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Thank you, backers! Please click below to join us at and on social media. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to receive the latest information about Starfighter Inc. developments.
Thank you, backers! Please click below to join us at and on social media. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to receive the latest information about Starfighter Inc. developments.
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    1. Rusel DeMaria Collaborator on

      It's all about collaboration.

      To be clear, all of these Technology Game updates are collaborations between me, Zach, and Dave. I wrote the first part of The Technology Game shortly after I joined the team a couple of years ago after listening to discussions and different visions of our backstory. I don't remember the process all that much, but I do remember working with Zach to refine some of the ideas, and then discussing it further with Dave. The original document stayed mostly unused, though not forgotten, for all of this time until we decided to unveil it publicly here on Kickstarter. I will tell you that what we've revealed isn't everything. We still have some surprises in store.

      Since then, Zach and I have become a writing and brainstorming team. Sometimes I just write something, and when I said previously that I just "make shit up" I meant that writing is something that is akin to music for me. It flows in a way that takes on a life of its own, and ideas come to me as I type - ideas I really hadn't thought of before and that often surprise me. In such cases, I then consult Zach. Often, we brainstorm and outline before any writing occurs, but even then I'm usually the one who writes all or most of the first draft, although at times, Zach and I will be writing simultaneously on a Google document. We work closely together, not only on these stories, but also on the background universe of our game, developing corporate and individual identities and creating the other organizations that will fuel our stories and missions once the game launches.

      When Zach and I have completed a first draft, we make sure that Dave sees it. Dave and I have been friends for decades now, and I admire his deep dedication to research. He's a font of information on many subjects ranging from old and contemporary science fiction to military and geopolitical history. So when we ask him to look at our first draft, we can be assured that he will ask questions and make suggestions. Dave is also a fine writer, and so his edits are almost always spot on.

      That is our general process, then. I'm usually the pioneer who puts the words down first in consultation with Zach. Zach is a wizard at science, very creative, and comes with a unique world view different from mine or Dave's. It's great working with him. By the time Dave comes in to do the final edits, we've got something he can work with. And by the time we're done, we're all happy with what we've created together. We all find suitable graphics for the updates (and this time I even did some Photoshop work to improve what we posted).

      In summary, that's our process. Everything that I've posted is based on a very productive and satisfying collaboration between the three of us, each creative and talented in our own right.

    2. Impeller Studios 2-time creator on

      Don't be so humble, Rusel! Collectively, the writing team has a lot of experience and knowledge to draw on, and we have long rambling discussions about how the future might unfold. We only "make shit up" to get started, but we're pretty rigorous with each other when we get into the details. The same attitude towards getting the science right in the combat simulation underlies our approach to storytelling. Everything has to make sense. It makes things a lot more difficult, but the end result is a game that you can become totally immersed in. Once you've given us your willing suspension of disbelief, it's our responsibility to keep you there. If something catches your attention and you wonder why it's there, or why it works the way it does, we're going to have an answer!

    3. Rusel DeMaria Collaborator on

      Well Mike, thanks for the comment. I might check out the link you posted. I haven't a clue about it and have never heard of it before. I just make shit up, perhaps because I've been a professional writer for nearly 40 years, have some awareness of political history, and use my imagination. I'm certainly not claiming total originality though. Some of our fiction is based on ideas that I have no doubt would occur to others. But if you see a strong similarity, it's coincidence. Or maybe great minds thinking alike?

    4. Rusel DeMaria Collaborator on

      Right now we're crafting a history. We expect that the next update will bring us to our game's present time. But we won't stop there. That's just the beginning. The background story will continue to evolve and get even more detailed. We're just getting started. Thank you for backing this project so that we can keep going.

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt Hopton on

      It's worth backing these guys just for the updates alone, never mind the game!

      Love your work, keep them coming!

    6. Impeller Studios 2-time creator on

      We love world building and it shows :)

    7. Michael Barnhart on

      Having a good mythos is important for any game to be immersive. I love it!