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Immigrant's NightmareBy Immigrant's Nightmare
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Immigrant's NightmareBy Immigrant's Nightmare
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pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, February 2 2018 4:22 AM UTC +00:00


How does the game/app work?   

In the original game, Aidan, a 9 years old, designed a board game where USA is at the center and players as immigrants at the corners are trying to get into the USA. What adds a twist to this game though, is that the new president Benjamin Montana, who we just made up, has built a huge wall around the US and is restricting immigration. Each player in his own path must go through the ups and downs, back and forth to get a degree and collect assets as a requirement to get into the US and pass the wall … and some who can’t afford education/skill will come illegally through a tunnel into US… This game reflects reality of the life of many immigrants. 

Your role as a player is to represent one of the four countries’ immigrants. The goal of the game is to be the first person to enter the US. At the beginning of each person’s turn, you will collect a chance card. Each chance card will give you different opportunities, like go to the nearest Airport, advance 3 spaces (or tile), collect a Skill or Asset card, or go 3 spaces back or do not do anything this round. By the time you reach the wall, you will be assessed based on those skills/assets to see whether or not you’re fit to enter the United States. However, this assessment only applies to players who try to enter legally. You can also enter by getting a chance card saying: go through a tunnel to America. By going in illegally, you will not need to be assessed based on your skills and assets. Each way has its own challenges, but either way will give you a chance at winning. 

This game shows that many immigrants bring their skills and education as well as their assets to America.

Our offerings: We already have V 1.0 Beta "Immigrant's Nightmare" in iPhone App store and Google play store. If we raise $50K we will give you a free Mobile App V2.1 in the App store and Google Play store. We also provide basic printable board game on our site.

Stretch goal 1: If we raise $100k, in addition we provide advanced printable board game on our site and we will create a short movie around Immigrants' challenges.  

Stretch goal 2: If we raise $150k, in addition we will create an online course to help immigrants navigate the legalities of entering the US. 

Stretch goal 3: If our campaign goes viral and we raise $10,200,000, in addition, we will build a school on the US-Mexican border to help immigrants get an education and apply to enter the US. This can be a pilot program for others to build 800 of such schools rather than building an $8 Billion wall.


Immigration is a global issue. No one knows how to create an effective solution to the ongoing crisis. We hope that through our board game and accompanying mobile APP, we can help bring greater awareness to the complexity of this global issue impacting us all.  

My name is Sarah and this is our story...  
It began when my son, Aidan, had to design a board game for his 4th grade school project. With the ongoing presidential election and media reaction, all he could think about was immigrants and a HUGE wall.


By 8:00 PM that evening, Aidan showed me the very first sketch of his game and surprised me.



By 9:30 PM that evening, my two sons Aidan and Daniel, put their minds together and created a prototype board game. 


..and by 12:30 AM it looked like this...

Different countries represent players, positioned on the corners of the board. In this prototype, the United States is at the center. The goal is for each player to get inside the wall. The first one to arrive is the winner.  

Each player in his/her path goes through the ups and downs, back and forth to get a degree and collect the appropriate assets and credentials required to travel into the U.S. and pass the wall … and some who can’t afford the education nor acquire the skillsets may come illegally through a tunnel. This reflects the reality of this global challenge.  

Aidan turned in his project to school the next day but unfortunately it was rejected and portrayed as a racist game and he ended up in principal’s office. Both my sons and I were shocked by this reaction.  

As a mother, who came to the United States many years ago and who is now an U.S. Citizen, I was saddened by the rejection of the project. I felt that my children were innocently interpreting what was being presented in the media.  

As a family, we realized how important this topic is and decided to make a real version from the original prototype. We began creating the laminated board game, print cards, and website: http://www.immigrantsnightmare.com


Within a few days of creating the board game, we realized that having an actual Android and iPhone APP would allow us to reach a larger audience and spread awareness of the global immigrant crisis.  

We hired a technology company to build our first mobile APP prototype. It is a 4 player interactive game that allows players to select the bordering countries; complete with vitrual asset cards, instructions, rewards and much more.



They bring awareness about the struggle of immigrants, and how building a wall won’t solve the root cause.  

They highlight and educate the players on all the ways to enter a country legally while shedding light on the insurmountable challenges of trying to do so.  

They address the positive aspects of the immigrants desire to bring their assets and knowledge and contribute positively to the host country.


The board game and APP were designed with a mission in mind. We want to bring awareness to young kids and young adults. We want ensure they understand the real struggles of immigrants and their importance and contributions to our society.  

Our want to create ways which will allow more dialogue on this topic, foster understanding, and unite us as a society rather than divide us due to misunderstandings, biases and fear.


