Mech Maker (Canceled)


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    1. Earl McCammon on

      Not gonna lie a little nerfed as I had the Early Bird Machine of War but understood from your standpoint. This concept is definitely unique and groundbreaking. In all honesty to help show them you could show the options to resize to help suit the various miniatures and board games out there and also from it's view show how it can appeal to people's kids to go along with unlocking their imaginations and having their own unique miniatures to go with their toys. There was a game that's been delay called Mechbrick that could even work well with this.

      Curious though when you all relaunch will you be posting the updated kickstarter's link here so we know and any estimate as to how long it'll be as in will this be delayed back into 2015 possibly?

    2. Earl McCammon on

      In the time being mind blowing idea and your miniatures prove it and hope you all get the bugs worked out soon.