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Detroit Needs A Statue of Robocop!'s video poster

Build a life-size monument of Robocop in Detroit! Part man, part machine, all crowd funded! Read more

Detroit, MI Sculpture
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This project was successfully funded on March 26, 2011.

Build a life-size monument of Robocop in Detroit! Part man, part machine, all crowd funded!

Detroit, MI Sculpture
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UPDATE 3/26/2011: Well, here we go! One crowdfunded RoboCop statue in Detroit coming right up. RoboThank you so, so RoboMuch to everyone who backed the project, spread word, suggested ideas, and helped out, and to everyone who will continue to do so as production moves forward. We're all on a 21st century adventure here, and you can follow the process as it unfolds at

This is just the beginning, not only of the physical creation and installation of the statue, but of a wider crowdfunded revolution we're all participating in, where things like this can actually happen. We're proud to be a part of it with you, proud to be representing Detroit, and proud to roll into the future RoboStarter style.

As always, you can reach Brandon Walley with RoboQuestions at or 313-510-8049.

Until the next episode: "Serve the public trust. Protect the innocent. Uphold the law." And of course, uphold the awesome, as you have done. "Thank you for your cooperation. Good night." ❤ - TeamRobo in Detroit

End Act 1. Begin Act 2.


UPDATE: We've reached the $50,000 goal with the help of many many supporters and a very generous contribution from Pete Hottelet at, but you can still contribute, so please keep backing the project. All the reward levels still stand, and we're currently discussing how to branch this project and fundraising into bigger and bigger things with a better and better impact on Detroit. Thank you, everybody! Wow.


The Story:

We live in a new world, and sometimes it takes funny things to show us all that. On Monday, February 7th a random dude in Massachusetts tweeted a message to Detroit Mayor David Bing:

Shortly after, Mayor Bing tweeted back:

The internet went haywire over the idea. Detroiter John Leonard started a Facebook group called Build a statue of RoboCop in Detroit and galvanized an effort to bring Robo to life. Now, teaming up with friends and doers from around the city, region, country, and world, we're making use of newfangled internet fundraising tools and social networks to can bring this vision to reality.

The Location:

Detroit, silly!

UPDATE 3/26/2011: It looks like the statue is going to be installed on Wayne State University's TechTown campus!!! Thank you, TechTown! A perfect and fitting location amongst innovation and learning in the heart of Detroit.

Specifically, the Imagination Station is offering a piece of its property on Roosevelt Park facing Michigan Central Station as Robocop's new home. If this is were Robo goes, this is approximately what his view will be:

We say "if", because in our quest to choose the best location possible, if another even better location appears before installation, Robo might move. Rest assured that the absolute worst we can do is incredibly awesome. UPDATE: We've had some amazing offers come in for different locations around Detroit. The goal is to maximize visibility, visitability, appropriateness of context, and neighborhood reception. Stay tuned while we sort through this.

The Production:

None of us have ever made a giant solid metal permanent sculpture before. It turns out to be a pretty expensive process (who would have thought?), but not too much for the world to fund. After talking to numerous sculptors and metal workers, the current game plan is this: We can take a relatively small figure of RoboCop (conceivably even an action figure), have it 3D scanned by lasers (cool!) and scale its form to create a light-weight model of any size we'd like, which can then be used to pour and cast liquid metal.

Casey V. Westbrook and crew are currently leading the charge to pour a weatherized 7 foot tall iron statue (UPDATE: perhaps bronze and perhaps larger, depending on cost and other factors). Take a look at his work here. The last project Casey worked on was an epic action installation with Matthew Barney in Detroit. See a picture and read about it in Art Forum here.

UPDATE: We're extremely excited to announce that Fred Barton Productions ( has stepped-up with an offer to donate the use of the very same materials they are using to create their amazing 1:1 Robocop statue. Barton’s 1:1 statue has been painstakingly retooled from a variety of studio sources and original stone molds assuring unprecedented accuracy and detail. Detroit’s statue is going to be completely the real deal, scaled-up in size from these pieces. Barton is MGM's Official Licensee for Robocop; they are the leader in studio licensed celebrity robotic replicas -- including the amazing Robocop bust you see below.

How Now RoboCow?

You can spread the RoboCop statue love by sharing the link with your friends (it's the easiest way to get to this Kickstarter page and donate). If you have advice on the process, funding, support, materials, *anything* please get in touch with us. Lord knows this is going to evolve. You can reach Brandon Walley at or 313-510-8049.

PS More rewards for backers coming soon...


Video credit to robomayhem (your stuff rules, man)

Tweet screenshot credit to Buzzfeed

Original tweet to Mayor Bing that started an avalanche by MT

We'll be adding a thank you section for everyone helping out and giving advice soon. Until then, THANK YOU!( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ )

UPDATE: Check out RoboCharity which popped up to support local charities in Metro Detroit after being inspired by all your RoboEnergy! You might consider matching your statue donations there. ❤


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    "I'd fund that for a dollar!" Everyone who contributes to the RoboCop statue at any level will have their name listed in a credits section on and receive a personalized digital badge. So when your friends say, "Hey! Did you hear about that new statue of RoboCop in Detroit?" You can say, "I helped build that, *and I'll show you the proof*."

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    Receive a RoboCop Detroit pin. If you get pulled over just show this to the officer. It probably won't help, but you will certainly be upholding the awesome:

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    When the fundraising is done, PJ will buy you 2 drinks (up to $10 total value) at PJ's Lager House in Detroit ( Not in Detroit? All the more reason to come, plus they already have a big RoboCop painting out back!

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    RoboCop Detroit t-shirt! Original artwork by John Leonard

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    NEW REWARD!!! Welcome to the 313: 313 is Detroit's area code, and for a pledge of $313 or more you can visit the statue in style, with a friendly touch. You'll get a free place to stay for a night, a tour of the Motor City compliments of the statue production team, and we'll hook you up with other cool Detroit peoples, all of whom are awesome!


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