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Let's finish my album with an orchestra. The minimum target is reached, but recording one song is $3000... and I LOVE STRINGS!
I recorded The Mermaid Song with the orchestra that we Kickstarted, and sold 24,000 copies of the song at $2 per download, and raised $48,000 of which 100% was donated to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to save the oceans...
I recorded The Mermaid Song with the orchestra that we Kickstarted, and sold 24,000 copies of the song at $2 per download, and raised $48,000 of which 100% was donated to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to save the oceans...
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Listen to Coldwater HERE

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CDs are on their way!


If you're one of the 44 people awaiting a CD... it's on it's way!!!

Xxx Ysanne

P.S. Except for a few people who I don't yet have addresses for... please email your details to and I'll mail your CD to you! Thanks xx

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Finding my path...

Hello cherubs,

It's been a while since we last spent time together! But... it's been essential alone time.

All sorts of things have been going on, lots of gardening, shuffling of papers, all kinds of mundane tasks and errands, moving home, not quite making it back to Blighty as planned, bought a car, strings sessions for other artists, meetings with music industry fellows, and two new songs that I'm particularly pleased with:

1. 'Song to the Sailor' (which is a response to Tim Buckley's 'Song to the Siren')
2. 'Blush like Apples' (which is part gardening song / part message-in-a-bottle)

(And ummm, no... I don't mean a cover of The Police song, although actually, now I think about it...)

Not had a chance to record either of them yet, due to the sheer level of mundane tasks mentioned above. But, the songs are ready when I get a chance, as soon as I can, when the space between tasks opens up in a meaningful way, and a microphone is ready.

I'm doing my best here, finding my path... through tricky thickets and parched afternoons, 'til watering holes and lakes be found. And the same could be said for the entire Coldwater Project collection of songs.

There's the distinct possibility of a barter of some magnitude in the works, and a few growing possibilities taking shape from helpful music industry friends of the finest calibre. Like a puppy with a stick, I shall not tire from all this until this music is released with due fanfares, for the greater good.

And I received some incredibly uplifting news from Sea Shepherd and LUSH Cosmetics, my darling partners in The Mermaid Song. I'm itching to share with you, but of course I can't!

It's good news about the good work The Mermaid Song is doing in the world, about how far she has traveled, and how she's actively supporting our sailors to save the oceans!...

News like this fans my own sense of value about this project, and buoys my sense of purpose in the face of such huge crashing waves. This is music, songs with an orchestra, and that's a very special thing all on its own... but it's so much more than that too, with all of the charitable causes I plan to partner with and to actively support.

Oh, and as a thank you for reading this all the way down to the bottom... here's something special that involves my bottom.

Coldwater: Actively Good Music.


Ysanne xxxx

P.S. I've not forgotten about the limited edition of 44 Mermaidy CDs for my special Kickstarter cherubs... Doing everything I can to get them in the post next week! xxx

The Mermaid Song...

Hello cherubs,

It's here!!!

The Mermaid Song

With deepest gratitude to you...

Because without YOU, I'd be all at sea.

xxx Ysanne

P.S. The Los Angeles Times said nice stuff about the song and my shoes, LOOK!

And I'm busy hand-making 44 CDs to send to the cherubs who ordered physical CDs, and I'm recording the acoustic wax cylinder version of The Mermaid Song this week for you. So they'll all be swimming your way realistically about a fortnight from now...

Here's a picture of "the makings" of them, seen here in a shoe box :)

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44 Happy Cherubs!!!

Hello from London!!

Finishing touches are being made, and very soon, 'The Mermaid Song' will be ready to be released! It's being mastered here in London this week with Noel Summerville, who did the new My Bloody Valentine album, '7 Nation Army' by The White Stripes, and pretty much every classic album that's been made in the UK since he started mastering in 1974. Very very excited he's doing it, and that I'll be here for this session.

It's the last step before 'The Mermaid Song' can be released... and released it shall be! And I'll be back in Los Angeles by the end of this week, where I'll be announcing exactly when, how and where it's coming out...

But I wanted to update you before I make a big announcement to everyone else, oh Kickstarter cherubs... You are so amazing, you made this project happen right from the start, and your patience is positively saintly as I continue to build this project. You're all very special to me, so I want to make sure you feel looked after...

So it's been on my mind for months that 44 of you pre-ordered a copy of the CD of this album... but that this project has completely changed from being an album to being an MP3 download project, with 100% of the download purchase money going to charity.

Which is awesome! But is also awkward in terms of 44 of you waiting for CDs, my precious cherubs!

So I've been thinking and pondering about how I'm going to donate the money to charity, and also fulfill your album pre-order pledges...

Here's my idea: I lovingly hand-make a limited edition of 44 CDs of 'The Mermaid Song'... The Limited Edition of 44 CDs will have everything that will be available on the download, plus something that won't be available. Yep, something exclusive to these 44 Limited Edition hand-made CDs. This is what you'll get:

*The Mermaid Song (Full Version)
*The Mermaid Song (Instrumental Version)
*The Mermaid Arrives
*The Mermaid Departs

*The Mermaid Song (Online Edit)
*The Mermaid Song (Director's Cut)
*The Mermaid Song (Lyrics Video)

PLUS the one special item that will be totally exclusive to the 44 Kickstarter cherubs who pledged for CDs.

*The Mermaid Song (Acoustic Wax Cylinder Version)

"What's that?" you say...

Well, I'm recording 'The Mermaid Song' to wax cylinder, courtesy of Thomas Negovan. Then the wax cylinder recording will be transferred to digital format, and burned to the 44 CDs, and only included on your discs.

"Awesome!" I hear you cry, "But what is a wax cylinder???!"

Hmmm... before there were CDs there were vinyl records. And before there were vinyl records there were wax 78's. And before there were 78's...

From 1890 to 1910, there were wax cylinders. Recorded and played with a wind-up gramophone machine with a big horn, like the old HMV logo, but with cylinders. My friend Tom's an expert at recording wax cylinders, and he's going to record me playing 'The Mermaid Song' at a special launch event at The Century Guild Gallery in Los Angeles in May. And when he does, you'll get it... all hand-made and lovely, with special papers and inks, you know I'd put a lot of time and effort into making it beautiful!

So, please message me if you'd rather I simply give you your $16 back, and I'll do so immediately... but if I don't hear from you, I'm going to assume you're happy with this idea, and if you're excited about it, please don't hold back from letting me know or posting niceness on my Facebook or Twitter or wherever!

I massively appreciate how you supported me a year ago, and I am VERY EXCITED here on the brink of finally sharing this first song...

Happy April!
xxx Ysanne

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