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Based on a young woman whose life happens in her dreams.

Based on a young woman whose life happens in her dreams. Read More
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Well, during the month of February, the short film, "Impenetrable Wall", an independent filmwas written and now we need your help. Our Kickstarter Campaign has started and ends July 3rd, and with the help from you, we can shoot an amazing film and submit to as many film festivals as we can.


When a person has been hurt in a relationship, the thought of opening yourself to love again seems ridiculous. People tend to build walls around themselves to protect their heart and not be vulnerable to the pain love can cause. "Impenetrable Wall" is a story about Afton, a young woman trying to overcome the emotions and difficulties of life after a huge breakup with her ex-boyfriend Blake. Afton has created an impenetrable wall around herself to avoid facing heartbreak again. Throughout the story we see her attempt to tear down the wall by going to therapy, getting advice from her best friend Jada and attempting to move on by going on dates. The story leads Afton and viewers to the one place she can lether guard down.

You will see these amazing characters come to life by Adrione Domino and George Bodden, accompanied by a stella cast, Davida Chanel, Arturo Narvaez, Cindy Cancienne, Gian Smith, Mark Caesar, Rusty Russo and John Lacarbiere III. 

Also, an amazing crew, Samuel Davenport, Lori Campbell, Ted Moree, Alvin Stampley, Angel Fascio, Breyan Whitney and D'Juan Boudreaux.

As of today, we're in the pre-production process of the film. Which means, the script is broken down into individual scenes and all the locations and props, cast members, costumes are being identified. An extremely detailed schedule is produced and arrangements are made for necessary elements to be available to the film-makers at the appropriate times. Crew is finalized, financial agreements are put in place and the shooting date is set. 

Our goal is to impact the careers of the cast and crew of this project, by giving them exposure to show high profile people in the industry, who'll want to use this project to elevate their industry profile and truthfully, we need your help for that.

How do we get exposure?

We will submit our film into different film festivals around the world and for that, that's why we need your help. We need to make DVD's, print out flyers and promos. Each festival has a submission fee, which is between $50 to $100 dollars per festival we submit to, so we absolutely need your help.

We need to reach our goal to be successful. And Kickstarter is a great tool to help us fund our film. 


In 2005, I moved to Hollywood, CA just because it was my childhood dream to do so. Who knew, I would accidently end up on some of the television and movie sets. Being on these sets, I still wasn't clear what I wanted to do.

Four years later, in 2009 when I moved back to New Orleans, LA, Hollywood of the South started booming. Immediately, after returning back home I started working on movie sets. It wasn't until a year later, in 2010 when I realized that I wanted to become an actress. I was Khandi Alexander's photo double on the HBO series "Treme" where I spent countless numbers of hours reading sides and studying the actors and directors on set. I was inspired! Shortly, after the season wrapped I jumped from behind the scenes to in front audiences and the camera. 

But working in this industry, one day you're on and the next day you're off. That's when "Impenetrable Wall" came to life. I have always wanted to have control of my career and to help others display their talents, so I decided with my company 3517 Law Street Productions, LLC to write and direct my first short film.

So, let's make it happen! We will greatly appreciate any contribution you have to give. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Tumblr @ImpenetrableWal

Here's the beautiful cast!


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    Your name will appear on our Tumblr under 'Special Thanks', you will receive a special thanks via Twitter and regular updates of the film's progress. Thanks a lot!

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    Your name will appear on our Tumblr, you will receive our special thanks via Twitter, regular updates of the film's progress, plus invitations for 2 people to a screening of the film in New Orleans(travel expenses not included). Thanks so much!!

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    Pledge $20 or more
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    You will get a copy of the DVD edition of "Impenetrable Wall" when the film is released on video in late 2013 and of course everything listed above! Thank you! You rock!!!

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    Pledge $30 or more
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    You will receive everything listed above! Plus, you get a poster of the film. We really appreciate you!!!!

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    You will get Behind the Scenes photos and of course everything listed above! Thank you!!!!!

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    About $150 USD

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    You get a 'Special Thanks' credit on our Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. And a personalized thank you video with the main actress of the film Adrione Domino. Thank you very much!!!!!!

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    Pledge $250 or more
    About $250 USD

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    The film poster signed by the cast members, a 'Special Thanks' credit on our Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, plus a DVD of the finished film signed by the cast, a personalized Thank You video with the main actress, Adrione Domino and regular email updates of the film's progress. And of course all of the above! You're greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

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    You get all of the awesome things listed above, plus your name will appear in the rolling credits! Woohoo!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You're far too kind!!!!!!!! :)

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    Pledge $2,000 or more
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    Of course you get everything listed above. In addition to all that, your name will be listed as an Associate Producer on the film release. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

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