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A retro-sexy Point-and-Click Adventure Shoot 'em Up in SPACE!
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Posted by Imagos Softworks (Creator)
Brick and Clu. Friends?
Brick and Clu. Friends?

Imagos Softworks and GUTS Department have teamed up to bring the ancient techno-magic of Aegis Defenders, as well as Bart and Clu, to the broken future of Starr Mazer!

"These two seem solid, but can I trust them? The big one looks pretty marshal." - Brick M. Stonewood
"These two seem solid, but can I trust them? The big one looks pretty marshal." - Brick M. Stonewood

Brick may just find himself stranded on the planet Elam, smack dab in the middle of the Nereis Desert, in search of tech to fix his broken Starr Wolf. It may be that he runs into two folks who know a thing or two about ancient technology. Ancient technology like Brick...

As a neat feature of this crossover, in Starr Mazer, Bart and Clu will be given fully voiced lines, the only place you'll ever hear them actually speak!

Follow Aegis Defenders on twitter (@AegisDefenders) for more news!

Theme-ix Contest!!!

Not only is it totally a word now, IT'S A CONTEST TOO!
Not only is it totally a word now, IT'S A CONTEST TOO!

That image pretty much says is all! Grab the Starr Mazer theme from the Starr Mazer Soundcloud, remix/demix/THEME-IX the living daylights out of it, like the awesome theme-ixes you've gotten for the last week or so on this very update stream, and get it to us at and we'll put it up for vote. The top three theme-ix composers will have their theme-ix featured on the compulsory Starr Mazer Theme-ix Album going to ALL BACKERS, and will also receive all of the rewards included in the STARR COMMANDER reward tier.

Winners will be announced on Starr Mazer TV during our mega-awesome-as-yet-unannounced 24hr SUPER SHOW the final day of the campaign!

Get out those trackers, trumpets, glass chalices of varying sizes with mineral oil inside, obscure poly-tonal throat singing chops and pots/pans and MAKE YOUR OWN THEME-IX!*

*The term "theme-ix" is so totally a real word. We're pretty sure that's clear by now.

T-Shirt Reward Tier RELEASED!

The much-requested t-shirt reward tier has been added to the campaign! Sorry it took so long - we super wanted to make duper sure we could not only have an awesome design (you've seen hints at it the last few days) but an affordable and quality production pipeline to actually make these shirts a real thing. AND WE DID.

The reward tier fills the much coveted $100 slot, and includes all rewards before it. It's limited to 400, because math, but we're giving it to every higher-priced tier as well! If you've backed, or back, any tier above the t-shirt $100 tier, you get the shirt too!

Destructoid Campaign Progress Video

The cool dudes at Destructoid asked us for an update video, and we did provide:

Look. At. All. Those. Chickens!

More to come...

Don Thacker
Starr Commander

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    1. Zombie_Socks_96

      Man I really want the shirt.....well I really want the 3D model, but I don't think I have the extra cash right now to plop down on it :(

      Also I am just really loving all the great games that are getting crossed over.