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A retro-sexy Point-and-Click Adventure Shoot 'em Up in SPACE!
A retro-sexy Point-and-Click Adventure Shoot 'em Up in SPACE!
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    1. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      Hello, all!

      My name is Lindsay Peck and I'm the producer for Imagos Softworks. It's very nice to meet all of you and I understand there are a lot of questions happening about the project.

      While I would like to make a larger update soon, there are some bullet point items I can address here:
      - We did not take the funds from Starr Mazer and create Starr Mazer: DSP. DSP has been mostly developed by PixelJam games and funded by them/our publisher. The funds from the Kickstarter went directly into developing Starr Mazer and securing publisher funding for additional development.
      - Don is the creative director, but does not directly develop (program) the game. He has a film company as well and works on those projects separate from Starr Mazer. He makes creative decisions, participates in meetings, answers creative questions, and does interviews as needed for Starr Mazer. Don is making sure that the code, art, and design follow his dream and much of his attention is devoted to directing that.
      - As stated in previous comments made by Don, for ~7 months we have been fighting an unwanted battle with our former composer. She has been claiming, incorrectly, that she holds copyright/licensing rights for her music. This battle has taken form in an extortion attempt against us and our publisher and, more recently, making a sweep of DMCA claims against YouTubers/content creators. Due to this, our publisher has chosen to release their financial support of Starr Mazer. We have been working over this period of time both on the game and attempting to secure the funding that we would have had from our publisher throughout this year.

      This is *not* a scam. This is *not* an attempt to get additional money. This is a team of people who want to see this game, and dream, realized. This is also a team of people who, in addition to facing development hurdles that come with every game, are dealing with the unexpected and unknown entity of a legal battle that no one could have predicted.

      We appreciate your support of this project and the team throughout the Kickstarter fundraiser and we've appreciated your support every day after that. We care about this project deeply and are fighting to keep development moving through typical game development hurdles, this unexpected legal battle, and the resulting financial release of our publisher.

      I understand that a lot of you are frustrated. I understand that a lot of you want to see more updates. I want to post those updates for you as well! I will be working diligently this summer to bring you more, official, updates to this page on the development of Starr Mazer.

      Until then, please feel free to chat with us directly on our Discord server ( or send me an email at lindsay [at] imagossoftworks [dot] com.

    2. Gumba Masta on

      You could always join the StarrMazer discord and chat with the devs there.

    3. Nathan Sanchez on

      This project is one gigantic cluster-fuck, isn't it? You guys made a different game with the funds and now you're radio silent. I understand not every Kickstarter is destined to succeed, but the least you give us a status update on the game. In any case, if there's one thing I can take away from Starr Mazer, it's to avoid anything involving Imagos Software or Don Thacker.

    4. Michael Yuan on

      No new update, no new comment from dev, no reply of my refund request. I want my money back.

    5. Matotron on

      Guess the motivation was extra money.
      I read that Don Thacker was in charge of the Devolver Digital E3 show (or the best E3 show no one watched. I wouldn't know as I didn't watch it.) So that must have taken up a lot of time.
      Don't know where Starr Mazer progress is posted, as every place it might be put seems so 'empty'.

    6. Björn Kempén on

      Is there some motivation somewhere about why they decided to make DSP instead of the game that was promised?

      It doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.

    7. Frank Keienburg Mecke on

      Could we get an update, please?

    8. Timothy McDonald on

      This is BS. No updates and you made another game in the meantime. I feel very ripped off. I just hope I'm not funding someone's bad habits.

    9. Ben Steel on

      Sadly this is another example of a project that is hampered by internal squabbles among staff. Kickstarter budgets don't include a project member going rogue and drowning the project in legal fees.

      Having a publisher certainly helps provide security to Starr Mazer, but this is very sad news to see indeed. I can only hope that this is resolved soon and that updates resume ASAP. Silent projects are very scary for backers even if things are continuing to go forward behind the scenes...

    10. Matotron on

      @Chris Looks like the video is unavailable due to another Alex copyright claim.
      I thought only DSP was in the cross hairs for that.

