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A retro-sexy Point-and-Click Adventure Shoot 'em Up in SPACE!
5,055 backers pledged $193,566 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. StarDragonJP on

      I'm glad to know you guys aren't giving up on this. I don't mind delays, just as long as I actually get to play this eventually.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sean Lane on

      I think also I would like a refund.

    3. J.R. Raith on

      Thanks for the update! I'm really glad to hear things are back on track. You guys are great!

    4. Missing avatar

      Thomas Moon on

      I'd really like a refund, please.

    5. Pat1986 on

      Please be so kind and fulfill my refund wish, i already asked you via PM.

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      Sam on

      Thank you for the update. I look forward to seeing the finished product. Best of luck.

    7. Jeremie Lariviere

      appreciate the detailed update, thanks!

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      Glenn McMath on

      This. Is. Great. News.
      I'm really glad you've figured out a way forward for this project. The troubles you've been going through would have broken most people. I'm very glad to see it hasn't crushed your spirit or your passion, which are the main reasons why I backed in the first place.

      You've got my support. I'm fine with delays, and I can take bad news... just please don't go dark again. Let's hope 2018 is a better year than last year, both for Starr Mazer and in general.

      Very excited! :D

    9. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      Man, I wish you'd been doing this for the last two years, but at least this is something, I guess?

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      Brian Schwab

      Hey it great to hear from you and that you are sticking with making your dream game a reality!
      I knew that this was a kickstarter and as such, I wasn’t treating it as preordering a game and get pissed when sh*t happens and I don’t get it when I want it and if it doesn’t exceed my wildest imaginations. No that’s just not right and I’m sorry to see so many treat it like that. I see this as an investment to help you have a chance to make a project and dream of yours come true. If I get a game out of it at the end, that’s cool! And if I love that game, even better!

      Now there will always be those that take advantage of the crowd funding scene to make a quick profit and run a scam, or just don’t have a clue and always will crash and burn taking the funds and everyone with them. Unfortunately anyone who backs on Kickstarter have been burned before by these types and it give a bad reputation for the ones that really are trying and can succeed.
      Anyway, it’s great to hear from you and that you haven’t given up on your dream!
      I’m sorry about all the struggles you have had to endure and let’s all hope things will be much better in the future.

    11. Matt Bennion on

      The original coder of the engine has jumped ship too then? I struggle to see any of the original team on this list. It all sounds like a hot mess. I can only hope something comes out of this but I'm not convinced. Especially given the funds that were initially pumped into this project!

    12. Contemplar on

      Legal issues is always a massive roadblock in development, but I can only imagine how much more lethal they can be when it's an indie studio dealing with it. The part that matters is that you haven't given up on your project, and that you're going to keep on pushing until this starbaby is born.

      Crowdfunding always comes with risk, and everyone getting on-board with it knows this. Projects have been outright murdered due to lesser reasons, and others sometimes just fade away due to bad management or even just plain boredom of the primary devgroup. It's a minefield for backers, but we backed you because we loved your concept. Delays aren't just expected, but pretty much guaranteed even with much larger, better supported are more experienced devs.

      So long as you slowly edge your way forwards to the game you want to make, and not the game you have to simply settle for? We'll wait. Better to get it right and be proud of your result, than to desperately patch it together to meet any impatience. After all, isn't wanting 200% of everything sooner than 'now' just part how fans work?

      Yes, there have been hurdles, and the timeframe does keep slipping further and further back, but such is the nature of videogame development. If you try to stay in better contact to quench any worries people have, all will be well.

      Good luck! <3

    13. Benjamin Burnes on

      I'm glad things are getting back on track! What's the status of the Themeix compilation album that was put together a few years ago. One of my songs was selected for that and I'd love to know if I still get to contribute my small part to the making of this game :)

    14. Derrick Smith on

      Man I completely tuned out after reading the first paragraph. The apology didn't even matter to me because this whole thing was some BS. I was hoping the legal part would have been taken care of much sooner than this. You are like the second project that I have backed that came out of nowhere hiatus. Let's see what happens next.

    15. Kevin Bacon on

      So good to hear positivity! Glad to hear you folks are still motivated to continue. You'll always have my support. Full speed ahead!

    16. Missing avatar


      Glad this is back on track! I was just recently going through all the projects I've backed and found there were several that just... stopped. It would have been a real shame if Starr Mazer had come to the same fate. Hard lessons learned the hard way but you've come through and I look forward to the finished game!

    17. Baalseraph

      Thank you for the update, Commander Thacker, Sir! ;)

    18. Beautiful Glitch

      Hey, Don, don't worry. Shit happens! It's part of life. This isn't the first KS project with dev issues and it won't be the last one. Most backers are used to that and we're totally OK with it. That's why we put the money during the KS campaign instead of waiting till release: because we wanted to support you as a creator.

      So take your time, mate. As long as you deliver the game, I'm quite fine! I tend to put the money and forget about the project, so it later becomes a delightful surprise when it is ready.

      So... best of luck! And I hope I see you again this year. We will be showcasing most likely on PAX East! ;)

      Best regards,

      J. Quijano

    19. Missing avatar

      Randall Sorensen on

      YEEEESSSSSS!!! I'm so freakin' excited to have updates on this again. I'm sorry for you that the road thus far has been paved with poop, but I'm glad you're scraping off your shoes and at it again! I love that your new update still has the crazy-clever you that was part of what got me excited about this game in the first place. You have my vibro-axe!

    20. Lucas Ciarlante on

      I want you to know that I believe in you all and all your efforts will show. Keep your eyes on the skies.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ezraen on

      I am super excited! June can't come soon enough! AAAAAAAAHH