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$13,330 pledged of $50,000 goal
$13,330 pledged of $50,000 goal

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Thank you, we'll be back


Dear Backers, I'm writing this update to inform you that unfortunately we will be canceling the Mech Maker Kickstarter today. You will not be charged for the amount you pledged. 

I want you all to know Mech Maker will be back soon and IMAGIMOD is absolutely NOT going away. You’ve given us great feedback, so we’re going to rework the Kickstarter and relaunch it again in a few weeks. Primarily, we’re going to make it a lot easier for you to get an idea of the cost of Mech Making and will show in more detail what you can do for yourself or have professionally printed. 

We thank you for your support so far and deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. It’s only after talking with you (and others who did not back us but LOVED the concept more generally) that we could see that our first attempt at this was just a bit too complicated! Thank you for the time you took to talk with us. The revised version, and our business, will be a lot stronger as a result. 

You have shown us that what we are doing is not crazy, far from it. You have convinced us that what we are doing is so capable, so groundbreaking, that more specific examples of its use are needed to get this Kickstarter done. We’re on it. See you again in a few weeks. 


Kevin, Chris, Rob, Steve, Nick and Chris