    11. Chris Rowan

      Looking forward to an update. Just checked out and was welcomed with "This video is unavailable" for the header, and "This video does not exist" right below... Doesn't give me the warm fuzzies...
      Even if you don't have anything to show that's new, a text-only update stating what's going on engine/code/scripting wise would be nice. Some sign of life would help greatly!

    12. Matotron on

      DSP is back up on Steam.
      Maybe it's time for some new info about the game we backed to appear?

    13. Missing avatar

      Jasper.D.Hols on

      It seems you used the money to make a different game(Starr Mazer: DSP) sell that one unfinished and then disappear.
      So please give an update and explain why this isn't a scam.

    14. Mike J Ferens on

      As someone who has been pretty active in the community and has had the chance to see a lot more of the progress that some of the passive backers seem to be looking for, I can only describe it as ignorant to lump this project in with the many scams that have plagued kickstarter. In the same light, I can understand that many of those same backers will expect everything to be here for easy access despite the redundancy.

      The really unfortunate problem is the legal issue coupled with the fact that this project is being developed with additional funds provided by a publisher. It's a sad rock and a hard place when anything you want to present could be met with a gag order. It does sort of undermine the ability to be transparent when you're worrying about the repercussions or how much more of your dev budget is going to go to a lawyer instead of your coder. It also makes things complicated with the publisher if they are going to worry about being part of a lawsuit by association.

      It does make me wonder how different things might have been had the kickstarter campaign been for the complete cost of development rather than just the tools and assets that would entice a publisher to partner with Imagos. Granted, requesting the full cost of a game like this might have caused many to baulk at the number, when so many other projects launch for less. [Same could be said for delivery dates, but in many cases, these "delays" are just a matter of young teams underestimating how much time developing a proper game actually takes. And yes, I understand that many also over promise.]

      At least for my money, I've been privy to a lot of what is going on with the Starr Mazer projects and I am happy with what I see. While many of the assets we have had presented to us recently are directly related to DSP, the knowledge that both games will share many assets does give a feel for the style in the SHMUP sections. And the past stream with the new cantina play test was great to see.

      While more updates are always appreciated, I'm sure everyone would get sick of just hearing about how you would love to tell us something, but are contractually obligated to keep your mouth shut until a yet to be determined date. As long as we know that you'll tell us what you can, when you can, then it's not going to kill me to wait.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeremiah Johnson on

      As an enthusiastic backer, I began to have doubts when DSP was announced. That along with the raft of "guest appearances" and "crossovers" with no hint of what I paid for convinced me. Thanks, Don, for showing the world how not to promote a game or run a studio.

    16. Missing avatar

      simon mauer on


    17. Missing avatar

      Dominik on

      I don't, I have written it off. It's just one of many, so it does not really matter, did not sink too much money into it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Nick Zurovec

      I'm sorry for the bad news posted below. Regardless, I still have faith in the Starr Mazer project!

    19. Matt Bennion on

      I'm glad you feel it's okay to leave a 7 month gap without an update. We've seen little to nothing of this game other than recycled/modified assets from the orginally pitched graphics work. I'm 50/50 in whether this game will actually ever appear I've never thrown $90 at a kickstarter and I'm begining to regret it!

    20. Dalton Keslar on

      As somebody who backed this with confidence, and staying up-to-date with the creation of this game since Starr Maze TV started... something needs to be done.

      After seeing your recent "survey" on Twitter I'm gaining confidence you guys are still working hard, but there's still WAY more you guys need to explain to please every other KS backer.

      I understand the legal issues, but 6 months without an update isn't something to just let slip by.

    21. Missing avatar

      Götz von Berlichingen on

      Knew it would end up like this when all the updates we got where about anything other than gameplay, production or anything else regarding a genuine game in development. Shame. Then again, I only pledge (gamble) money I'm not going to miss. Still, getting a strong feeling that this one has been a scam since the start. And that does not sit well with me.

    22. ShenaniganNinja on

      Glad to see some explanation here on what's going on. Keep going strong Starr Mazer team! I backed your game because I believe in your project!

    23. StarDragonJP on

      Man, it's been over 2 years already. This was the first game I ever supported on Kickstarter, in fact I created my account to back this game. I am still looking forward to game & hope you guys get everything sorted out so you can finish it.

