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Digitally preserving newspaper comics. Attempting to acquire 8,000 lbs of actual newsprint to turn into digital archives.
Digitally preserving newspaper comics. Attempting to acquire 8,000 lbs of actual newsprint to turn into digital archives.
57 backers pledged $8,298 to help bring this project to life.

Slowly adding images to the website.

Hello backers, a very quick update.     If you want access to the archive here is the link.

Once you get to the archive directory most of the new scans are unedited and are listed in the 123 folders or the Other folder.     I'm busy scanning as much as I can.   I am able to get a few hundred scans a week done during downtime with my work schedule.  Though when it comes to editing that's at different story.     Not able to get much editing done as of now.   

Hope this quick update lets you know what going on with the collection.


Steven C.

Only 6 Days Left - The ilovecomix Archive

Hello Gang,

Sorry for not posting an update till now. Life has thrown some curve balls at my family the past 2 weeks and I have been out dealing with a sick wife and a car that temporarily died. So, with that being said we here with the ilovecomix Archive are so thankful to those who have contributed thus far at our 2nd Kickstarter project.. If we are able to complete this kickstarter I grantee no one will be disappointed at what we can achieve in archiving this history.

With this final week left in the campaign I would like to ask. Please share the information, let others know what we are trying to accomplish. Post on your face book, twitter, or in your hobby groups. Also let those who read comic books know on what we are all about. At times comic strips are just as good as or even better than comic books. 

With that said, I want to again say “THANK YOU” to all the previous backers and the current ones.  We hope the final week is a glorious one. 

To view the 2nd campaign -

to view the massive archive -

OK, now I must go back to scanning, editing, or post some more strips. 

 -Steven Cottle / Mr. ilovecomix 

The ilovecomix Archive Newspaper Comic Equipment Upgrades Project

Hello backers, 

We have just launched another kickstarter to help us improve our scanning capabilities.  We see the need to upgrade from a consumer base to professional high grade equipment.  You saw a need to acquire the collection in 2011 now please consider helping us upgrade the equipment that we have.  If you are not ale to help please share this with others so we can achieve our goals. 

The ilovecomix Archive is here to provide professional newspaper comic scans but at the same time provide you with a large quantity.  With this new kickstarter campaign we hope that is possible.  

Please feel free to ask question or post comments, we would love to know what you think about the ilovecomix Archive. 

 -Steven Cottle. 

A Sneak Preview

Hello Backers,

The Archive has been working on a new kickstarter for the last few weeks, which we are on the verge of launching. Before we do, we wanted to give you a sneak preview, since you made all of this possible with the first kickstarter. The campaign goes live soon, and is designed to help the archive acquire some upgraded equipment to process the materials we have much faster.  

I'm really excited about this project and would love your thoughts and feedback as launch nears. If Kickstarter has taught us anything, it's that good ideas exist because there are communities that refine them and bring them to life.

Any and all feedback is much appreciated, so if you have thoughts or questions please post them on the project link below.

 And as always, thank you. 


Steven Cottle, Jr / Mr. ilovecomix

To the upcoming campaign: The ilovecomix Archive Scanning & Web Project

Our email: 

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The 8000k Project Beam

Well, Its been a long hard road, there have been some ups and downs with this project.  We are slowly moving forward at scanning the massive amount of strips.  It has not been an easy task with the amount of papers purchased.   

Well, we are here today to tell you about the new  "8000K Project Beam"

I know you're thinking, what is a beam? (“I beam it”. “it” stands for “content to share”) You might use services like Facebook to share with your Facebook friends or Dropbox to share in Teams. But no service is able to share across different services and allow all friends to use their favourite service to share and receive stuff and constantly receive updates.

When we create a beam!

We choose a folder or album and invite you to follow using our service. We do not care whether you are members of the service or not. Followers choose the place to receive independently. The “Beam” connects the different services - so every time we add a new file to our “Beam” all followers receive it their way. Just think of Star Trek and you remember the quote “Scotty, beam me up!” :-) We give you permission to share freely.

How do I get the 8000k Project Beam?

Well, here is the link so you can start receiving scans from the 8000k project.   You don't have to do anything to receive them other than join the beam.

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