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A retro-sexy Point-and-Click Adventure Shoot 'em Up in SPACE!
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Posted by Imagos Softworks (Creator)

This shirt. THIS SHIRT! We are still picking up the pieces of our mind from having it BLOWN AWAY on first viewing. A warning before you scroll down.

We’re stoked to be able to have an official backer t-shirt for Starr Mazer. At the start of the campaign we didn’t have the information on how much it would cost to make these, so we didn’t include it. After partnering up with a production studio we were able to hash out the details. The original plan was to have Christina design the shirt, but she’s so busy with making art for THE REST OF THE GAME that we couldn’t spare any more of her time. This was a fortunate turn of events as we were able to bring on Maximo V. Lorenzo to blow us away with this terrific design. And if you back at the STARR MODEL tier, that sweet ink will be adorned on your body. Well, not directly on your body. It'll be put on the cloth. Unless you want to get a tatoo or something. We don't have a tier for that though. You'll have to get that one on your own.

Don't forget to join us on Starr Mazer TV today at 4PM PST! We have 3 guests today! 3 OF THEM! That couch is going to be chock full of these awesome people:

Christopher Floyd - Senior Maverick working on the INDIE MEGABOOTH
Zack Aikman - Lead Engineer at 17-Bit working on Galak-Z
RekcahDam - Composer of Devil's Dam, Band Saga, and Celestial Mechanica

Those are all people that work on things I'm excited about. That's a lot of excitement all on one couch. GET EXCITED WITH US AT 4PM PST!

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    1. Zombie_Socks_96

      Can you be more specific on "standard shirt size." I only ask because it seems to vary on who is giving the shirts, I have seen some places say standard is S-XL and others that said XS-XXXL.

    2. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      @A. Lee
      The base shirt will be a black shirt (brand not yet locked) and the shirt will be available in all standard sizes, you will chose in your post-campaign survey!

      Don Thacker
      Starr Commander

    3. Missing avatar

      A. Lee

      awesome design! what base shirt with what sizing will it be available on?

    4. Sir Jordi