    24. Missing avatar

      Renato Vicencio on

      Hey, just read up on the story. Hope the vibes are getting better, personally I'm cool with waiting so everything is just right, especially the music. I can see other people here share the same opinion, and I'm sure everyone wants to see this project be as good as it can be. Lots of love to everyone, keep up the good work <3

    25. Richard Morgan on

      Hi Starrmazer team,

      I should have checked in here with this thread for updates as seeking them on the social channels proved non responsive.

      I see now the reasons for the delay and you have my full support and backing.

      Guys of course it would be amazing to get my hands on the goods sooner BUT you need time to get it finished and to resolve the legal entanglements that have cropped up.

      For both parties I hope a resolution happens you are both happy with and that when the game is out everyone will see all the blood sweat and tears was worth it.

      I'll apologise now. I had wrongly believed in my mind that Starrmazer had been parked to allow DSP to be pushed through. MY assumption was wrong as Starrmazer has an amazingly massive task building all the narrative and dev tools to make it so cool. Please accept my apology.

      I'm personally going through the last push to the finish line developing my own game and can fully appreciate, given how much more complex Starrmazer is compared my much simpler game Starsceptre, the amount of hard work, stress and effort to get it finished you are all under.

      It is going to be amazing and I fully trust in your ability and in you all to deliver when you need to. Time can only make it even more awesome-er!

      Thank you so much for having us on the journey.

      Richard M
      8Bit Magic Games

    26. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      We're trying to get on the ball. Hints have become complicated with the aforementioned team issue and a very complex negotiation with our publisher.

      As SOON as we can release more, we will do so.

      Thank you for your concern and for your support.

      Don Thacker
      Starr Commander

    27. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      You are correct in that I really take these comments to heart; the good and bad in equal measure.

      While we are dealing with a dark spot in development just now, there is absolutely no stopping this game.

      Thank you so much for your continued support.

      More to come.

      Don Thacker
      Starr Commander

    28. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      @Don Hu
      We are working with our publisher to determine the best approach to this year. We will be posting updates and media as soon as this is worked out.

      Thank you for your support!

      Don Thacker
      Starr Commander

    29. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      @Jeremy Wong
      I very much agree. We will be posting about it as soon as we are able to.

      Don Thacker
      Starr Commander

    30. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      @ Michael Haucke
      Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support. It means the world.

      Don Thacker
      Starr Commander

    31. Michael Haucke on

      Hope you guys are able to do your thing. This is a cool idea and something I knew I'd like to play. I'm in it for like "I believe in your thing" money, not like "I mortgaged my house to invest in your thing" money. You guys seem to be passionate about this project and that is cool. Create something. Nothing but love here.

    32. Jeremy Wong on

      I think posting an update with details about your team's legal troubles would be a good idea.

    33. Missing avatar

      Don Hu on

      Hey Don,

      I played Day of the Tentacle the other day realized how much I miss point and click adventures. As a result I decided to follow up and check to see if there has been any updates and boy... it seems there has been.

      I'm sorry to hear that Alex has stepped away from the project and is inadvertently causing some issues for the production. I pray that both parties come to a resolution since I would love to play this game.

      With that said, any chance you could upload a 2nd trailer or some gameplay so that we have something to go off of? It's hard to keep our heads high when we haven't seen too many follow ups from the actual game I have to admit. However I still do believe in the vision and the dream.

      I would love to play this game soon. You have no idea.

      Thank you from a fellow Don,

      -Don Bosco

    34. Missing avatar

      Gantann on

      Wow. I kinda forgot about Starr Mazer until tonight, and it's no surprise I did when I look at when the last update was.

      Reading the last few comments here gives me a rough idea of what the hold up is, and I just want to say that I'm not really worried about the game's release. All that passion and energy I saw from the team, as well as the frequent progress updates through last year, make me think things will be all right, so as long as everything gets delivered on in the end I'm really not stressed about waiting on the game longer than expected.

      It's a shame to hear about what happened with Alex, as the compositions I've heard for the game felt just as iconic and important to it as the lovely visuals and other elements to contribute to its sense of bravado and I hope the new composers can match that.

