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Update #9

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Check it out, coming up on September 24th and 25th it's the Detroit Fanfare, a big comic book convention in downtown Detroit: . RoboCop star Peter Weller will be there and we will too, representing the project at our very own RoboBooth. Yes this is awesomely nerdy and yes this is awesomely awesome. We'll be sure to take pictures.

At our booth we'll have updated illustrations of the statue, awesome Detroit RoboCop shirts, the Detroit RoboCop statue story and timeline so far, and, somewhat wildly, the debut of a 4-feet X 6-feet crowdfunded oil painting-turned-video game called "The Spirit of Detroit Vs The Blight" that includes RoboCop as a playable character: .

On the night of Saturday the 24th there will be an after party at PJ's Lager House ( -- a great time to cash in on your free drink if you're in that reward bracket ) with all door money going to Forgotten Harvest ( ) as featured by RoboCharity.

*ALL* of your packages should already be in your hands, or in the mail in a few cases. If you've given us your address and we haven't spoken one-to-one in the last week about a special case, RoboSanta should have come for you by now. Sorry if he got stuck in any of your chimneys along the way. RoboSanta tries his best.

Fred Barton ( ) who's painstakingly executing the RoboForm we'll be casting for the statue says he's almost done...maybe a month...before we can scan the pieces and make another big dent in statue production.

Hugs, kisses, and shiny metallic exteriors,

Team Robo in Detroit

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    "I'd fund that for a dollar!" Everyone who contributes to the RoboCop statue at any level will have their name listed in a credits section on and receive a personalized digital badge. So when your friends say, "Hey! Did you hear about that new statue of RoboCop in Detroit?" You can say, "I helped build that, *and I'll show you the proof*."

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    Receive a RoboCop Detroit pin. If you get pulled over just show this to the officer. It probably won't help, but you will certainly be upholding the awesome:

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    When the fundraising is done, PJ will buy you 2 drinks (up to $10 total value) at PJ's Lager House in Detroit ( Not in Detroit? All the more reason to come, plus they already have a big RoboCop painting out back!

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    RoboCop Detroit t-shirt! Original artwork by John Leonard

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    NEW REWARD!!! Welcome to the 313: 313 is Detroit's area code, and for a pledge of $313 or more you can visit the statue in style, with a friendly touch. You'll get a free place to stay for a night, a tour of the Motor City compliments of the statue production team, and we'll hook you up with other cool Detroit peoples, all of whom are awesome!

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