Our board game and APP are prototypes. They are great starting points to get our mission launched. Up to now, we have self funded and invested thousands of dollars in creating these products but we now need your help!  

We look to you as donors and investors that can help us develop and manufacture the game and APP so they can be made available to consumers, families and children as fun teaching tools.  

The funds you donate will go toward:  

Market Research, Product Position & Strategy Product Branding & Packaging Design Product Development, Packaging and Distribution Web Design, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Public Relations Legal Fees: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, etc. 1st Year Administrative Support, Office Supplies, etc.  

As we continue fine tuning both the board game and APP, we are reminded of the issues that the games are addressing. They brings awareness to the huge immigration crisis in America and around the world. Building a HUGE wall won’t stop it.  

We also address what would have happened if immigrants like Steve Jobs’ father, a Syrian, would have never come to the US. Imagine a world without all these current gadgets around: iPhones, iPads, iMacs. They wouldn’t have existed if Steve’s father hadn’t come here. Immigrants are not the source of all the issues a nation faces. As a matter of fact, all of America’s Science Nobel Prize winners this year were won U.S. citizens who were once immigrants.  

As a mother who once was an immigrant, I tried to expose my children to science and music and help them follow the foot steps of game changers of the world. In other words I am trying to add value to my host country, which has now become my home after 24 years.






 We think a bowl of various fruits is better than a bowl with only one type of fruit in it. As such, we feel that a place where people of all different cultures live together is better than a place where everyone looks and believes the same.

RACISM is not prtty, but DIVERSITY is beautiful.

Let us build bridges instead of spending $8 Billion to build a wall. For example we could build 800 to 1200 vocational schools on the US-Mexican border to teach skills to future immigrants and they can apply to enter to the US legally and add value.


After creating this project, we realized immigration challenges are not confined to the US and to this decade. As a result we created a new version of the game called "Immigrant challenge" which the center country can be selected in the beginning of the game.  Now, the game can serve as a story-telling platform. 

In the future, the Company anticipates being able to tell the story of immigrants around the world – from Syrian refugees traveling to Europe, to Indians and Pakistanis immigrating to the United Kingdom, etc. The Company anticipates creating new text for the moving cards, addressing different socioeconomic, political and educational aspects of immigrants.

 Version 1.0 Beta: The "Immigrant's Nightmare" first edition will tell the story of immigrants coming to America (Currently called “Immigrant's Nightmare” in mobile stores both Iphone and Android); 

  Version 2.0 Beta: The "Immigrant Challenge" game will show immigrant challenges traveling to and from a larger array of countries. Currently a prototype is available in mobile stores both in iphone and Android) 

 Version 3.0: As a story telling platform, it will cover future historical events across the globe and in different time periods throughout century. 

This will be accomplished by:  

a) A new user interface for entering the text of the moving cards to reflect historical event and the time  

b) The center country can be changed to any country, and considering corner countries can be changed too, we will have a platform that will offer a more universal narrative for immigrants as the journey across the world.

 Version 4.0: Incorporate “virtual reality” of The Immigrant travelers from different countries to allow users to experience the hardship and back story of each The Immigrant.  

So please help us by supporting our mission. Donate to our KickStarter campaign and help us get our two products (Board Game and IOS APP) v2.1 developed, manufactured, tested and launched to the global market. Thank YOU!

We have presented in multiple conferences including "Game for Change" in New York.



Aidan, Daniel, and Sarah  


· Aidan, who is now 10 years old, creator and the designer of the game and tester  (When he invented the game he was 9 years old and 4th grade)

· Daniel, is 15 years old, business analyst, game designer and tester 

· Sarah, president and seed-funder of the company. She has BS and MS in computer science and more than 26 years of IT experience. She has a Pending patent and created 2 software Beta products.  

· A development team working on IOS/Android APP prototype

Contact us via:  

Facebook: Immigrants Nightmare  

Twitter: @Immigrantsnight  

Website: www.ImmigrantsNightmare.com  

Email: Info@ImmigrantsNightmare.com  

Version 1 iOS/Android App: Immigrant Nightmare

Version 2 IOS/Android App: Immigrant Challenge

*Benjamin Montana is a fictitious character. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Immigrant's Nightmare™ Copyright© 2016-2019 SoftwareFlow Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Risks and challenges

We finished a beta version with self financing. We don't consider software development and printing the board game as our challenges.

Our biggest challenge will be marketing. We are hoping with you backing, we would hire a strong marketing team.

Also we would like to have professional game designer review our game rules and help us improve it.

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