on was made available by the designers. I look forward to seeing my friend's jaws drop when I put this beautiful game on the table and that neoprene mat is just going to take their chins another couple inches closer to the floor. With the amazing art work, game play, stretch-goals, and add-ons this game is totally badass.

    50. At2ecw
      on July 6

      I am very excited about this game. I am looking forward to it!

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