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Update #9

We're officially launched

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Hi all!

The last few weeks have been crazier than even we expected. The books have arrived and are exactly what we wanted (new book smell included). We've been hard at work ever since. Last week, we had our official launch at the Weisman Award Exhibit, which, by all accounts, seems to have been a success. Lots of awesome grant-funded projects were presented and will be on show until Oct. 19 (stop by The Arcade at 618 S. Michigan Ave. to take a look).

We went from that first launch to our "launch party," which was absolutely amazing. Thanks to all of you who came out to both or either event. We definitely appreciate the continued support.

Now that the shows are over, we will concentrate on getting the books out there and, equally as important, getting all of your remaining rewards out in the mail (thanks to our fellow Weisman Award winner Caro Griffin for sending us a pic of her postcard reward—currently living happily on her fridge).

If anyone wants to purchase a copy of the book, they can be found here and via our site (we've also added a tab featuring various ongoing press and reviews).

Please keep an eye out for more Illustrated Press projects, including one we're working on now with our local NPR station, WBEZ's Curious City.

And thanks again.

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      Creator Caro Griffin on September 10, 2012

      Thanks for the promotion, guys! Glad I got a chance to see the book—it turned out so great!

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