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Update #20

On the eve of the new RoboCop release in America, the original RoboCop Statue moves ever closer towards completion!


Greetings RoboBackers! How do you feel about the new flick, have you seen it, will you? We all know it’s a Robo of a different color, but we’re hopeful it will be worthwhile. If it’s half as epic as the original, I’d consider it a win! 

 Just a quick update to fill you in on where we are at in production. After receiving the model here in Detroit, Venus Bronze Works put him together and we all scrutinized the final pose he will have for the rest of eternity. After successfully imitating an iconic Robo pose, VBW chopped him up (much like in RoboCop 2) into the pieces needed for the molds and bronze pour. We’re in the process of purchasing a whole lot of bronze, made possible by you, dear backers! 

 Here’s a couple links to recent local articles about the statue and new movie, followed by some picks of the chopped up model. Next up, the bronze pour! We’ll be sure to give you an update then, going to be awesome!

Check out this amazing detail from Mark Dubeau, Fred Barton Productions and Across The Board Creations! Can't wait for Venus Bronze Works to make this a reality!

courtesy of Detroit Free Press
courtesy of Detroit Free Press
courtesy of Detroit Free Press
courtesy of Detroit Free Press

 Stay out of trouble.

Update #19

RoboCop Foam Form Arrives In Detroit! Video & Pics!



We have reached another critical save point! The 10-foot-tall foam RoboForm is now at Venus Bronze Works in Detroit. He looks amazing! 

Everyone available rushed to meet him as soon as they could, and our friends shot a little video of first contact which you can see here: 

Giorgio and his crew will soon begin assembly and preparation for casting in bronze. That's a big process, and we're planning a visiting event and party for backers this fall so you can get an in-person sneak peak along the way.  

In the meantime check out the video and the photos below. 

Thank you again to Fred Barton for the incredible design and use of his MGM license, Across The Board Creations for digitizing and scaling and foam fabrication, Venus Bronze Works for alchemical bronze transformations, and as always, to you our loyal backers for making all of this happen, along with everyone out there continuing to will things to fruition. 

Dead or alive you are bronzing with me, <3 

Team Robo

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Update #18

Speechless (With Lots of Pictures)

There's really nothing to say. Just take a look at RoboCop in his 10-foot-tall pixel-atom-perfect glory. So far he's passed from you, the backers, to Fred Barton's expert custom sculpting, to Across The Board Creation's 3D scanning, digital enlarging, physical fabrication, and assembly in foam, wax, clay, and steel (pictured below), and now he's headed to Venus Bronze Works in Detroit for casting and manufacturing in bronze. We bow to all parties for going above and beyond.

He's not done yet, but what you're seeing in these pictures is pretty much exactly how he'll look. We hope you love it as much as we do, and we hope you send good vibes to all the craftsmen and the production team who've run across the obstacle course to get here, as we all send good vibes back to you, the awesome, patient, and hopefully super happy backers!

Good vibes to and from Detroit!

To be continued shortly..

Team Robo in Detroit

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Update #17

RoboCop In Pieces


Another sneak peek...

Don't worry, he's been in this situation before and bounced back (clip from RoboCop 2):

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Update #16

The Journey Bears Fruit

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Happy New Year!

Hot off the presses in 2013: Kevin Galloway from Across The Board Creations just shared these photos of the RoboCop pieces rolling off the assembly line. He says it's among the most highly detailed work he's ever done. Note that in the photo of Robo's head(s), the head on the left is life-sized as modeled by Fred Barton, and the head on the right is the proportion when scaled up for a 10-foot statue (after being 3D scanned, digitally enlarged, and re-milled by Kevin).

Giorgio at Venus Bronze Works in Detroit is all set to receive them and get to work, which will likely take the rest of the year -- it's a big, detailed statue made the old-fashioned way! (Well, the old-fashioned way with some 3D laser scanners and fabrication machines pitching in. :-)) Over the holiday we paid another visit to his studio and know we're all in great hands, and supporting a great local business. He's worked on many statues and artists in Detroit and around the world, and as a master craftsman and Detroiter he's excited to lend his talents to this epic piece of pop culture.

We thank you again for your support and patience throughout this process. When this started we had no way of knowing what everything would entail. Like any journey that takes on a life of its own, it has ups, downs, critics, and curveballs, and we've held on tight to march things towards completion. Your contributions, positivity, and faith are helping will a wildly awesome idea into reality. It's the kind of thing that's so rare because it would normally disappear as a spoken blip: "wouldn't it be cool if..." and then poof, but yet here we are.

We're going to need more of your support as it becomes time for Robo to go outside and settle into a home. Several options have been presented and we've wanted to get to this next stage of tangibility before zeroing in on commitment. Now, entering this next stage, in the weeks and months ahead we'll be exploring that with you more. Considerations include finding a host site that can adequately maintain and secure the work -- a critical component.

Thank you again. To next steps in a New Year,

TeamRobo in Detroit & Wherever You Are

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