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    "I'd fund that for a dollar!" Everyone who contributes to the RoboCop statue at any level will have their name listed in a credits section on and receive a personalized digital badge. So when your friends say, "Hey! Did you hear about that new statue of RoboCop in Detroit?" You can say, "I helped build that, *and I'll show you the proof*."

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    Receive a RoboCop Detroit pin. If you get pulled over just show this to the officer. It probably won't help, but you will certainly be upholding the awesome:

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    When the fundraising is done, PJ will buy you 2 drinks (up to $10 total value) at PJ's Lager House in Detroit ( Not in Detroit? All the more reason to come, plus they already have a big RoboCop painting out back!

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    RoboCop Detroit t-shirt! Original artwork by John Leonard

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    NEW REWARD!!! Welcome to the 313: 313 is Detroit's area code, and for a pledge of $313 or more you can visit the statue in style, with a friendly touch. You'll get a free place to stay for a night, a tour of the Motor City compliments of the statue production team, and we'll hook you up with other cool Detroit peoples, all of whom are awesome!

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