      Don, it seems like you really take comments to heart. I hope you're not getting too hurt when some of us express frustration, and I'm sure as soon as everything lines up and you can make a new update you're going to lay out as much as you can concerning where the project is right now. Not to dismiss any other backers who are taking issue, but I'm just looking forward to a good game, even if it takes longer than expected, and I'm sure there's a lot of other folks keeping quiet who feel the same way.

    35. Corewolf on

      So, I have to agree with some of the things I've seen below.

      It's been over two years at this point and I've seen not a wiff of playable game from the actual Starr Mazer game. This, combined with the supposed promise of Beta access in the initial pledge, the original delivery date of STAR MAZER (not DSP) as April 2016, then the release, drumming up, and continued promotion of Star Mazer DSP (Which I would have to PAY FOR SEPARATELY TO PLAY) Is really starting to rub me raw. Where is the beta access for Starr Mazer? Where is ANY PROGRESS ON IT AT ALL.

      Get Early Beta access to the game! Your name will be included in the credits and you will have the opportunity to help shape the game with feedback, suggestions and requests. Includes above rewards.

      Estimated delivery: Apr 2016

      Feedback: The lack of updates is starting to get to me, It has been two years and I don't see progress on the Starr Mazer game

      Suggestion: Stop promoting a game I didn't pay for and work on the game I did back. If you can't do this, see the second half of the request below.

      Request: Publish SOMETHING. Alpha build of Starr Mazer, Actual in game footage, Sprite, artwork, SOMETHING from the adventure sci-fi game I backed. As to a second request: Free DSP for those that actually backed this game during the kickstarter campaign. It came from the kickstarter and wouldn't exist without the kickstarter money funding Imagos.

      It really burns that there are assets for the game out there, that work very clearly went into DSP, a ton of programming, voice acting, music (that is now gone because of some idiot's legal drama over it) and two years later I still don't have beta access to the game I backed, or even updates about it.

      And I've been a backer of Star Citizen since 2012... THEY are offering me more gameplay than you have with an immensely more complex engine. Can we please get on the ball with this?

    36. Steven Lindquist on

      Demanding a refund now is like buying a Happy Meal then coming back a year later and complaining you didn't get the toy. =/

      Shipping stuff costs a LOT, and if they had to break up thousands of orders into individual perks, there'd be nothing left to keep them working on the game.

      All games get delayed, either by specific issues like this copyright thing or if they decided to add something to make the final version even better than initially pitched.

      Hopefully I'm not in the minority here, but I'm still rooting for you guys.

    37. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      As stated below, we are chomping at the bit to both announce release dates and release a bunch of info.

      We are working hard with our publisher, Playism, to reach a point wherein we can do so.

      I've mentioned before not fully understanding the scope of the complication adding a publisher can have on a game's development and release. I am confident that the benefits and support Playism has added will outstrip the sometimes frustrating complication.

      To be clear, I'm not talking about anything ridiculously dramatic, either. Even communication can be difficult at times as they are in Japan; an email sent on a Monday morning in the US may not get responded to until 1AM Tuesday. If that email requires buy-in or discussion with the corporate structure it could be days.

      Overall it has been a positive experience, and the gains have been, and will continue to be, great for Starr Mazer and its backers.

      I sincerely apologize for the wait - both in development and in updates. For ever ounce of frustration that you have with our lack of release date announcement or lack of continuous KS updates, I have gallons.

      I'll post more the SECOND I am able.

      Don Thacker
      Starr Commander

    38. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      I have had a very difficult time establishing the best approach to publicly discuss what has happened between Alex Mauer and Imagos Softworks. I have been as measured and responsive as I can without responding to this situation in a rash or defensive manner in social media or when confronted directly.

      At this point, however, I feel it is important for me to make this statement; offering some balance to a situation that has been thus far one sided.

      In short, Imagos and Alex entered into a for-hire contract for Starr Mazer, Starr Mazer: DSP and a number of other projects.

      At some point last year, Alex experienced some medical issues that slowed or halted progress on these items. Imagos fulfilled our side of the agreement in that we paid for the work we received, and in some cases paid in good faith for work that was not received.

      Alex left the team officially in the middle of last year citing the aforementioned health issues and a desire to refocus her life.

      In Alex's time since leaving the team she has made claims to outstanding pay, the amount of which has fluctuated.

