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Thank you, backers! Please click below to join us at and on social media. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to receive the latest information about Starfighter Inc. developments.
Thank you, backers! Please click below to join us at and on social media. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to receive the latest information about Starfighter Inc. developments.
3,141 backers pledged $170,104 to help bring this project to life.

What Happens Now?

Posted by Impeller Studios (Creator)
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                                   Thank You!

Now that we have successfully completed our Kickstarter campaign, and again, a big thank you to every one of our backers, we will be working to match the Kickstarter's scope and delivery timetable of Starfighter Inc. rewards. We have a lot of work to do to realize our vision of the game. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.

What You Can Expect

We will be in regular communication with our fans and backers through our Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, and our Impeller forums. 

 Impeller Forums: 

Impeller Twitter: 

 Impeller Facebook: 

 SFI Twitter: 

 SFI Facebook: 

 SFI Reddit:

Backer Survey

We are also compiling the information for our first Backer Survey, which will be sent out through Kickstarter. In this survey we will confirm your pledge and contact information - especially your email address, and for those with physical rewards, your complete physical address. In the case of t-shirts, you will have the opportunity to confirm the size you want to receive. Please return the survey as soon as you can so we can begin organizing our database; it will allow you to provide all of the info we need to fulfill your rewards, including your preferred call sign.


We will soon have two websites to serve different purposes, one for the studio and one for the game.

Impeller Studios

The studio website is the source for company news and product updates, as well as the home of our forums and, coming soon, a storefront where you can purchase the game, add-ons, and merchandise.

Starfighter Inc.

In addition to the Impeller website, we’re building a highly immersive Starfighter Inc. website that will take you even deeper into the events, activities, and lore of the game. This is where you will come for more information directly related to the game in progress. We are planning a lot of great features, including mercenary rankings, up-to-date news feeds from the game as well as new stories that explore the worlds and people of Starfighter Inc. And that’s just the beginning. We want the SFI website to be as much fun and as much a part of your mercenary experience as the game itself. Well, a close second, anyway.

Paying it Forward

We also want to throw our support to another really cool Kickstarter project who supported us during our campaign. All Walls Must Fall: A Tech-Noir Tactics Game is a very challenging game that features a mysterious backstory, puzzling challenges, and multiple strategic approaches. They are in the final stages of their Kickstarter campaign, and they’re hoping to reach their $75K goal, which will help them double the size of their game. We’ve already backed them, and we hope you’ll take a look and back them if you are as intrigued with their concept as we are. Check them out here.

Finally, our project was featured on First Backer Newsletter and we’d like to invite you to join its growing community of Kickstarter backers - You'll receive fresh Kickstarter amazing early bird offers and awesome freebies delivered right to your inbox. Click here to subscribe.


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    1. Impeller Studios 2-time creator on

      There is a typo in our website in the update. It should be, and there is a new immersiove site dedicated to the game coming soon at that URL. Right now it should send you to our Impeller site, which is temporary. We'll have more information about that when the site is ready to launch. It's going to be awesome. We're sorry for the confusion.