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Thank you, backers! Please click below to join us at and on social media. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to receive the latest information about Starfighter Inc. developments.
Thank you, backers! Please click below to join us at and on social media. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to receive the latest information about Starfighter Inc. developments.
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All Combat Ready Backers to Join Alpha Test!

Posted by David Wessman (Collaborator)
Great news, future Mercs! 

In celebration of May 4th being International Space Day and Star Wars Day, (“May the 4th Be With You!”), we at Impeller Studios are excited to announce that we are ready to invite all our Kickstarter backers who supported Starfighter Inc at the Combat Ready tier in to try our latest version of the game. Although we are still in Alpha, we feel that the game is stable and fun enough to open it up to all of our special friends. Shortly, you will receive a Steam key that will allow you to install and run Starfighter Inc! We will also invite you to our Discord channel so you can discuss the game with us and all of the fantastic pilots that have been testing the game for the last month.

We’re counting on your feedback to let us know if we’re on the right track and interacting with you directly will help us focus our efforts most effectively. The emphasis right now is making the game more replayable, and adding in some key features that were requested by the Alpha Squadron backers. 

Steam Keys 

Backers who supported at the Combat Ready tier or higher are receiving their Beta Access Steam Keys now. Note, if you have already received a key for the closed Alpha, you don’t actually need a new key. Instead, you may gift the new key to your favorite wingman! 

Call Signs 

We are experimenting with different uses for call signs and this feature will be implemented in a game update (there's nothing for you to do as long as you completed your Kickstarter survey). The obvious places you should see it are in the pilot terminal (your pilot profile, and in the mission roster of any active contract you’re engaged in). Of course, everyone agrees it would be cool to see it “stenciled” on the side of your ship! Keep in mind that all call signs are subject to our approval, and if more than one person asks for the same call sign, it will go to whoever asked for it first. 

Final Game Name 

"Starfighter Inc." has been our working title throughout development, but it isn’t what the official release will be called. As soon as we receive confirmation that our trademark registration has been approved, we'll announce the final game name. Many things depend on getting that trademark approved: not just the game name, but everywhere it appears - especially on the physical rewards, which leads to... 

Physical Rewards 

 We have already been working closely with our main physical rewards vendor, IndieBox, and will provide an estimated delivery timetable as soon as it's available.

Other Digital Rewards 

Our focus has been almost entirely on making the game, but the soundtrack, the art book, the compendium and the graphic novel are being worked on. All backers whose reward tier includes one or more of these extras will receive them after the game releases. 

New Features and Content 

New Assets  

We’re also working on some new ships and other orbital assets. Here’s a shot of a Coronis-class cutter approaching a Gas Harvesting Facility. We’ll go into more detail on these and other cool additions in future updates.


Advanced Maneuver Training  

We added a new advanced maneuvering tutorial that challenges you to fly through a series of rings as quickly as possible. It’s single-player right now, but we’re working on making it multiplayer (racing with people is always more fun than simply racing the clock.)  

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Replay with sound
Play with


Pilot Playground  

This is a free play space for you to practice your skills and develop new tactics in a low to zero threat environment. It features two battlespaces. The first is a combat testing area where you can fly around, practice flight, and bring your friends in to fight and respawn for as long as you like. The other is a tunnel race where you and your friends can fly through a low light tunnel system with obstacles and see who can complete the course the fastest, if you can complete it at all. We’ll share more details and show you what it looks like in an upcoming update.  

Ship Customization 

Ship Customization is coming along nicely. Here’s a peek at the new Paint Configurator:  


Other News  

Industry Events  

We’ve attended several industry events and conferences already this year (Game Developers Conference, East Coast Games Conference, PAX East) and have met with our partners as well as potential publishers. Everyone is very impressed with the game and we’ve had a number of very positive follow up meetings. Our plan has always been to self-publish, but we’re also open to working with the right partner who could help us accelerate development and reach an even larger audience. We’ll keep you informed of any developments in this area.  

Industry Partners  

We continue to enjoy outstanding support from our partners. In fact, Logitech just demonstrated their support in a very big way. 

We plan to share some of this great gaming gear with you, so stay tuned for opportunities to win one of these cool items!  


Founder's Edition Official Release

We believe we are quite close to the final release of the Founder’s Edition of the game, and your feedback during Alpha will help us to deliver the most engaging and realistic space combat experience ever made. The best way to share feedback is to join us and the community on our Discord ( and official forums (

Future Plans

We are working closely with our backer community to ensure that their feedback will guide our roadmap for a public release of the game, potentially later this year. The public release will be of larger scope than the "Founders Edition" that backers are receiving. Needless to say, backers will receive the expanded content for free!

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    1. Mikko Rintasaari on

      Glad to see this is coming along. I look forward to my first flight.

    2. David Wessman Collaborator on

      As of 21:00 EDT yesterday, the last wave of Steam Keys were sent out. If you backed at Combat Ready or above you should have received an email inviting you to the Closed Alpha. If not, please contact Impeller Studios Customer Support at support -at- impellerstudios -.- com.

    3. 10thTARDIS on

      @Sam - Keys are going out in waves. You may not receive yours until Wednesday.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sam Costa on

      I haven't gotten my key yet. I backed you guys twice, any update on keys rolling out?

    5. David Wessman Collaborator on

      If you haven't yet received your Steam key, please be patient. They are going out, but not all at once like we hoped. Some of you have already received keys, and more are going out every day until everyone who backed at Combat Ready or higher receives their keys. There is a chance that some of you may not get your keys until Wednesday.

    6. dave on

      Hmm haven't received my key :(

    7. Michael Barnhart on

      I rather enjoyed flying through the Rings. Is the in-game report feature working?

    8. Missing avatar

      Grant Swire on

      Still waiting on a key

    9. Missing avatar

      AidanofVT on

      I admit: SFI was fading from my mind. But this has me excited all over again. I can't wait to see what you guys have done.

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Carlson on

      Just finished my new computer build and then get this update today. Love this. Now just need to get my hands on that x53 Hotas from Logitech.

    11. Rein on

      If anybody out there has 2 keys and nobody to share one with. I could be your wingman =D