      Imagos has made several attempts to broker an amicable deal with Alex, including offering shared universal rights to the DSP soundtrack as well as an equity share of the game's revenue. We have done this in good faith and in understanding of Alex's health concerns.

      At one point an agreement was proposed, agreed to, but later dissolved by Alex.

      Two weeks ago, Alex issued a DMCA Takedown request to Valve, forcing Starr Mazer: DSP's Early Access release to be temporarily suspended for investigation. Imagos filed a counterclaim and Alex was asked to provide proof of a rights chain violation. She did not do so. Proof of copyright and correct chain of rights has been provided and Starr Mazer: DSP was unsuspended.

      Imagos was left with no choice but to seek counsel to protect our team and the interests of we who have poured our hearts and souls into this game.

      Alex's claim has shifted radically over time, from not being paid for time worked to not being paid for the right project to the supposition that there was a plot to defraud her from the very beginning of the project to a handful of other versions of this narrative.

      The most recent version describes a scenario in which our contract did not include or encompass Starr Mazer: DSP, which is at odds with Alex's base claim that she has not been paid the full amount of her contract for Starr Mazer: DSP.

      In the end, the facts at hand are:

      - Imagos had an ongoing work for hire agreement with Alex, rendering her paid for work the property of Imagos

      - Imagos holds an actual copyright on all material related to Starr Mazer: DSP

      - Alex was paid ~36.5k for her work with Imagos

      - Imagos has no desire, and has taken no action, to commit rights violations against anyone

      And most importantly:

      - Imagos has made several attempts to reach a favorable resolution with Alex, both informally and finally by registered letter and communication

      Alex has also attempted to release an album on Bandcamp containing the Starr Mazer: DSP tracks along with material suggesting that her fans boycott the game. She had threatened to do so to both Imagos and our publisher, Playism, if her monetary demands were not met.

      When met with our extensive log of data refuting Alex's allegations, as well as our registered copyright and DMCA claim, Bandcamp removed this album.

      In response to this, Alex has posted the soundtrack to her personal website, with the same inflammatory statements she'd threatened to and eventually released on Bandcamp.

      Though it is within our rights to issue a request to her ISP for removal of this soundtrack, I do not feel that this is the correct course of action. I do not intend to fight a grand battle with Alex, and have decided, instead, to release our claim to the music's rights in an effort to ablate the issue and restore some semblance of personal emotional equity.

      I have offered, by official letter, to release the rights in exchange for Alex's agreement to remove her disparaging claims. She has declined this option.

      The tracks made for Starr Mazer: DSP have been removed from the game and replaced with temporary tracks while our new music partner composes an entirely new soundtrack. My offers to Alex for rights to this music still stand.

      It is my desire that this situation be resolved amicably, and it is my sincere hope, as it has always been, that Alex can find some peace and security in her life. I can't purport to understand the gravity or scope of her health concerns and have very likely made missteps because of this, but nothing on the order of false copyright claims, negative acts toward Alex or rights violations.

      This has been a personal nightmare. I have been pretty much ended, emotionally, by this scenario. I understand that Alex, as well, is suffering. I have made, and am wholly willing to uphold, numerous documented attempts to resolve this in a manner that enriches Alex for her amazing work and maintains the clear chain of rights established in our well documented working experience.

      Starr Mazer: DSP is still in very active development and we have targeted a summer release. As stated in my previous comment, official release date announcements have been complicated due to some complex publisher machinations, but will be announced as soon as I can confidently do so with Playism's support.

      Starr Mazer proper is, as well, still in very active development. We have partnered with a Arcade High ( for the core composition for both Starr Mazer and Starr Mazer: DSP.

      Don Thacker
      Starr Commander

    39. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      I understand why you feel this way, and respect it.

      We have been unable to properly update because we have been in a state of flux. My intention is to release a fairly detailed Kickstarter Update as soon as it is possible to do so.

      We are working closely with our publisher, Playism, to resolve a number of issues and are as yet unable to say anything meaningful about release dates, though we have a target date and are working toward it.

      My intention is still to release regular updates, and I am chomping at the but to start doing so.

      It would be an understatement to say that I have been frustrated by some of the complication having a publisher adds. I honestly think, however, that the benefit far outstrips this, and our delay and issue resolution will ensure the game's release and wide support.

