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A retro-sexy Point-and-Click Adventure Shoot 'em Up in SPACE!
5,055 backers pledged $193,566 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      Send us an email at and we'll get you all sorted out!

    2. JayDGee on

      dsp coupon is invalid and might actually cost me more on the playism store anyway as I will likely get a currency charge.

    3. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      @Nick Grugin
      Starr Mazer is scheduled to release in 2017. The full version of Starr Mazer: DSP should be out around March 2017.

    4. Nick Grugin on

      Soo...any word on when the actual game is being released? Not trying to be rude, just curious.

    5. Imagos Softworks Creator on


      The 50% backer coupon works on Playism's webstore. It is similar to the Humble store.

      Add DSP to your cart here,
      Enter your coupon code at checkout and it will discount the game by 50%

      You will receive a Steam key from Playism. A DRM free version will also be available to you from Playism when the game exits Early Access.

    6. Minzoku on

      Update: I bought another unrelated game that was cheap enough that I would still have enough Wallet balance and didn't see a place to enter a code during checkout. Just would like some reassurance that I can actually use the coupon.

    7. Minzoku on

      Q: How do I use the Steam discount code? I'm trying to buy it with Steam Wallet balance, but I don't see an option to enter the code before what I'm certain is the purchase point (it's been a while since I've bought anything on Steam), and the code does not redeem a "coupon" item on the site. I'm okay(ish) with buying it at "only" the 10% off it is at the moment, but I'd like to use the coupon if possible (and also NOT add a credit card if possible).

    8. Imagos Softworks Creator on


      The free to backers was a special demo version of Starr Mazer: DSP. It was a demo that we took around to shows and did not distribute except to Backers and other fans. The coupon will get you 50% off the retail release of the Early Access version that will evolve into the full version later this year.

      This was a major consideration the team was taking. If we did give away for free would it be limited to certain tiers of backers? Would $1000+ backers get multiple keys? Would we give keys to $1 backers? This created a lot of internal discussion between us and Playism and we came to an agreement that all backers would receive a 50% discount coupon they could use. We are giving our backers the coupon to Starr Mazer: DSP as a thank you for being patient with us while we continue to develop Starr Mazer. Starr Mazer: DSP is a stand alone game that we hope you will enjoy while we tighten the screws in Mazer Maker and the OMG narrative system.

      You are correct. Starr Mazer: DSP is a stand alone game being funded by Playism. While the meat and potatoes of Starr Mazer is being developed and written, the art team, Alex, Don and Pixeljam are working to craft the much smaller arcade SHMUP roguelike. Starr Mazer is still deep in development and we're aiming for a 2017 release.

    9. Cedric Anderson on

      I was confused to fellas. This not the game we kickstarted. This is like a spin off. Our game is not coming until 2017 or something.

    10. Tiso Spencer

      I'm just confused as to why as a backer I'm not getting it for free. Now of course I did use the coupon and got it for 50% off, but it just struck me as very cheap and unprofessional to essentially "ask=force" me to buy this game.

    11. Calico on

      Hi there!

      Sorry if I'm confused, but are we being given Steam codes for DSP? Or is it not part of the Kickstarter besides the 50% off? I thought I saw in a previous update that it was being given for free to backers, but I have to admit I haven't been keeping on top of these things ^///^


    12. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      Hello @alraz! We look forward to seeing you there!

    13. alraz on

      See you guys at PAX! ^_^