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A retro-sexy Point-and-Click Adventure Shoot 'em Up in SPACE!
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Posted by Imagos Softworks (Creator)
Tasty jam remix album ENGAGE!
Tasty jam remix album ENGAGE!

100K Remix Album UNLOCKED!

You guys did it. You came together and exploded our milestone. DETONATED our milestone. You blew it up and walked away slowly as the explosion spat flame and noxious gas in rippling plumes of AWESOME. You're a hero. You're. So. Cool.

You also made it so that every backer gets a digital remix album. Give yourself one point.

We fell short of the 110k, 120k and 150k milestones, but that's ok. No one really wanted the cassette tape, the digital video or the LIVE FRIGGING CONCERT anyway. No. That's not true. We all did. 

It's cool, though. There will be more milestones, and with more milestones there are more opportunities for wicked swag!

Bunny Bitshift

Bunny Bitshift Concept Art
Bunny Bitshift Concept Art

"One hundred thirty in the sleep is what we fly-boys used to call a raw deal. The full turnover. The reset button. Every Tom-Tom, Blaze Rider and Hooch-man you knew is dust and there you are with nothing but your grin and your chin. That's what it was for me on the Exeter, unfroze and lonely with the stink of kraz on my breath and a big dumb scowl. Nothing to lose but my guts and nowhere to go but sideways into the deep. That was what came of the Thearsal Knife, the whole-wide hero of THE GREAT WAR. Reduced to pan ash and staring at pin darts through the bottom of a bottle. And then I met Bunny." - Brick M. Stonewood

Bunny Bitshift is not what she appears to be. Not to you, anyway. You see a girl with a wicked grin in a bunny suit. That's because you're a million years too early to this party. You've come with your eyes out of time. Just like Brick.

Bunny is a member of one of the oldest sentient races in the galaxy: The Bunn Bunn. Trans-light travel? That was them. Dimensional vortex control? Hypertransmissive wave-cast? Them too. They beat disease before most species had planets. They colonized and geo-formed entire systems before some of the oldest stars were born.

Though a largely peaceful race, war was not alien to the Bunn Bunn. They had vast armadas capable of defending entire quadrants from attack. They had a domineering warrior caste who could kill as easily as breathe. They had a vastly complex social caste who had mastered social intercommunication to such a degree that unity was the only answer for their society. They were a hell of a species.

That's all past tense, though. You noticed that, right?  Sometime before the dawn of mankind the Bunn Bunn went missing. Yeah, missing. The whole lot of 'em, but for whatever out-stretchers were inordinately far from their core system when it happened. What "it" was, nobody knows; or at least nobody's telling.

The're mostly scattered. Some of them are amusements, with their striking wit and vast historical knowledge. Some of them criminals. Some of them diplomats. Some of them regular schmos, trying to make it to the end of breathing as slowly as everyone else.  All of them, however, are lonely. 

All of them are Bunny, by the way. I mean, that's their name. They all share the Bunny bit. Bunny Hark. Bunny Coinpurse. Bunny Killmaster. Bunny Trickle. They're all Bunny something. Bunny Bitshift.

Those ears? That tail? Not a costume. Those are part of their anatomy as much as your nose or mouth, except they have noses and mouths as well. Ears too. Little curvy ones, like you and I do, just left and right of our big dumb smiles. The ones on top? Oh, they listen. Just not to sounds... 

So Bunny's a Bunn Bunn. She's also a vice-hop at Jaruga's where she slings kraz and stuffs faces with the finest leftovers the Holloway-Exeter can produce. She's a little feisty, a little social, a little risky and a little spurious. She's also a little mysterious; she's hiding something cunning behind those eyes of hers.

Brick's not in on it. He never is, really. To Brick, Bunny's a pair of legs topped with Easter candy, and that might be exactly what she wants him to think...

Another Theme-ix FOR YOUR FACE

This time it's LPOWER holding it down oldschool demo-scene style!

Love that retro-retro feel!

Space Werewolf Fan-Art Update!

The Space Wolf (my 9 year kid brain version of the Starr Wolf) in Space Werewolf Mode!
The Space Wolf (my 9 year kid brain version of the Starr Wolf) in Space Werewolf Mode!

David A. White's Mecha-Starr Wolf is nearing completion! It's looking SUPER hot.

When I was a kid, the Starr Wolf was originally called the "Space Wolf" and Brick's original name was "Wolf" - I was a 9yr old GENIUS! The Space Wolf could transform into the SPACE WEREWOLF (which I spelled "warewolf") and was totally something I just ripped from MACROSS or something. 

David has done an incredible job thus far, and I'm super stoked to see the colored version!


Monday's Starr Mazer TV is a special episode! It starts a bit late at 6pm PST, but is full of the VOICE CAST FOR STARR MAZER!!! 

Be there, or be lame. Don't be lame. It's super lame.

That's all for now, but there is SO MUCH MORE to come. Like, in hours...

Don Thacker
Starr Commander

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    1. David A White on

      Space Werewolf is a fantastic name. Seriously, LOVE it.

    2. Bryan Johnson on

      LOVE that theme-ix intro remix, amazing work! Super excited for this game!

    3. Michael Ho on

      Aw yes, that's AWESOME fanart. Now if only you ripped the entire Macross experience and let us transform into robot mode to shoot up giant tentacles in space!