      I wish, honestly, that I could say more, and will do so as soon as is possible.

      Don Thacker
      Starr Commander

    40. Missing avatar

      João Carlos Bastos

      I was checking for updates on the game, and discovered the DSP "spin-off" was temporarily taken off Steam, and then returned.
      Reading a bit about it, it seems the issues were with copyright claims regarding the soundtrack, with composer (and at least at the time of this campaign, Imagos Softworks team member) Alex Mauer making a number of claims against the rest of the team.

      To quote the main page of his website (
      "Overdrive is an album that was taken down from Bandcamp because of a false copyright claim by Imagos Softworks. The music was originally going to be for a video game called "Starr Mazer: DSP". The developer, Imagos Softworks, has made the following offenses:

      -never gave me a contract for the project
      -never signed a license agreement
      -still owes me expected pay for my work
      -made a false copyright claim on Bandcamp
      -made a false copyright counter-claim on Steam
      -using the music in "Starr Mazer: DSP" currently, without permission

      All of these actions should be interpreted as an attempt to steal the copyright from its rightful owner. If you have purchased a copy of "Starr Mazer: DSP", you should take a stand against copyright violation by demanding a refund."

      Since I backed at the tier that includes, among other things, "the amazing digital sound track by the legendary Alex Mauer", I was wondering if the developers can share some light on what is happening, especially in regards to the soundtrack (and Alex Mauer's presence as a composer)?

      Also, is the "final" release of DSP still scheduled to be released this month, or has it been delayed?

    41. Missing avatar

      adder on

      Hi, it has been more than two months since your January comment promising this year would be better in terms of communication and there is still no update AND we are nearly a year past the release date you promised.

      I respectfully request a refund.

      Please rest assured that if the game ever comes out I will buy it, but I feel the trust between you and myself as a Kickstarter member is broken, hence the request.

    42. Jesse Hays on

      Hey Everyone, First off.....not hating or trying to start trouble with this but I know it will so sorry about that.

      My continued question is and will be...When will the game release?

      I had no issue giving you my money in 2015. I let April 2016 pass without bitching. I felt a little discomfort with all of the DSP marketing back in August 2016....and I still never had my question answered.

      Again, as I said in august I WILL WAIT until 2018 if need be but jesus guys, you've gotta update us on some ETA or date it will release. This is what is pissing some of us off....The new T-shirt looks nice....when does the game release?

      Sweet new art and a twitch episode....But when does the game release?

      I think you can all see where this is going.....I don't expect a promise or a hard date but how about a realistic launch window? Maybe Q1 2018 or Q4 2017....something.....anything.

      I don't want a refund or to bitch on forums all day....I just want what I tried to help get created to be complete. Kickstarter is strange that way, we didnt buy the game or invest in your product.....We believed in you as artists, creators....people.

      Please give us something. we like you have hoped and dreamed of this project. That's why we backed it. Please don't forget that.

    43. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      Hey, everyone,
      Starr Mazer: DSP's Early Access release has been temporarily removed from the Steam store due to a copyright claim.

      We're currently working to resolve this issue so you can get back to shooting the G'ell out of your atmosphere!

      This has no impact on the continued development of Starr Mazer, and will hopefully be resolved with haste.

      Don Thacker
      Starr Commander

    44. Matotron on

      DSP is/was taken down because of a copyright infringement compliant according to the Playism store page.
      Is this going to impact Starr-mazer?

    45. Antoni Ferragut

      Starr Mazer: DSP removed from Steam store?? What is going on?

    46. Missing avatar

      Ezraen on

      Well, if you wanted to see the game running, then maybe you should have visited our stream once or twice and you would have seen that. The one thing you want is something Don has already given us.

      It's january, and you're already wrong. That didn't take long, did it?

    47. Will O'Neill

      I think I've been crystal clear in what I'd like to see - I think we all have.

      That being said, I'm so sure that this is complete horseshit at this point that all I have to do is sit back and wait to be right.

      Here is what is gonna happen in 2017, and I'll roll back in December or so to say I told you so.

