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Chris MogridgeBy Chris Mogridge
First created
Chris MogridgeBy Chris Mogridge
First created
pledged of $70,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, November 12 2016 5:00 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. Chris Mogridge Creator on


      Below is an important observation and thank you for taking the time to comment. Elevation can play factor in reflection strength and the majority of radar sensory components are place lower in vehicles (Example - bumper, side panels, etc). However, integrating in a helmet is definitely on the radar. This is absolutely something we have tested as well as have some working "self-developed" prototypes for testing. Key reasons we focused on a tail light first:

      1) One of the most commonly used safety devices (outside a helmet) that is virtually universal, meaning, easily purchased by everyone and can be mounted on their bike.

      2) Integrated into a helmet will require partnership and collaboration w/ some existing helmet manufactures. Jumping into the helmet business would not be easy and/or has a ton of regulation associated with anything that you put on or integrate into the helmet. There more development time needed and design factors specific to the helmet itself that have to be considered. It is definitely a product and integration opportunity we are exploring now with hopes to have available to consumers in the future.

      Again, thank you for the comments. Good feedback and it is good to hear that there would be interest in this kind of integration.

    2. Missing avatar

      DDimston on

      Seems to me elevation plays a factor in visibility. Why not a helmet mount?

    3. malcolm jacks on

      Chris , can the Shield tl work whilst being charged? my e-bike has a usb outlet. thank you,

    4. Chris Mogridge Creator on

      We got some great feedback from an influential cycling blogger and expert this morning - John Marsh. John also happened to join the mission and help prevent collisions by purchasing himself a Shield TL. Check out John's website - https://www.roadbikerider.com/tech-gear/category-specific-tech/parts-equipment/2423-new-radar-based-be-seen-tech-for-cyclists-looks-promising

    5. Chris Mogridge Creator on

      Elizabeth... thank you for your interest in the Shield TL!!! We have created several mounts that will be available w/ the expectation that users will want to attached the Shield TL on a number of places on the rear of their bikes. Rear racks are definitely a consideration. If you have some specific feedback or something in particular you would like to see available... please send us a message. We want to hear from you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth A. Evans on

      Looking forward to seeing this funded! I will attach mine to a rear rack, so any mounting options that make that possible will be much appreciated. My rack pack is too tall for items on my seat post to be visible.

    7. malcolm jacks on

      Thank you Chris Mogridge for your reply to my question, by the way I do like it in Black, Im sure we will have a choice in colour later. good luck Malcolm

    8. Chris Mogridge Creator on

      Malcolm... thanks for your interest in the Shield TL. When we launched the product last Monday the initial plan was to not ship outside the US. However, we have received an overwhelming amount of interest from outside the US so we have restructured the reward in collaboration w/ Bike Radar and will ship Internationally. Please feel free to spread the word.

      You might be asking yourself why? Based on data and the current status of the automotive industry, the growth in vehicles and number of cars on the road equipped with radar is greatest in the US & Asia. 83% of new car models sold in the US are equipped with radar and the number will exceed 90% in 2017. We chose to initially decided to focus on our attention on the US, but again, after the attention and interest in various international markets... we will make the product available immediately around the globe. Thank you for your question and comment.

    9. malcolm jacks on

      I have just made a pledge for your product, but also just read on one of your comment answers you are not planing on shipping outside of the US at present??? I live in the UK. and there was no mention when i made my pledge that you wont be shipping to the UK. could you please let me know where I stand on this question, thank you Malcolm Jacks.

    10. doug cornelius

      I would mount it on my rear rack like this: http://i1219.photobucket.com/albums/dd423/DonKPowers/Rack/bracket_zpsf05980b8.png

      A seatpost-attached light will often be blocked by a seat bag.

    11. Paul Brown on

      Intriguing idea, and I appreciate the testing background info. Minor issue - your video shows the unit on an MTB with it below the top level of the fat rear tire, essentially blocked...
      A mounting bracket that fits multiple tube sizes would make it adaptable to recumbent and trike seat struts - please consider this.

    12. Chris Mogridge Creator on

      Great question. The Shield TL is equipped w/ a tool-less mount system to easily mount on any seat post including aero posts. We have designed a spacer for an aero post because we want do want to encourage people to mount the product as flush and level as possible for optimum performance.

      The Shield TL does include a “clip-on” system so that a rider could easily mount to a seatbag like many do w/ their tail lights now. While it has not been developed yet, we do have some industrial designs for mounting systems for racks. If you have some feedback or suggestions as to how you would like to see designed, I would love your feedback. Thank you for pre-ordering a Shield TL!!

    13. doug cornelius

      What kind of mounts are you planning? Based on the reflectivity requirements you can't just hang this off a saddle bag. As a bike commuter, I would want to be able to mount it on my rear rack.

    14. Robo Durden

      By the way.. If the radar signals use one standard frequency, your device might evaluate the doppler shift and warn the bike rider when a car is approaching very fast from behind..
      As the signal should grow to the square in strength even the distance might be calculated..

      the little physicist and www.kickmiss.com :-)

    15. Chris Mogridge Creator on

      Correct. OTR Technology is our passive solution.

    16. Robo Durden

      Okay, so you do not amplify it with an active sender but only passively with suitable reflector ?
      (Sorry, have not yet watched the video as i have a limited LTE data plan.)

    17. Chris Mogridge Creator on

      Robo... great question. OTR Technology has been engineered in a specific size and amplification has been measured. Given the size of the radar reflector engineered into the Shield TL... it cannot make the rider look like the size of a "truck" because the reflectivity is intentionally not that strong. Our product is designed to amplify the reflectivity of a radar to the point that the vehicle can more easily see the vehicle. The only time the vehicle... depending on the CAS features it is equipped with... would react to the cyclist w/ a Shield TL would be if the car was too close or approaching to fast. At that point the automobile would alert a driver to avoid a potential collision w/ the object. Yes it is legal... this is how objects on the road are visible to vehicles now. They all have reflective properties... we are simply helping to make a cyclist or motorcyclist strong enough so the vehicle knows their location.

    18. Robo Durden

      I must confess that i pledged the $5 to join this discussion. But if this is a great product you can keep them and i will tell a good friend in the US about this product :-)

      Great idea but i wonder if this is legal !
      If you actively amplify the response signal you falsify it. In fact that is exactly what you set out for.
      But if your device turns a small bike in a big truck, than the "Tesla autopilot" might react unpredictable :-(

      What happens when we cause a fatal accident (for whatever reason) and it happens that your device was mounted ?

      And i wonder if such a fundamental security standard can be fooled so easily :-/
      In the future, kids will not drop stones from bridges but quickly wave with such a device and have fun watching a Tesla full braking because the system detected a huge bike jumping from nowhere onto the street.

      And i also would like to understand how hundreds of radar signals do not interfere.

      Don't get me wrong, i am basically LIVING with my bike on the streets for more than 10 years already. And i will be very happy when we have fully connected wheelers so no vehicle within 100 meters range gets overlooked. But i wonder if radar and on top falsified radar is the solution. (I rather think of IoT..)

      Roland, Germany, the little physicist :-)

    19. Chris Mogridge Creator on

      Thank you for the question. We are currently not going to ship that product outside the US at this point. Once we have better handle on ideal distribution internationally we will expand offering the product abroad.

    20. Amano Tenma on

      Are there any shipping options for overseas backers?
      After watching the video on my link below, I feel that we will benefit from this technology.