      1. Starr Mazer DSP will be aggressively marketed and promoted at video game events.

      2. There will continue to be really annoying KS updates about Starr Mazer DSP sent to us.

      3. Starr Mazer DSP will continue to fall in value as it continues to be increasingly marked down through sales and the like, as is usually the case. I also wouldn't be surprised to see it in a bundle, which is pretty much the end of the road. This is before it comes out of 'early access', by the way.

      4. Starr Mazer updates will be limited to random, fragmented assets - we won't actually see anything running in a game, just 'here's a picture of an alien' or 'here's a picture of a UI' or 'here's a sound effect of a gun'

      5. The game gets formally pushed to 2018.

      Oh, and then in 2018 the game gets cancelled. But let's take it one year at a time!

      See you at Christmas.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ezraen on

      @Will You already do look foolish. If you're not interested in watching a twitch show that was specifically made for updating the backers and showing off the work Don and Co has made, then that's on you. If you're not interested in joining a Discord server so you can directly talk to several of the people working on the game, okay, that's on you as well.

      You refuse to look at the stuff Don has already showed us, but at the same time claim he has nothing to show. What more can Don and the Imagos team do? You're being purposefully obtuse, refusing to give a single inch by looking at the stream while behaving like a child and expecting a KS update (or just more info on Starr Mazer, you aren't being very clear what you want or how you want it) for the sake of your own satisfaction. Give me a break. None of us need to work to make you look real stupid, you're doing a great job on your own.

      I honestly don't think you even care about whether Starr Mazer is going to come out or not, you just want to rock the boat at this point. You honestly do not deserve any further attention.

    49. Will O'Neill

      Hey man,

      That's great. I don't believe you.

      Post some of this stuff you claim to have and make me look real stupid.

    50. Imagos Softworks Creator on

      Alright, Will O'Neal, I'm going to have to put a kibosh on your witch hunt.

      You have no idea what you're talking about. You've said as much. I get that you're not interested in our social media or twitch presence (though you have no issue spitting on us on twitter), and no interest in talking to us directly, as many of our fans/backers do on our discord channel. You're not interested in any kind of actual communication beyond your oddly specific crusade in the comments of this kickstarter.

      You don't seem interested in the actual campaign, or the spirit of kickstarter. You missed interviews where I've detailed both the budget and scope of our game (the KS accounted for less than half of the funding - that was on the front page of IGN, for instance.) Or the well documented fact that we paused development on UI/UX to develop Mazer Maker, which has been announced and demonstrated as the tool with which we are building Starr Mazer. Or the fact that DSP is being built by Pixeljam, with me providing direction and my team providing art. Or the fact that we moved publishers last year.

      None of these things seem to interest you. You want your $15 worth, and are willing to bray at my team to get it.

      We're working on the game. Everything has taken longer than expected. Welcome to video games. We have our engine, our dev tools and a new UI/UX. We've got 38 story module sketches and reams of dialogue written and internal demo episodes that are failures and internal demo episodes that work. We've been working, and are working, on this game. Full time. With every ounce of love and respect it deserves.

      My job - my promise - is to make this game. Your $15 gripe is my childhood dream and if you think your grandstanding will make an ounce of difference in the 100% of myself I'm putting into this game with my team you are sickeningly mistaken.

      I don't owe you what you're asking for. You don't get to see whatever you want whenever you want. I owe you, and 5,054 other backers - MANY of whom are in regular and positive contact with me and my team - a game. And god damnit we're making that game.

      I would like to appeal to whatever part of you has ever worked on whatever part of the games you have worked on in asking you this: how do you think it makes myself and my team feel to get taken down by you while we work our souls out for our game? Do you imagine we've chosen to take longer out of anything but the struggle to make it? Do you think the additional funding required to keep us going has just fallen out of the sky? We've had successes and failures in the making of this ambitious title. It has been hard. Do you realize how crushing this kind of response can be to a team who is in the thick of it?

      I don't think you care.

      I've hurt well beyond your $15.

      I'm going to go back to my milestone delivery. If you want to talk to me directly, as has been available to every backer of this project, you can find me in Discord nearly 24/7. Be warned, though, there will likely be a lot more astroturfing there. Only I think they call it support.

      As I mentioned in earlier comments, I will be making an effort to make much more informative kickstarter updates with much more SM proper content. Look forward to those.

      Don Thacker
      Starr Commander

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